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  1. <cite> @samiig said:</cite> they are describing me Hahhahahahah
  2. <cite> @somalee said:</cite> She looks just like those little Indian urchins, only much uglier. I didn't bother reading past the "charity fundraiser". What is wrong with you???? The ugly comment was totally uncalled for!!!
  3. I got through to the interview stage for this programme but I couldn't go due to the timing/education etc. It's called ICS and it's an awesome programme. I think you can learn a lot from experiences like this. I also encourage anyone who goes to any of the Somali regions to also visit the rural areas which have a very different way of living to the urban areas as you'd expect. I am considering applying again inshaallah !
  4. LOOOOOL and this is why I will never live in Somaliland although that's where my origins are haha!
  5. That was an interesting read. I consider myself black no matter what anyone else says. Funnily enough, my Somali friend said that my sister is like a white person dipped in chocolate recently lol. I found that weird. She just looks like a Somali to me but whatever. Everyone's entitled to their opinions.
  6. <cite> @Mooge said:</cite> This business is attracting French perfume giants. Puntland is working hard to move this forward. I already created a topic about Puntland Frankincense. No idea what that is but okay, thanks lol.
  7. Ladies, I don't think you should take supplements without consulting your doctor.
  8. This Indian guy called Amar in year 5 I think. I think he was sikh (no headwear though). He was my first crush. There has been like a hundred since then though lol.
  9. <cite> @ismailJabar said:</cite> We have a major problem when every attention seeking/fame seeking Somali female wants to use the FGM card to further her own agenda. War kuwani way waashteen... No offence but you don't know that for sure. You are just making assumptions here. Only Allah swt knows their intentions.
  10. Shoreditch is awesome! Make sure you check it out inshaallah.