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  1. Apophis

    Kenyas war on Somali people

    The Farmaajo regime has caused another diplomatic faux pax, not suprising. They should have waited on the international abitration. Right now Somalia needs Kenya and not vice versa. Lets get real.
  2. Apophis

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    This is a daydream. The era of oil is almost over. Electric cars are more common by the day and are affordable. No one is willing to invest hard currency in a failed county with no leadership.
  3. Apophis

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    We knew the man is a first class political amateur but this pic demonstrates how he is seen as irrelevant internationally. Ghelle of Djibouti is front and centre. Our illiterate ophan is hidden. Can you find him?
  4. Apophis

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    She appears to be a typical Somali from Somalia. They love interfering in other peoples issues more than their own. She was rightly rebuked. maybe she should visit dadaab where she was raised to help her remember her roots and be humble.
  5. Apophis

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    I would prefer if she fought for you ophans runti. You guys really need help.
  6. Hal daad ba daga. Miyay ku dibta runta?
  7. Apophis

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    It is an issue for Arabs, including the KSA not an ex refugee from Africa who should be expending her extra enegies on issue concerning Somalia or even better, issues concerning the Somalis and the other Americans who elected her.
  8. Apophis

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    It is an Arab issue not a Muslim issue. It is a land dispute between Arabs and Jews. It has nothing to do with a black African congresswoman. Maybe she should speak about Somali issues, or Somali American issues, such as lack of education, gang crime and poverty. The way I see it she is being unwittigly used to further Arab agenda and she will pay for it. Waa dan la’aanimo. What a waste.
  9. She seemed concerned with Palestine, an issue that has nothing to do with her. That is an Arab issue in my opinion. https://hiiraan.com/news4/2019/Feb/162212/new_muslim_lawmakers_criticism_of_israel_pressures_us_democrats.aspx
  10. Apophis

    The new American century

    “In Britain Trump wants a regime change”. Are you high? Trump is confused and is on his way out. Britain influences America, not the other way round.
  11. They are landless ophans seeking land. They picked tye wrong people to bully. They will never rule jubbaland again.
  12. As Somalia’s Jubaland State prepares to hold elections in August this year, Garissa County elders have endorsed the re-election of President Ahmed Madobe over improved security at the border between the two regions. The elders drawn from A wliyahan, Abdu wak and Abd alla clans, endorsed the re-election of President Madobe on Friday at a hotel in Garissa. They elders praised efforts by President Madobe and Amisom troops to liberate the lower Juba from the Al Shabaab insurgents. The elders were led by Osman Ibrahim Abdi, Dekow Muhumed Duale and Ahmed Duale Koriyow. Jubaland State, which neighbours Garissa County is inhabited by the 0gaden communities. Elections in Jubaland are scheduled to be held in early August this year. https://hiiraan.com/news4/2019/Feb/162203/garissa_elders_endorse_re_election_of_jubaland_president_madobe.aspx
  13. Apophis

    Farmaajo with his Somali body guards

    After 2 years of nothing I guess this is seen as progress.
  14. Apophis

    Abukar Arman latest piece

    Ok big man. Remember this is the internet and you are not a warlord and it is not 1991.
  15. Apophis

    Abukar Arman latest piece

    Why don’t you take your next holiday in Mogadisho and get blown up and not Nairobi.