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  1. Apophis

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Why are we celebrating the killer regime and its despostic bloodthirsty ruler. are we seriously blinding ourselves to the atrocities of the so called “kacan” regime? Siyad Barre destroyed Somalia. He hasno redeeming features. And let us not even get into his defiling of the religion and culture.
  2. Bal no so bandhig wuxu farmaajo qabtay. The idea that a qurbojoog, and worse, an Americanised qurbojoog who has been away for 30 odd years, with no or little understanding of the cultural norms of Somalia today, can bring any meaninful change, is, frankly laughable. The man has failed. I just hope he does not, intentionally or otherwise, start a new round of civil war before his time ends. one thing is for sure, he won’t come back.
  3. The good news is the time of Farmaajo’s end is not far. And Ahmed Madobe will outlast him.
  4. I guess it is never the fault of Farmaajo and his cohort what happens under their watch, it is always someone else’s fault.
  5. Apophis

    Afhayeenka Cagjar is Coldoon?

    Is Abtigiis Cagjar??
  6. Apophis

    Of Mice and Men

    Thank you but I was never one of them.
  7. This current government will go down in hostory as the most corrupt since the dying days of the Barre regime. Just when you think they hit rock bottom, they keep digging.
  8. Apophis

    Of Mice and Men

    The forum has become a red dwarf, dimmed but unbowed.
  9. Apophis

    Alpha's Troll and Cantarbaqash Corner LOL

    Alpha greetings old friend, are you still in Africa?
  10. Apophis

    Alpha's Troll and Cantarbaqash Corner LOL

    Still paying Oromo hookers for domestic duties/sex?
  11. <cite> @Tillamook said:</cite> Hmmm... Horta, xagee baan ku arki jirnay Qaldaan rabo in habar lagu abtirsado? I've always found this very odd and weird. I wonder what tragedy befell them.
  12. What a load of BS. Maybe this is true in the West, because the welfare state has emasculated men, but the same is most definitely not true of men in Africa, especially Somalis. African Bi*ches know how to act right.
  13. Apophis

    Alpha's Troll and Cantarbaqash Corner LOL

    I wonder why you are still not committed.
  14. Apophis

    How to stop FGM

    Why should it be stopped?
  15. Apophis

    20 Reasons why you should live in Rwanda

    20 reasons why a privileged neo-colonist is enjoying Africa. The same reasons her ancestors raped, pillaged and enslaved the populace when they stumbled upon the place. Your ignorance knows no bounds.