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  1. In my neck of the woods of Ohio we got mild winter. All was well till last week when irrelevant Canada effing breathed on us. We went into the single digit temperature and with the wind it felt like -5 F. Alhamdulilah we are warming back up tho.
  2. move to Cali and rest assured you would b stuck at the same economical condition as you left off from Canada ...instead move to Phoenix or the state of Nevada, they need nurses over there
  3. What're you doing is deceitful! Far from reality
  4. That Bihi guy wa istus who has no limit. This guy threw his religion under the bus and he has no moral compass
  5. Don't you have cousins, eedo Macaan or Aderoin the UK? We all do I think but it seems to me that you want to be out late at night looool
  6. Well it's just 7 floors but it cost them $12m...that's the most expensive tower in all of Somalia ( not all the Somali speaking regions tho ..bc...that's goes to the Rapinski hotel in Djabouti )
  7. Why don't you use B&B website to rent ..that's the cheapest way just never know that someone wth a mansion is taking off for a vacation and might rent to you for $800 a month ( keep in mind that regular rent is for one beedroom in London is $1390
  8. Elevator Somalia ever had or has was just opened in Hargeisa. It's at the new Dahabshiil building. That folks, indeed is a terrible acknowledgement. We are indeed at the bottom. We talking elevators in Somalia in 2014 !
  9. We have a major problem when every attention seeking/fame seeking Somali female wants to use the FGM card to further her own agenda. War kuwani way waashteen...
  10. Sxb alpha been kuuma sheegayo but a lot of his here suspect that you're the product of deportation or a voluntary family decision to relocate you to the motherland undef the auspices of a mental condition. Mind vindicate yourself of these accusations ?
  11. Alpha..what do you think of WADANI
  12. Leave Alpha alone, he is a SOL institution just like how MENACe is an institution in Somalinet
  13. Bro, my bro is there right now. He is coming back soon tho. Listen have you seen a dude that literally looks like James Hardin of the NBA, beard and the Mohawk and is build like an American footballer. He did play for his high school football team too