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  1. AYOUB;843059 wrote: Horta when do you stand on the "Haram McChicken" issue? Would *you let it occupy your side of the table? I just had a full English breakfast.
  2. Faarax-Brawn;842832 wrote: Anyway, The Somali thing for you to have said was, "Maya Maya Maya- Qurunkaas ma cuno, walaal ee gaal sxbtey oo ila socota ayaa cuneyso. Ma anaa waalan? markaan waxaas cunaa"(Loosely translated as, "I dont eat that junk") And he wouldve left you alone. That's just ass kissing someone who has been extremely rude to you, surely?
  3. Che -Guevara;842962 wrote: What curreny is in the ATM? Currently, there is someone in the ATM.
  4. Carafaat;842871 wrote: I think ladyboys are quite common in India and maybe Pakistan as well. Let us wait for Rudys stories. How about Afghanistan? I recall a documentary with the title 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan'.
  5. Che -Guevara;842669 wrote: It's not warmongering, it's negotiating from advantage point. Really? It sounded like a destabilisation plan to me, to say the least.
  6. Cali_Gaab;842943 wrote: I wouldn't go in there if you'd pay me. The movie 'Phone Booth' comes to mind. I quite liked that film.
  7. Abu-Salman;842897 wrote: wPS: hether we wanted to study biology or english, we had to excel at advanced maths (proba, integrals etc and even some number theory as option), physics and many other subjects. Now if you wanted engineering, you had to get admitted to a selective 2 years intensive prepa school (14 hours/week of pure maths, almost as much of theoritical physics, philo, arabic, english etc: 40 h/week of classroom only, almost as much of homework etc). All that just to prepare over 2/3 years the competitive entry exams (one of the reasons why an engineer means something totally different in the French system than in some other countries). Even the medicine admission exam at the end of 1st year univ was easy in comparison. Based on the above then, I would say A-levels are better. Why should someone who wishes to study English at university excel at solving integrals? English (literature) A-level is one of the most respected subjects around and an ideal for anyone who wants to study English at university -- an ideal combination with it would be English language, history and perhaps classics. I would say A-levels are much better in the sense that you do the subjects relevant to what you wish to study. Why should a student who wishes to study engineering really study Arabic? It's pointless. (I hope the theoretical physics part is a joke. No-one learns it in school).
  8. Coofle;842653 wrote: My Major was Medical related and we didn't have to do math....strange you are doing it... Well, I think it depends on where you are. Japanese high school students don't get to study medicine until they have mastered integral and differential calculus. I've seen some of the problems they get asked in admission tests and they are horribly hard!
  9. If you have a particular problem which you aren't able to solve, post it, and likewise if you've problem understanding a particular rule or definition and want an explanation. I will hopefully be of help (as long as it's an actual trigonometry problem, of course).
  10. Somali philosopher;842291 wrote: More of a preaching than making a point, that video.
  11. Most of you are justifying an uncivilized and frankly idiotic behaviour with jokes. If he was indeed using it as a pick-up line, then he was a moron -- that's quite the opposite of how you start a conversation with a girl. Next time tell him or anyone like him to **** off.
  12. *Blessed;842149 wrote: ..written by a right tosser!!!!! LOL I'm impressed -- didn't know you were capable of colourful language!
  13. Bluelicious;842152 wrote: Lool Coofle so you are also the same no way. I think you need three strikes to be out So far we have Caano Geel, Garnaqsi and Coofle who agree with this post and me and Blessed who disagree. Hehehe. To be honest, I surprise myself with the level of concentration I show over the 90+ minutes of a football match. I feel the flow of blood in my head! I think if I'd that sort of concentration on studying or during my exams, I would've scored 100% on every paper I ever took!
  14. Nope. I remember avoiding all the number theory books with cryptography chapters.
  15. Garnaqsi likes this. Shouts at Bluelicious: OUT!
  16. Somalia;841674 wrote: WTF, I just wrote good good in Swedish Jag snakkar bra svensk, I'm from Hjaelbo, Goteborg man!
  17. Cool song! Aaliyyah;841512 wrote: Wyre, I don't see where "somalia" addressed me in this thread. He wrote pretty nasty stuff (now deleted).
  18. That's why The Sun is useless -- apart from the third page, of course.
  19. I never thought of the song that way -- and my mind can be pretty dirty mind you!
  20. Cheers for those additional definitions. Yacyacood -- nausea. Leexo -- swing. Shanley -- knucklebones? Still standing: halgaad. Hint: Wallee geesi laga hiiliyaan, ka hakan baaruudda Wallee fule halgaad lagu ridaan, hooto soo roganin...
  21. Surmi -- wearisome? Dhalanteed --- mirage. Halgaad?
  22. Blimey! Trying to find water on Mars is easier than finding a nice thing to say about Xaaji Xunjuf!
  23. Let me try. Jacbur = literary nonsense/nonsense verse. Maandhaaf = misunderstand Mareegaaleeysi = spinning (or was it some children's game?). Mudhuudhuq = overcooked food, well ripen fruit, an spoilt child/someone just looking for trouble. I could be wrong, though. My Somali has become terrible over the years.