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  1. well done Kenya, the message should be unequivocal, terrorism will not get you anything. They got their asses whooped on the battlefield by the kdf and chased from kismayo, what do you they do ? they attack innocents in shopping malls thousands of miles away with no dog in the fight, instead of fighting like men against an enemy in their base. cowards.
  2. Haatu;979645 wrote: Cambuulo, can you please STOP trolling us with your atheist scripts?
  3. Wadani;979648 wrote: Smh. its actually true, but the admixture happened thousands of years ago, the currently somali phenotype is just a stabilized mixture. this is scientific not my opinion.
  4. Wadani;979642 wrote: Looks very tastey, laakiin kollay Soomaali lagu gaadhi maayo baariis iyo hilibka. maan, don't even compare somali bariis iyo hilib with this, not in the same league. try it in arab restaurants esp yemeni ones.
  5. Haatu;979643 wrote: Is it me or are a disproportionate number of Garissa residents jareer? Heck, even I'm jareer. Maybe Xaaji Xunjuf was right about us being mixed with the Oromo His father looks ok though, but maybe the genes were hidden and showed up in his son. someday we should do back breeding of mixed races like somalis to get the original ancestral race.
  6. Apophis;979634 wrote: You're too effeminate and witless for me to worry. But good luck. That is uncalled for, call him other names if you want but this is below the belt.
  7. Wadani;979635 wrote: What's xaniid? Sound tastey wallee. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandi_%28food%29 Haneeth or Mandi is yemeni classic, its also very popular in KSA.
  8. RedSea;979612 wrote: Stafferz you aren't Canadian unless you have wrestled a Bear. But yeah Canada is pretty awesome. Nice clean lakes, snow capped mountains, and land of my favorite sport, Hockey. ...and most importantly its an infidel paradise.
  9. Safferz;979625 wrote: Alpha can't cook so you'll have to consult the hired help, or the restaurant he's ordering from. ok, i love xaniid the yemeni version, i was surprised to see alpha talk about it. globalization has reached HG indeed.
  10. Alpha Blondy;979586 wrote: i have an important casuumad tomorrow. everything appears to be in place balse i worry the maid will not be able to meet my expectations. i have given her clear instructions to ensure all is perfect. i've also asked her to borrow some nice cutlery and stuff...... starters mixed grill - pieces of lamb served on skewers with peppers main course marinated meat ( Xaniid ) with lightly pickled ingredients maraq cooked with hebs and spices Mixed vegetable rice - rice cooked with mixed vegetables with raisins and saffron ''excellent'' salad Desert assorted desserts - selection of five desserts served as a buffet this isn't any menu, this is Alpha's menu. Can you talk more about this, the preparation and all. thanks
  11. Haatu;979592 wrote: Firstly, only Allah knows the future. That said and judging by what I have onserved, I can only see the Somali state balkanizing, God forbid. The Somalis in the North have mostly given up on unity, the ones in the east are becoming more and more distant, those in the centre are still struggling to confront their demons, those in the south west are beginning to stir and the southerners are restless. The future sadly doesn't bode well. Which is a good thing. Somalia should be partitioned into at least 4 parts, its too big geographically to be governed effectively.
  12. Blackflash;979545 wrote: Much of what you said is true, but I think it's arguable that Canada has by far the most violent Somali community in the west. Relative to our population there have been years where the Somali-Canadian homicide rate has reached as high as 24 per 100,000, which is much higher than Chicago's 16 per 100,000 . WOW! Unfortunately this is what always happens when you transplant cultures based on shame and fear to the West where the predominant factor that keeps people in line is guilt and personal responsibility. Without a ruthless authority to crack the whip, immigrants from shame and fear based cultures will go ape and cause mayhem like what Somalis are doing in Canada and Middle Easterners are doing in Europe.
  13. Read this first to get understanding of what catalogs are all about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_catalog if you have ever been to a library you will see those small cards in cupboards where you search books either using author, title, isbn and all arranged alphabetically. These physical catalogs are not used so much nowadays esp modern libraries, they have shifted to electronic version which is online.
