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  1. It should be banned from both countries numbnuts. It shouldn’t be used a political leverage by farmajo. khat should be made illegal to import and if seen being sold it should be confiscated.
  2. Ethiopian qat is being sold but Kenyan qat is detrimental to wadanimo we are told by farmajo and his lackeys like coward che.
  3. You really are an idiot. Half of you “ reer makhir” claim canfar aka oromos.
  4. Can’t argue with that method. I think it is one of the benefits of the being Somalis, state information/officers are but a few steps removed from the average geeljire. Everyone knows someone who knows someone.
  5. I have always believed the Federal government should not be in Mogadisho nor in any other town, they should build a purpose built ‘administrative’ city, it should be in land, to the north of Welynweyn maybe. This will help in several ways, 1, it will take the security heat away from the major populations, if alshabab want to attack the Somali government let them find them there. No more Zoobe type bombings in xamar. The government will actually have to take the issue of shabab seriously as they won’t be hiding among civilians (the government officials that is). They will have to have competent security apparatus, if for no other reason, then to protect their own lives. Furthermore, such a move will reinvent Somali politics and break away from Siyad Bare’s era and politicians fighting over Villa Somalia. A new republic, the third republic, and Villa Somalia and its bloody history will be a thing of the past. Perhaps it can be turned into a museum. It will also create new economic opportunities, tying the inner lands to the coastal towns, it will be a town where no clan can boldly claim as theirs and therefore threaten to dethrone governments. I think it is possible, and it can be funded through public private partnerships with the Somali rich barons or through government bonds. Many African governments have done this, Egypt has done it and they are planning to move the government to this purpose built town. It can be down.
  6. Since the defeat of Farmajo, both politcally and militarily, peace has returned to Somali politics, so much so that the biggest headline in Hiiraan Online yesterday was about some Canadian town hiring prison security people.
  7. @Duufan, So the white man recorded the fantastical stories you told him and now you present those same stories as evidence?
  8. You were small, irrelevant and unknown clan before the Sayid brought you to the attention of the Somalis and that is what you are today, that is a fact, whichever language I write in, it is a fact.
  9. Che, you really are touched in the head if you think inviting China, that locust dictatorship country into Somalia and are prepared to handover the country with no capability to negotiate with them or understand the long term dangers of these people in our country. There is no single African country which has benefited from Chinese “investment”. They are parasites, and their workers, they will bring even cleaners with them as part of the “investment” deal, will devour all local fauna and flora, as they have done in Kenya and Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa. It will be a case of ‘from the frying pan into the fire’. But simple Che, I doubt you have long term vision/understanding, but then again, how much can we expect from a guulwade?
  10. Coward Che, why don’t you tell us exactly when farmajo bought you and how cheap did you go.
  11. Without the Sayid, they would be a small irrelevant people, exactly what they have become today, just because the Sayid’s father married from that small tribe does not mean he was one of them, so put that to one side. Speaking of siding with foreigners, the biggest spies who betrayed the sayid are well known, the same laba jebleyasha, the “woman with two husbands” as some call them. The only deal your kind can make is to get a petty security job in Farmajo’s so called government, once a foot-soldier always a foot-soldier eh?
  12. Only half were foot soldiers for the Sayid and the other half were working for the Brits, just like how half are on Sland side and half on Puntland side today Don’t give yourself too much credit.
  13. You care about Somalia the same way Trump supporters care about America. Farmajo’s supporters have alot more in common with Trump types than they care to admit, no wonder he was not only a republican voter but also a campaigner. What a thief!
  14. My friend, politics is always personality based, in every country, even in your beloved West. Something you should have know if you were paying attention to world politics in the last 5-10 years. And enough with the “claiming your sea” cbb propaganda, you don’t care what happens to the 3000km Somali sea but you want us to believe you care about the 150km in Jubbaland, I call bs on that. Farmajo sold the fishing rights to whole of the Somalis seas for 1 million dollars, that has never bothered you has it? And this Kenya hate is nothing but divert the attention of the simpletons about ethios preparing to take at least 5 Somali ports, another thing which does not bother you at all. Why do the ethio need a navy, if it wasn’t farmajo selling the whole sea of Somalia to them?
  15. But your “president’s” funders/handlers i.e Qatar have deemed Kenya as “okay” and Farmajo has accepted. Surely you are not going to go against Farmajo? Is he a “kikuyu lover” now?