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  1. Ninyahow cabad badnida. **** iyo **** ku sacbenayen aawey manta. langab langab kutirsan waxid. Adkeysi lahow, sidi jini aya lagubixin inshaalah.
  2. Ilka yar are almost finished. Their D day approaches.
  3. Dhagarqabe dhulkaa u dhaqdhaqaaqa. ilka yar adkeysta sxb
  4. Yeah sure. They also loved Gaddafi until the day they lynched him.
  5. What kind of faggot language is “boowe”? Is that how pirate fags address each other? I can’t wait until Somaliland crushes the pirates next year.
  6. Why is this senile old pirate still in politics? Is he the best the pirates can do? I for one celebrated the lessening of their “power” in Somalia with the incoming 13 senators. They have always been given much more credit than they are worth or deserve. Pirateland is a desert wasteland with no useful resource and sparsely populated, were it not for them stealing the elections in the 60s they would have had no relevance in Somali history except as foot soldiers for the Italians. It is high time their wings were clipped.
  7. I truly blame the pirates. They are behind every evil in Somalia. Their alcoholic “minister” Cawad is the one who is booty dancing for ethiopia on behalf of Farmaajo.
  8. The good news is that in Africa signatures and agreements by previous admins mean nothing at all.
  9. The good news is if Egypt does destroy that dam, and it looks like it will, Ethiopia will be too broke to rebuild it anytime soon. Although there is a risk of such an attack empowering the Amhara but it must be done either way. Egypt must be given permanent FOB in Somalia to check Ethiopian aggression and expansion into Somali seas.
  10. The same cockroaches will tell you “kenya is our enemy because it is stealing our ocean”. Will there be a Somalia if the Jubba and Shabele are dammed? I doubt it. Both rivers are already running low. What Farmajo and his rat like friends are doing is one for the books and their treason will not be forgiven. We hope the incoming new administration these people without trial.
  11. Let us be real. Somalia needs Farmaajo.
  12. You keep repeating this false “gay” thing which makes me think this is an issue weighting heavily on your mind. I know you live in the gayest country on the planet but get a grip on yourself. ps: Apophis is a name of a rock in space.
  13. I bet he “reconciles” with Farmaajo and then takes him down at the 11th hour.
  14. You proved him to be a munafiq hence why he is throwing tantrums. He has like 50 nicknames. He may have fallen out with shabab when they kicked out his afqaldan tribe-mate Robow. But he is still AS sympathiser at heart.