  14. Alpha is correct, you were incarcerated in your villages and under curfew as late the 2000's run aan isu sheegno haatu. reer NFD have a long way to go in their mentality towards the state, xaga reer magaalnimada. it shows even in you, despite all the education and all these years in the west.
  15. Wadani your too sensitive, i just restated what alpha had said, but alpha is from your clan and so he gets a pass somaha.
  16. Wadani;979453 wrote: Saffz is going in lol. But I can't help but agree with you that Canada is truly a great country . Fascinating!, what are the things you love about canada, wadani, i might relocate there soon you know. thanks
  17. Alphow, does your library have a catalogue system ?? yes or no
  18. Alpha Blondy;979346 wrote: what's this i hear about 3 different types of ''Somali-Kenyan"? 1. the Somalilanders who accompanied Lord Mountbatten on his great expedition in the late 1890s to never return. apparently, they settled in Eastleight first. sort of like dirta waqooyi ee Kenya. 4th to 5th generation. close to extinction, these days. 2. villagers from Garissa and other provincial towns. discovered Nairobi in 1998. 3. rich HAG folks with serious dosh to blow. they live in the posh Roda and Hurlingham surburbs. discovered Nairobi post 2006. there might be others. i don't know. are the Kenyan authorities using a criteria to deport folks mise they see all Somalis as Somalis? 4. those who were born in kenya whose parents originally settled in east africa seeking asylum from the SB regime( 70's and 80's ) - aka sijuis. these are the best somalis imo, very urbane, educated and unlike the dirta waqooyi still keep their ethnic identity but loyal kenyans nevertheless.
  19. i give your 2 years, you will fall out of love with this kuffaar country.
  20. GAROODI;979378 wrote: Hobbs you wasted my time last time don't do it again saxib. Like I said you are dead and Barried read a few books come with some factual evidence then we can have a chat but now you have nothing to offer to this discussion horta the correct spelling is buried and not barried. tan kale your intellectual capacity is limited and i don't think any debate i have with you will be fruitful. do you even read my responses, then you would know i am not an atheist.
  21. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;979384 wrote: Those eleven suspects madaxweynahooda mentioned earlier today, ten happen to be Soomaali, probably masaakiin meesha adeeg u doontay. Knowing Kiinyaatiga mentality and their botched rescue attempts, they need to justify. Masaakiin ayee iska soo qab qabteen. This reminds me qaraxyadii Islii ka dhacaaye late last year and earlier of this year. After one of those qaraxyo waxee soo aruuriyeen shan wiilal oo Soomaali Carab ahaa oo Islii ka xamaalan jiray, accusing them being the suspects. Here is what the Guardian paper wrote: The Guardian This "Kenyan man and his two granddaughters" are Soomaali, too, yaa ogaado. They claimed they also killed "five" suspects, untold other dead suspects buried under the collapsed floors and plus those eleven. All those to hide kuwii baxsaday. According to this witness: They are also reports that the "suspects" leased a store within the mall and in the past month were storing weapons. That is the only reason they could have four days nonstop shooting, Kiinyaatiga allege. That is one of their poor theories. Maxee wax isku qasanyihiin. one word for your meaningless drivel --> cantarbaqash. you don't even have the decency of commiserating with the victims, all you came here for was scoring points on kenyan authorities who are in this difficult position. isku xishoo ninyow
  22. Wadani;979354 wrote: Abu Omar kulahaa...ma tuututada dhaxanta laga gashadaa?
  23. GAROODI;979355 wrote: Walahi I don't know what to make of this it's confusing. How could someone come on international tv and justify killing people unarmed civilians and hope to benefit somehow...??? Alqeada I thought it didn't exist. Are these people muslims... ??? Like seriously can you be a Muslim and do this. It gets tiring turning on the news and seeing one lunatic after another talking about how it's Islamic to kill someone even though the night before they were in a night club or something. Study the religion properly this is xaaaaaaraaaaaaan :cool: I feel your pain not, maybe they are following the correct version and not the wishy washy version you want to show off to the world.