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  1. I don’t know why you always praise Gheele, he is another dictator who has done nothing for his country.
  2. Yeah sure. I can get the little bugger out of there. But I’ll need £10k sent through western union.
  3. This made me laugh. It is like you have a binoculars directly into his being.
  4. Galbedi I have known you are a plagiarist but really, what you are “discovering” now has been well known for a decade at least.
  5. You are right of course. The snake in villa Somalia, just like his murderous faqash uncle, did come with sweet promises and of course his betrayal is so thorough that I believe, as you correctly identified, the political innocence is gone for a generation or two. And yes, that is in the long run a good thing. To the faqash supporter called gooni, all I will say is this. Tick tock, tick tock.
  6. I think you nailed it. “Alms seeking and low mentally” could not agree more. I remember one simpleton police chief in baidao bragging that he has killed and will kill his own for farmajo. Yab. I wonder if robow is still starving himself in Godka
  7. Can anyone watching this interview still believe that the coward called farmajo is anything but a treacherous dog.
  8. I don’t expect you or your fellow shills here to admit it but Farmajo’s has been so singularly and wantonly incompetent so as to warrant his immediate depositioning. He has undone all progress on security he inherited from HSM and has wasted valuable resources and political capital in fighting peaceful member States instead of fighting shabab. source: Acled Data WWW.ACLEDDATA.COM ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Data) is a disaggregated conflict collection, analysis and crisis mapping project.
  9. Don’t worry, by next week you will forget all about it and you will be making another long post on why Farmajo is the second coming.
  10. The incoming president of Somalia, swears by god to remove the cayayan in Villa Somalia by force. Allahu xaafid Sheikh Sharrif removed moryan, Ethiopa and Alshabab from Xamar. It will not take a day to remove the coward hiding in Villa Somalia bunker. It is a new dawn. https://youtu.be/hKKpYOnxun8
  11. Narcissistic personality disorder. Why don’t you write a letter and pretend to stop airplanes from Kenya.
  12. Galbedi it is a good thing you live in Canada with its NHS like health system. You will need it as it appears you are on the edge of a mental breakdown. The war is between Quurbojooga and locals. The foreigners like Farmajo and you, will loose big time.
  13. He is a pirate who has fed on the blood of the innocent. If there is anyone I hate more than the hyenas from cabudwaq it is the snakes from pirateland. Somalia will never go far while these two have influence. .
  14. We know you are paid stooge. A useful idiot. Do you receive your daily “talking points” through email or whatsapp?