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  1. Naga daa, you were even calling me Gaalka, sxb am the darkest somali you'll ever meet, so don't ever call me by that name.
  2. Haatu;969781 wrote: I'm afraid he's not . But to confirm in the future, just check the Banned thread in the politics section. so you want me banned ? why is that bal, i have done nothing to you.
  3. Nin-Yaaban;969754 wrote: Now i see why you got banned. come again chump ? me banned.
  4. Admin why so hasty in banning anti religious folks only, clan incitement is not treated the same. double standards.
  5. Great initiative for PL ditoore, this kind of higher education is sorely needed.
  6. Gartay, but that still doesn't diminish the ugly fact: Turkish language, signs and flags all over the capital.
  7. Cambuulo iyo bun;969694 wrote: WTF, now even turkish literature has conquered xamar, this is pathetic.
  8. its not surprising, since the downfall of the central government, the HAG and !door have been in the ascendancy but still its shocking how late the khatumites realized they were being subsumed, even now you meet the occasional habar-land supporter amongst them. same trend with the gedo folks, who have essentially become a HAG clan for all intents and have lost most of their ancestral land to a branch of the Habar gangster clan. what a pity.
  9. diana was so 1990's i heard pills i used nowadays, ensures uniform skin lightening all over the body
  10. kkkk house of elders ?, monkey see monkey do
  11. you know its ramadhan so i will be charitable with you, i would have put you in your place any other time. get a life waryaa.
  12. oohintaataadu orgiga ka weyne adeer maxaad gafuur la taageysaa. man up and let bygones be bygones.
  13. This is progress, from beheading for conversion to Christianity to allowing churches to be built.
  14. Sincere apologies to my reer NFD people for my earlier inconsiderate and intemperate remarks, it was unjustified really and i am man enough to backtrack without hesitation, i will do better next time IA. may allah guide us all to the right path during this blessed month. ameen.
  15. where did i talk about qurux rag ?? waryaa take a hike and eff off. shaqolaan baa kabadatay.
  16. Being a muslim entails becoming an arab necessarily -- culture wise, so i see no problem with somalia in the arab league, its 99 pct muslim
  17. Che -Guevara;969501 wrote: Is there even any precedence for a city of this size going bankrupt? I know Jefferson County either did go bankrupt or came close. Well, it's an opportunity. The city was never able to transform itself like the rest industrial cities. Detroit is certainly the largest, and i agree it represents an opportunity for this iconic city. it will hand republicans enormous ammunition though.
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23369573 Sad day for Mo town, but it was long in the coming and hopefully now they can start from a clean slate. . what y'all think ?
  19. I bet your are one ugly mofo yourself abuufis, no shame.
  20. Reer NFD fool xumo, they have scary faces, bantuga wax saasa kama duwana.
  21. u sheeg , C&B folks yeeysan isku dajin dad kale dhulkooda hada, they can keep xamar and all in it.
  22. i repeat, move on and stop your fixation with this clan, it's not healthy.
  23. we don't have to share anything, let the owners as you say keep Mogadishu but they should not expect a quarter in return. this is why federalism is needed.