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  1. I challenge you on that Haatu, i know your little desert village and very few women are in employment, who are you trying to impress adeer. first you don't know reer xaloolshe now women are the majority in employment in our village as if its norway. baloney
  2. if you don't the kings of the area, how do you claim it then ? check yourself b4 your wreck yourself, we have 1000 nin with AK on standby.:mad:
  3. Khadafi;978545 wrote: Garoodi, a wise man once said that don't stare at the sun, if you do it you will hurt your eyes, same thing with the soul. Why even argue with an atheist? One who says that his complex life came to existence by chance or random events . What's more annoying is that if you tried to convince him that his very same laptop came to existence by random events driven by chance (example lightning hitting metal and then becoming a laptop) he would reject that claim and tell you that your a liar. Hobbesian: Your atheist, fine by me, you have made your choice as we all do in our lives but their is no need go into stuff that will offend us. This is the standard response i always get, a sulking message saying don't offend us bla bla. where did i offend you? i am just debating this guy and we are sharing views.
  4. Garoodi since your too lazy, i will prepare some videos for you. ok give me time
  5. NO, your just guests, we, reer sheikh xaloolshe own wardheer everyone knows that.
  6. you couldn't said it more wrongly, women don't work among somalis, the few who work are pushed to work by circumstances like death of breadwinner husband, calamity and other extreme measures. my own sisters were denied work by their father who said women have no business mingling with men. don't comment for the sake.
  7. they forget the , the, not only that but they used different fonts, different colors, different letter sizes, and why write welcome, just write defense ministry in somali language. i really feel like einstein around somalis sometimes
  8. How about how man is created in the womb, the quranic version is scientifically wrong.
  9. MM, i don't blame you though, if your people had access to the sea you would've been exposed to the xadaraha kale dunida ka jira, but unfortunately your land-locked in the interior. this has resulted in cali beestinimo syndrome. on the positive side, am sure the younger educated kids don't behave like you or their fathers and grandads.
  10. xiinfaniin;978494 wrote: Hobbesian_Brute, What is your angle ? The beauty of Islam is that it does not compel. It affords the right to reject Allah with the promise of accountability and sever punishment. Keeping that in mind, it is one thing to argue that you do not believe in Allah . Totally another to argue that Allah does not exist, or the Quran is riddled with inaccuracies . So which one is it? The first is fine with me. The second is a wanton breach. Both, they are not mutually exclusive.
  11. am not from xamar, never been there, i was born and brought up in east africa. whenever i interact with folks directly from Somalia esp your area, i feel like an adult around schizophrenic children. i have eritrean friends , they are cool and calm people.
  12. Thankfully someone else has spared me the effort of compiling them, go to this link. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Contradictions_in_the_Qur%27an its also full of historical inaccuracies for a supposedly infallible book dictated by the creator to his prophet. http://www.answering-islam.org/BehindVeil/btv7.html
  13. GAROODI;978479 wrote: It's not subjective or pointless for the very reasons I stated. I have read ad compared and analysed and critiqued and I have not found one contradiction . I have even read the bible and parts of the thalmut and I found pure contradictions. I am very keen to hear the contradictions you have found in the quran. Because I missed them please highlight I seriously want to know. The Quran when I read it seriously was unbelievable. war maad ka joogtid!!, the contradictions in the Qur'an are countless. i am afraid you will go insane once the truth becomes clear to you.
  14. an amicable divorce is in order, its clear there is no space big enough in the country for the egos of the pirates and the hag
  15. GAROODI;978448 wrote: The quran can't be compared to any book . Even when I was reading it I read it from the perspective of neutrality. Because I was not really religious so in a sense I was looking to justify the continuation of my jahilnimo. I looked and looked and looked and re read the entire book cover to cover and I could not find one contradiction. I'm curious to hear what you found. Care to elaborate. who says so ? this is assertion is subjective and pointless, of course every faith says the same about their scriptures.
  16. posting a GIF of a blushing ape is not a good come back adeer.
  17. Oh dear, Garoodi, Quranic embryology is utterly false and incorrect don't even use it as an example.
  18. GAROODI;978432 wrote: The point I am making is simple. Any educated rational person can open two books and compare the concepts and critique them according to logic and reason. I have read the work of Thomas Hobbs, Emanuel Kant, Isaiah Berlin and many others. There was even a period I entertained the notions of Niteche and as your probably aware he was the worst of the lot when it came to any faith. After reading all that I picked up a copy of the quran and I have not looked back since. Philosophy especially western philosophy is primarily based on three things. The enlightenment, a hate for Christienaity and things that are common sense. John Paul satre argued to exist is to be free well no sh)t Sherlock. Read the quran from cover to cover and you'll see how bu))shit western philosophy is. Garoodi, i have not read kant, hobbes, nietzche, berlin or any other philosopher for that matter, though i am superficially aware of their ideas and the main gist of their work. TBH i find them over rated and endless philosophy bores me, i am more of a practical guy. i also don't like to pigeon hole myself, eg left or right, conservative or libertarian and all that BS, i have wide range of eclectic beliefs some of which might even coincide with Islam. i am not an atheist either, am sick of that word. Qur'an is what i was brought upon, i have memorized it, listened to its tafseer for years and i know it contents cover to cover, one can only charitably term as gobbledygook. its over rated, even as literature its abysmal runti, no order to it, repetitive, unimaginative, full of denunciations, errors, contradictions. it has no head or a tail, and lets not forget Mo just plagiarized Hebrew stories and passed them as his own divine revelations. whenever i open and read it now, i inevitably laugh. I would still be unbeliever, western philosophy has nothing to do with it keep that in mind. islam and religion are so absurd, and irrational as is, a thinking person does not need to be pointed to the obvious. fear of hell is keeping you in line, well kid guess what, its pure fiction. think for yourself for once, be courageous to imagine outside the bounds of what you have been indoctrinated with since your birth, question your deepest held dogmas and i will guarantee you we will come to the same conclusion as mine.
  19. KL 5'aad is full of Mad Mullahs, irrational, petty and dumb man childs, eritreans are mature, adults when compared to the infantile somalis. we shouldn't even compare, its day and night
  20. general knowledge kaagu ma xuma adeer, facebook is good
  21. Alpha Blondy;978404 wrote: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL@Alpha, inaar Wadki dhale is not something to make fun of, before it's too late caadi iska dhig, dee. i'm not that old. waxaan wa calaf ee sida uula soco. :rolleyes::confused:
  22. I am akhyaar, i don't need deen to tell me to behave decently, it just comes from me naturally.