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  1. fdama;980456 wrote: I only have 2 kids Alhamdullilah. Two boys and that is it. I am a Software Consultant, the wife is currently a housewife getting back to work soon. We have a nice house in a nice neighbourhood, a Mercedes for me and recently a VW for the wife. I send the boys to private, fee paying schools. I also pay for private tuition to ensure their success. We go for holidays abroad twice a year,most recently to Malaysia. I buy for them, what they need, but make sure never to spoil them. You may think we are your typical Western family. This is the life. You generally cannot have this lifestyle with 5, 6,7+ children. You'll have to buy a bigger house and put them into state schools. Not to mention the headache of running a large household. For get about the holidays too. It's just a holiday, but it adds to the well-being and the bonding of the family The family will generally be happier and the kids will have more of a chance in life than their counterparts who have numerous siblings. Personally, I detest those men who use their wives as baby-making machines. And worst of all, when they are needed, they are nowhere to be found. And I hate those women who starve their households for the monthly Ayuuto/Hagbad. This is why a lot of Somalis are in the shit here in the UK. Large families, living in inner city ghettos with kids attending some of the worst schools. Its a cruel vicious cycle. war ajar baa kugu daafay meesha. go marry second wife already, do your bit for islam. every man should marry 4 wives at least and each should have 15 kids. ka kac meeshaa, laba cunug ku layne.
  2. Mayaani;980460 wrote: you sick man allow yaa naga kaa aamusiya naac aad halkaan ku haysid. adeer kuwa sick ah waa kuwa europe taa bankrupt naftooda u haligay. good riddance to qashin and you can join them too.
  3. Oiler;980451 wrote: Good paying jobs - these men look sharp in their uniform. they should do something about their hideously big foreheads though ,
  4. Wadani;980455 wrote: I hope u die in a horrible car crash soon that will leave your body mangled and dismembered. Ameen yaa rabbi. good thing this fictitious big man you always invoke doesn't exist, or i would be in trouble. ;)
  5. LOL @ try so hard, ok i am a little too acerbic sometimes, but i am angry that they put themselves in such harm. they are not victims of some natural calamity. why should we commiserate when people knowingly time after time put their lives in peril, war waxaan waa suicide mission blackflash.
  6. Khadafi;980388 wrote: Whats more interesting why the mountainous Amhara and Tigrayans adapted to eating raw meat. The clip mentioned war and their is some truth to it. When Imaam Axmad Gurey (aun) successfully captured the fortresses of Gondar and Axum, the scattered and defeated forces of the Abyssinians were forced to eat raw meat so they did not expose themselves while cooking with fire. Ahmed gurey got his *** whopped by the Abyssinian christian king later after being surprised initially, so stop gloating for this one hit wonder.
  7. no sympathy from me. they got what they deserved. they is no war in somalia nor eritrea, so why are these skinny monkies going on suicide missions trying to reach bankrupt europe ? cajiib
  8. The people have spoken, Admin it's in your court now. do something about this issue. http://www.accountkiller.com/en/ ^ great site, helped me delete lots of accounts i had like sykpe, and some others which i cant mention here. SOL would be blacklisted by this site, coz its impossible to leave this site even after contacting the owners. online addiction is not good, leads to depression and so many other illnesses. my advice to nomads here is cut back on your online time gradually.
  9. Thanks Miyir and Tallaabo, i appreciate your pro free speech sentiments. the admin must be one hardcore salafi himself, because the SOL rules apparently apply only to me, other members routinely flout the rules but nothing is done. i have had enough of this site tbh, will never log on again and besides i don't want to give them the satisfaction of saying we banned Hobbesian_brute. bye.
  10. how can one delete/deactivate his account. am tired of this site anyway.
  11. Gheelle.T;980040 wrote: ^HB, adiga iyo Che, kee shaki laga qabi karaa? Midka cayda la gadaal joogo Musliminta mise qof fikirkiisa soo qora? Naga daa boorka aad isku qarinaysid,inaar as Al would say! LOL @ Gheelle, actually if you were smart enough you would know the answer by now. ninkaygaan dig digta badan mase ninkaas sirta miiran.
  12. Haatu;980037 wrote: "Do.qon dharagtay waa lagu yaqaan, daaca-qudhunkaase" ayuu Cumar Fakad waa horre yiri not that I expect you to understand. PS: I don't usually understand most poems but this stanza was pretty easy once I checked the meanings of a few words. Thanks for inquiring about my stomach first, i actually just had full plate of ugali,sukuma, suugo, bananas and fish plus a glass of cold orange juice. very fulfilling mashallah. but i had no daaca qurun, sorry. i prepared them meal myself, took me one and half hours.
