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  1. I find it very interesting (base hypocrisy really) that Hysom was chased amid fanfare for “interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs” while Ethiopia and James Swan are expected by N&N to be saved in Jubbaland.
  2. Khiyano qaran masquerading as diplomacy. The worst inhabitant of Villa Somalia’s history
  3. Wale munafiq maxa tahay. adeer axmed fiiqi waa halyey Somali ah, waa ki shalay shaboleh farmajo coodka siiyay. Kenyana horta ethiopia way daanta, cadow qarni ka qarni sidi ethiopia ma aha. Marka iska aqbala ethiopian inad tihin
  4. You have hit the nail in the head. They are biggest munafiqs known to Somalis. They believe Somali history started in 1969 and ended in 1991 and then restarted 2017. And one day they will accuse other somalis of being ethiopian and the next day they want to sell the whole land and sea to ethiopia. What madness or sorcery drove anyone to elect farmajo we don’t know but as you said, his time is up.
  5. Muxu farmajo ethiopia gurmad ugu doontay
  6. Ninyahow gurmadka generalada ethiopianka farmajo so dirsaday bal ka hadal. Farmajo ethiopian jecelka intu ka kenay, I suspect he is ethiopian himself and his family
  7. I like the steely reaction of president Bihi while the idiots next to him are laughing like school girls. They think they scored a coup.
  8. This picture explains everything wrong with Somalia under the leadership of the current madax yare. Try to figure out what is wrong.
  9. Indigenous? As in those imported from Tanzania in the 19th century? What are you on about.
  10. You don’t appear to be happy even with your propaganda. Prepare for Sheikh Ahmed Madobe coronation on the 19th. Then we will deal with the Farmajo and his stooges.
  11. How about Zakariya Ahmed, now heading NISA thanks to his uncle Farmajo, the man who was responsible for the murder of 200 students in Garissa. What about Fahad Yasin, the real leader of Alshabab in somalia.? Answers in CAPS please
  12. It is no surprise to those of us who have been saying these for ages but hopefully it will be eye opening for the Galbedi types. But I doubt it.
  13. Galka barista https://www.voasomali.com/amp/5040153.html?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Apophis

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    There is no difference between Farmajo and alshabab, they are one and the same.