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  1. The man is incompetent. I cannot believe people have yet to figure him out. He was a low level sanitation employee in a small town in America. The man has never been nor will he ever be qualified for such a tough job.
  2. In pirateland or Somalia? I don’t want a Tanzanian theif in Villa Somalia. when will we learn.
  3. My president is Sheikh Ahmed Islam aka Madobe. until Sheikh Sharif returns I consider Villa Somalia empty.
  4. More marqaan induced hallucinations from your “president”. But I am glad you refrained from writing 10 pages to explain the obvious. Thanks Galbedi
  5. So we call pirates “losers”, they must know we are speaking factually.
  6. Reer Somaliland prepare for more POWs. you heard em “we’re coming”.
  7. He is trying to emulate his dead uncle afweyne. His uncle was hunting Somalis because they were “kacan-diid”. History repeats itself but unfortunatly for Farmaajo he is guarded by Ugandese not Somali MIGs.
  8. Ruunta usheg ciroleydan kacanki kasoharay. Afweyne was the cause of Somalias problems not Aidid or Ali Mahdi who are liberators.
  9. I see less smiley faces and more words ( I have not bothered to read them) I must say congratulations. You have moved up from a petulant child to an annoying teenager. continue.
  10. I wish I had more time to read your fantasies Galbedi. I know every Somali thinks he should be the ruler but you are on another planet with your delusions. lets just hope someone has taken a pity and pays you to write these stuff.
  11. Pirates are funny. You will not be consulted on Kismayo in any sense. So take your “legitimate” criticism to pirate-land. maybe do something about the pirates love for raping minors.
  12. Ninyahow iska ilow inu nin ilka yar Kismayo mar dambe kataliyo. Go to cabudwaq if you seek power
  13. Are you just figuring out that all NGOs cause the problems they pretend to solve. Of course the UN is the worst of them.