  13. Haatu;980026 wrote: Ina adeer Al, hambalyo on your third anniversary of your Somalia adventure. That said, bal check this poem out bal. Lix halkaa ku joogtaan dagaal laabta ka ogaada Luquntana haddii laydin jaro lugaha meermeersha Laqantooyo kaagama dartee laliya duulaanka Laarrigana ha daynina wixii lumaya yeelkiiye Alla muxuu Arabka gabye. Cajiib ---------------- NB: meermeer - cause to wander, to wander Laqantooyo - premature death, dying young Lali/laliya - launch Laarrigo - aggressiveness, fearlessness. do you even understand these or just impressing folks here ?
  14. YoniZ;980031 wrote: ^ Cay iyo aflagaado kuwa adiga kaa horeeya dhinackasta ayaa diinta wax uga qaadi waayey . Nin ay cuqdad dilootay baad tahay, ee orod xarig geed dheer u tuuro.
  15. Che -Guevara;980012 wrote: Enough to keep you in line..... naga da dee, come clean ninyow, the internet affords you anonymity. besides your cred on this site will shoot through the roof if you spill the beans. come on che, answer the following questions; 1 how and where were you recruited ? 2 how can one join the program ? 3 what is the pay like ? 4 any perks ? 5 what exactly are your tasks ? 6 how is your conscience, knowing innocents may have been wrongly framed by wrong intel you may have sent ?
  16. uchi;980002 wrote: I thought you were warned about insulting Islam? do you want to get banned that badly?, or do you need someone to read you SOL's forum rules again? you like playing school principal, don't you uchi ? you even have the tone pat down. Seriously though, isn't the truth, however intemperately i may have put it ? why care about insults while people are losing their lives daily to this crazy religion.
  17. YoniZ;980024 wrote: I have to second that. To use someone's religion and F word in the same sentence is nothing less than a full blown INSULT adeer tell that to the innocents blown up everday in the name of that religion. don't blame the messenger, ma garatay.
  18. Che -Guevara;980003 wrote: lol@complicated, and 'suspicious' man has been released. Briton freed without charge after Kenya mall attack http://hiiraan.com/news4/2013/Sept/41368/briton_freed_without_charge_after_kenya_mall_attack.aspx what are you lool'ing at ? its not like this hoax nor the release of the fella will in any way reduce the barbarity witnessed at westgage mall. Che how much does prism pay you ?
  19. Alpha Blondy;980008 wrote: abti, greets to you marka hore. ta labaad couple of questions, if you will....... 1. how do you know about Miley Cirus? 2. why are you watching Breaking Bad? isn't it haram to watch TV shows with mild adult content. e.g - when there's a steamy scene for instance, do you change the channel mise your eyes are still glued to the TV screen? i understand the first look is permissible in your world but how do justify full throttle and action packed scenes? Al :cool: apparently his among these new breed of terrorists who fornicate in hamburg strip clubs and the next week fly planes straight through twin towers. cajaaib
  20. Mad_Mullah;979960 wrote: What's the percentage/ratio of light skinned (normal skinned) xalimos - everytime I watch a universal program about Xamar/Somalia I feel like I'm watching Tanzania, acuudubillah, till now I'm blaming the cameras....must be the cameras. most somalis have the same colour range, reer mogadishu are no exception.
  21. Mad_Mullah;979959 wrote: I never understand why people bring up the arab card, Somalis as a people are more religious/conservative than most Arab countries . True, and there in lies the tragedy. somalia - Al shabaab pakistan - taliban northern nigeria - boko haram afghanistan - taliban all non arab countries.
  22. To put things simply a woman is regarded as an appendage to a man, her honor being concentrated in the ird, that is her pelvis. It is by the function of that pelvis that her value, her honor is measured, other attributes being either valueless, or plainly dangerous. A man's honor, his face in society, is measured by the virginity, or the control of the ird he has acquired or is related to. "and for them is like what is (a duty) upon them . . . And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree over them." The holy Qur'an: The Heifer (2): 228. Protection of that honor is paramount, rather than protection of the woman. A woman's body is not hers, but belongs, for better or for worse, to the men of her family. Therefore incest within the family does not carry a penalty, but the same sister coming in contact with an unapproved man (unapproved for a multiplicity of reasons) is likely to be murdered in a process of "honor killing". ^ islam is just arabic customs and mores made into religion and as mentioned in this piece arabs are obsessed with the pelvis or ird of the woman. Women in are treated islam are like chattel, not different from cows and goats to be used and discarded by men as they please. the quran clearly says " Nisaa'ukum Xarthun lakum Fa'tuu xarthakum annaa shi'tum". women are akin to your farm, to be tilled by men as they wish. its a weird religion, as if men and women are not brothers and sisters related to one another.
  23. Mad_Mullah;979776 wrote: You could say the same about the Somali army, they couldn't face Shabab by themselves so they had to get Ethiopian/Kenyan/Ugandans to do their job while they rape women in refugee camps. Horta , there is no Somali army, just former milita members given uniforms and who all hail from in and around xamar.