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  1. Oromo boy aka former shabab supporter, it must bleed you on the inside that you cannot ban me.
  2. The whole population of Galbedi’s people number less than 700k. No wonder he has inferiority complex.
  3. Your people are those who are the bootlickers of every regime in Somali peninsula. In Somaliland, Puntland and Now for Farmajo. When there’s a new master I am sure you will be first in line. Always second never first.
  4. Why don’t you tell us about the inequalities in your barren villages up North. You never talk about problems in your area, always concerned about the South. Not once.
  5. The mad salax. Since Farmajo came to power you have decamped to Somalia. 99% of your post were about your occupied territory now it’s about xamar. I have said it before and I will say it again, the best of your people died with the Sayid, those left behind to look after the women and children have multiplied when the rest were wiped. Hence utter irrelevancy except as bootlickers.
  6. Absolutely correct. The one calling himself Galbedi has in fact admitted that he was a regime soldier in the 80s for Siyad Barre. Dig into his many ramblings and you will find where he confessed. That he has killed and maimed for his beloved dead dictator there is no doubt, his bloodlust knows no bounds, that is why he wishes Barre’s bastard child is enthroned as the new dictator. He is in exile in Canada along with many ex regime men of old. The other one is a fool and deserves no meaningful reply.
  7. Nimankan af orom ku hadlo iska so tarxilla reer bosaso. Return them to Badoa or oromia whichever is their home.
  8. Gorgor & Haramcad - These are no different to the blood thirsty militia of Siyad Barre. They are the new Hanqash. Drug addled young men ( it is well known these militias are given Captagon to keep them loyal to their master). They have no loyalty to the republic. Guulwade- Look no further than these forum to find these creatures. Like their forbearers in the 70s and 80s (many like Galbedi are old guulwades) these creatures wrap themselves in the Somali flag but have no loyalty to the republic. Their loyalty is to their master, Farmajo. They will follow him to the grave. He is their god.
  9. You admitted on this forum to being a regime soldier for siyad barre in the late 80s, at the time he was killing people in Somaliland, punt-land and Mudug. Do you now deny you were a soldier for siyas barre? Many ex regime men claim they have never hurt a fly in their life. Sudden amnesia. It is no coincidence that after 30 years you still support a wannabe dictator.
  10. Didn’t you use to be a foot soldier for the dead dictator siyad bare (who knows how many you killed for him, hence you running all the way to Canada)? And now you are a virtual foot soldier for his bastard child. Have you no shame?
  11. Big warning all the way from frigid Canada, why don’t you come to Xamar and support your dictator paymaster. Your beloved dictator will be on the run by the end of the month. we know he is a soulless coward.
  12. Sxb Farmajo watigisi waa damadey, quule 30ka sano so socda inku filan maheysatin
  13. Yes, he is called Farmajo. But don’t worry, he will be history by Tuesday.
  14. Langabtana wey dhintan sxb. Marna ciil ba dila
  15. 4 days left for the shoe shiners.