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  1. Your hair texture has to be exact though to enjoy the style. If you have too soft of a hair like some Somalis, you are out of luck.
  2. She did Well and has the ability to speak in front of a crowd. Talented young woman. She will be successful inshallah.
  3. Miyir, It is not so classy to give an advise to a female along the lines of what you would not tell your own sister and female relative. I do have women in my life and I care about their emotional well being and dignity, therefore, despite my male instincts of wanting more female tenderness and plenty of it, logic prevails always and I have to do the right thing instead of being instinctual. I am for polygamy, good thing Islam limited the numbers, but if it was more(no limits), I would co-sign on it too. Despite that love for women and stamina, I would not advise a female to get her kicks off the way you suggested. Sex is good and best by doing it without guilt conscience. It comes with risks and unwanted consequences sometimes, it is not worth destroying your life, or invite an emotional upheaval doing it illicitly on a continuous basis. It eats into people's conscience. And those who view it lightly and do as they please lose that part that makes them a worthy human. Life is not all about Sex. It makes life great and makes you appreciate your form and the female's form and body. But that is not all in life. PS: Since the admins did not address my request of letting me use my username "BestCaseScenario" instead of my name appearing on posts, I am calling this place quits already. Unless they notify me that they either changed my username to BestCaseScenario, or they fixed the bug that is causing this. If there is no accommodation on their part, it means they don't care. I haven't blinded myself reading books to be ignored I am worth more than they can imagine, so they better address this, or this place will be sleepy nomad town with only boredom to greet visitors. This is my last two cents on here. Take Care Now.
  4. NM, If your husband didn't have anything in common with you, you would not be friends with him before you two got married I think. People become friends when they see in each other something they share and common to them. Now, what is important is what are those shared interests. - Music - Movies - Sports - Food - Books - Culture - Religion - Vision - Country and People Just to name a few. Out of what can bind two people, the best interests are the ones that do not change overtime. Music taste changes, Movie interests can vary, you really can not hold someone against loving action movies for example while you prefer stupid effite indian movies etc. Just saying. Some interests/hobbies are not really a good judge of someone's worth as a human. Many good people have no common interests with us yet we come to value them for their generosity, spirit, knowledge, etc. It would be immature to expect someone to love the same music you do and or movies you like to watch. I personally don't give importance to what a woman listens to or watches, if they align to my interests, fine, if not, she will have her private time to enjoy that. And if she wants me to get in on the act with her, and I don't like it, I will tell her "absolutely not". Yet, I would expect from that same woman with the lousy taste of music to love me as much as I love her. Why? cause love should not be based on trivial interests to begin with but on someone's decency and worth. Their personal quality outside interests that are not important to life's joy and sustainability. Anyway, I also messaged you some ideas as to what you can do. Enjoy life while you can, you don't own tomorrow.
  5. Tallabo, Which side are you on then? People with verifiable truths or with the ones smoking the blind faith pipe? I work with a guy who is convinced mankind descended from ten thousand different species. Takes an unusual leap of faith to buy into that. That same individual runs a website belittling beliefs of other people as faith. Nin walba qumanihiisaa qoorta u suran. I don't know what specific beliefs of mine you need to find justification/reasoning for. If you could point out what you disagreed with in my posts, would be great.
  6. @xabad said: ^ I like your name. Bootaan Diirshe , all Somali and beautiful. I always find it easy to recall Somali names but not Arab/Muslim ones. I registered BestCaseScenario for username, I don't know why my name shows instead. Must be a glitch I hope. Somali names are unique. I am fond of them too.
  7. @Tallaabo said: My infidel friends are the ones who rejected all forms of afterlife but what is being discussed here in this thread is not a negation of faith but the corruption of faith. How does accepting life in the grave as a possibility would be a corruption of faith? What are the basis for not accepting your soul can come back to your body for reward/punishment purposes before day of judgment if Allah so wills? Is it illogical? And if it is, how do you justify Heaven and Hell, people all aged at 30, human waste in the form of sweat etc? To me, all these are possibilities. It is a matter of design and engineering. New natural laws out of the old. God's capability of doing what human mind can not understand unless given the ability to do so. If one believes in God without meeting him, his prophet without being a witness to his teachings when he lived, it is all faith, and matters of the grave fall into that category. I don't see why someone would pick and choose out of Islam when what they are objecting to are minor compared to the main teachings of Islam that require as much faith as anything else. God said he built seven firmaments above us for example. Can human beings explain exactly how these are built and how far in between one has to travel to see the second one? The answer is no. Would that then render the Quran corrupted simply because some teachings in it can not be verified by humans today?
  8. Understanding Quantum Mechanics can help in this case I think. How things can be real but defy human logic. Sort of counter intuitive. Grave related teachings in Islam can be understood that way, that it is in a different dimension and what happens there surely defy the norms of our world. One has to accept it in faith just as he or she accepts God exists based on the book without seeing him. Angels, Demons, etc, All the unseen including God fall into this category. Some of you forget also that if you came into being from nothing originally(Creation of Adam in the form we are today out of no prior blueprint), reconstructing your bones from some records(biological) won't be that difficult right? Speaking from technical point of view anyways. Some of you are confused or know little and it is obvious. PS: It is always helpful to accept that your knowledge and understanding of things can be limited, religion or otherwise. With that attitude, one is more likely to learn/understand something.