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  1. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    If you count the Oromo, you would get those numbers(and it is the reason the Shide, who is Oromo, wants to include oromo in the count). It is the only way to get the numbers you are bandying here. where were these populations when the white man traveled all around the region and then called it as he saw it. But this is good news. It is almost certain now that ONLF is government in waiting.
  2. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    The numbers should be 8 ogs and 1 shinile, 1 gare and 1 others
  3. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    It matters to those who have been usurped by outsiders.
  4. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

  5. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    We know abtigiis type, no different to Farmaajo. he has appointed non locals as admins of dolo, and afdeer as a means for him to get elected with the help of these nom OGs. He has appointed dozens of mjs and reer farmajo in wardeer, the same in afdeer. He has awakened the silent reer afdeer horta. His downfall.
  6. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    It says “0gaden” on the map for a reason.
  7. Apophis

    Abtigiis must go.

    He heads the most corrupt entity in Ethiopia, the corruption levels are worse now than during Iley time. Abtigiis must go. To appease the minority clans he has disenfranchised the Majority OG clans in Afdheer, Shabele and Dolo. Ninmankan timaha xiiran oo agendaha UN amiinsan waa in la iska qabta. I meet him in Kenya in 2013, I did not like him then nor now. He sounded like a globalist hence why he has appointed “others” in OG areas. This fool must go.
  8. Apophis

    No deal yet in Kenya-Somalia maritime row

    Many of you pro Farmaajo supporters are in for a nasty suprise later this year. Just line up your excuses ahead of time. Farmaajo has made a deal with Uhuru on the sea. It is a secret deal but someone will leak it.
  9. Doqonimo iyo tuugnimo adinka ku badan. Ilma boli qaran. 2020 story is over. Get ready to disappear forever.
  10. Farmaajo has agreed to give the sea to Uhuru but the deal is secret and will not be announced lest it ruin the re election of xarmajo. It does not really suprise me honestly, it was his dictator uncle who signed the sea away in 1978 to Jomo Kenyatta. There is nothing new. Farmaajo must fall.
  11. The professor is 100 correct. Uhuru and Abiy look happy. Our hapless so called leader just signed away the childrens’ inheritance.
  12. I am quoting you so we can hold you to your word later when he signs the sea over to Uhuru. And this time there is no one who will sing “abo siyad” nonsense for you.
  13. I hope the Farmaajo lackeys on SOL prepare their propaganda in defense of the indefensible. But on a positive note, this up coming deal will seal the fate of Farmaajo, no more re election. Time for bye bye, and fck off back to Bufalo.
  14. Apophis

    Ilham Omar

    Wherr are the Arabs to defend her? The Domali idiot goes headfirst into other people’s problems while they are enjoying Shisha. Palestine is an Arab-Jewish issue first and formost. Even if we are joining this battle, let us stand in the back lines, not the frontline. That should be packed with Saudis, Jordanians etc.
  15. Thank you Galbedi, you made me laugh “ Farah Macalin is one of us” “The Abdalla in Garissa are us”. perfect bed time stories to be told to those who know nothing.