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  1. The incoming president of Somalia, swears by god to remove the cayayan in Villa Somalia by force. Allahu xaafid Sheikh Sharrif removed moryan, Ethiopa and Alshabab from Xamar. It will not take a day to remove the coward hiding in Villa Somalia bunker. It is a new dawn. https://youtu.be/hKKpYOnxun8
  2. Narcissistic personality disorder. Why don’t you write a letter and pretend to stop airplanes from Kenya.
  3. Galbedi it is a good thing you live in Canada with its NHS like health system. You will need it as it appears you are on the edge of a mental breakdown. The war is between Quurbojooga and locals. The foreigners like Farmajo and you, will loose big time.
  4. He is a pirate who has fed on the blood of the innocent. If there is anyone I hate more than the hyenas from cabudwaq it is the snakes from pirateland. Somalia will never go far while these two have influence. .
  5. We know you are paid stooge. A useful idiot. Do you receive your daily “talking points” through email or whatsapp?
  6. I look forward to the day Farmajo is pushed to the sea. I will enjoy you tears that day. Not long to go now.
  7. Just a reminder that as much as we despise this cheese loving rat called Farmajo, we have not forgotten how the pirates have time and again destroyed Somalia. Even if you wear a blue shirt we know you have the mark of the devil on yous. Never trust a pirate.
  8. How do you feel about the fact that Sheikh Sharif is about to remove this rat. Much like he removed Abdulahi yeey. Another treacherous rat. Can’t wait.
  9. That is definitly true. Farmajo is a coward in the real sense. He has no charm or personality. His behaviours are rat like. Let us also remember, this man is a CIA agent.
  10. I always wondered why those Somalis in America can spend decades in the US and yet speak broken English. Waa yab. They speak like hillbilies which is very funny.
  11. The billions being sent by diaspora Somalis should be re invested to the well being of their kids. Many times I see a xalimo and Farah with 7 poor looking kids who live on the edge but have sizeable investments in Africa. They are selling their childrens future often using money from the governments intended for the well being of their kids.
  12. At least Jubbaland protected itself. Unlike SWS. Your speaker was chased, your regional president was chased, score were killed, your hero, Robow is under the cells in Villa Somalia. Bahdil taariki eh. Keep singing for Farmajo, just like you used to for Siad Barre, even as he was massacring you.
  13. Compare him to the welcome received by Hassan Sheikh.
  14. Ninyahow ninkan wadankisa ku celiya. Please remind him Somalia is an independent republic and Somaliand is an independent republic, and he should not be intefering in our internal politics.
  15. Your so called “opposition” stooges will be deported next week. What will a parrot like you do for them? Lets see.