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  1. ^ He anglicized his name and probably cheated on the asylum applications so his family can migrate to Canada and freeload on the public purse. But yeah his rageedi. Typical mentality!
  2. Akhas. Waxay la soo shir tagtay bal eeg.
  3. ^ Signore Galbeedi I wanna unmask the snake, he has done a good job of hiding his true colors so far but I'm now certain his a habro member.
  4. Who are you ? You kind sit on the fence but slightly tend towards SL. Your anti PL, reer Mogadishu matihid. Who do you hail from ?
  5. ^^ Abdi, His is a case of when reality contradicts your preconceptions you ditch reality. Hala yaabin ninka waxaa ku siiqay propagandiida 30 yrs isaaqu tufayeen. Do you all ever realize how he talks like an Isaaq supremacist ala Xaaji Xunjuf? The record is clear. He is trying to mend fences with the secessionists, I have noticed that, he is less critical of them. This post and others are an effort to ingratiate himself to the clique. Don't be suprised one of these days if he comes out with a long post stating the reasons he is ditching Somaliweyn and fully supporting SL. I have always found him to be a flaky, fickle, insincere, conceited and fairweather calan wade type character just like his uncle Prof Samatar.
  6. Illyria, PL dad badan baa xasaasiyad dabiici ku qaba, marka ha la yaabin. I have seen Eelay, Jareer, and many other clans that have no history nor borders hating on MJ's for nothing. It is fashionable among Somali clans to hate on MJ's apparently. This curmudgeon named Galbeedi if you closely follow his posting history has a clear anti MJ bent to him from the Galkayo clashes to the federalism issue. When did G/bursi and PL'ers ever have a beef bal ? Saalax started this thread but somehow his construes as it something it wasn't.