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  1. Abtigiis;841030 wrote: which means Rudy will go to heaven without interview. Imisa gabdhood oo culumo dhashay oo nigisaantooda qolkiisa ku ilaaway ayuu ka daba geeyey oo uuna cidna u sheegin!
  2. I didn't know this forum was capable of skepticism when it comes to religion!
  3. wyre;840301 wrote: Lolz :D I Don't Think There Are Other People's Who Know Us More Than We Do, So I Don't Think The Writer Is From Aother Ethnicity Yes, I guess only Somali could write those things about tribes and stuff. I remember few years ago it was different and included things like Somalis running a marathon in the pavement whenever they see a dog and someone with A-level maths being held as highly educated and respected among Somalis. It's much funnier now, of course.
  4. Goodness, what's the big deal? It's not like they are shagging in public.
  5. Remember the 'don't mess with Somalis' thread? Wait for people preaching as to how treacherous it's to find funny some website 'dissing your people'.
  6. Malika;839867 wrote: Garnaqis - economically yes, but why is that translated as how one defines one self ? Working to earn a living, however small is honourable so I dont get the 'poor me attitude' Unfortunately, the attitude is a shared one among inner city kids, they have already assumed because they come from challenging enviroment [with free house,food,school, hospital] they are 'low' thus why aim high, why have pride or self respect. I work in an inner city school, changing the 'low' self view has been a challenging task so far. ps.Last summer London riots was the evidence of how corrupted their thinking is [i mean the youth] - causing havoc because they feel someone owes them something, whilst wearing designer gear claiming their not given They should see a 20yr old walking the length of London in Dar es salaams hot afternoon selling socks - now that is a tough life. Oh, I see what you mean. I couldn't agree more with your last paragraph.
  7. To anyone below me: pics or you will not have beaten me!
  8. Malika;839858 wrote: ^True - indeed, we wish them all the best. I actually felt sorry for them, they felt they were low class here in UK, thats was enough to erode any sense of self respect or love they have for themselves. I couldnt relate to that, as a diasporan born and bred, we have always had a sense of belonging with our families, community and nation even though we were miles away from Somalia. Marka maa fahmo ciyalkaan qurbaha jooga why feel inferior or low class? I thought majority of Somalis in UK are from working/lower class?
  9. Xoor = bubbles (usually milk bubbles) Ismiidaamin = taking the plunge Mirqaan = getting high Dubaab = drug bugs/delusional parasitosis. Qalaafyo? Faruuryo?
  10. Having so many children you know you cannot feed then watching them die of starvation is disgusting! Even those who manage to feed them are usually unable to provide a better quality of life for them than they could if they had fewer. People get dogged against contraceptives but lack the moral imagination to see the impact of uncontrolled birth rates -- especially in countries like Somalia.
  11. I wonder what Ziggy Sobotka would do!
  12. N.O.R.F;839099 wrote: Still stuck between Arabs and Somalis My sympathies, mate.
  13. Juxa;839156 wrote: Now I am spoilt for choice as I would never call my child anything but pure Somali name Marry me?
  14. Garnaqsi

    The Wire

    Somalia;839053 wrote: It's an unbelievable show. I've watched the 5 seasons over and over again several times over the past years. It says a lot about human nature. I've watched seasons 1-4 in the last month or so, after being reminded of its hype by your shout in the other thread, so cheers.
  15. Garnaqsi

    The Wire

    Mario B;839086 wrote: Funniest clip. After smashing the car, he walks to a nearby diner, where he picks up a waitress...The man was a man whore! Oh, I loved that part! Such an effing hero!
  16. Ma fiin baa igu ciyaaysey, haddaan aniguba faayoobey, fallaago maxaan uraacay. Although, I've to say, I would never guess 'baraare'! It's Careys/Cadhays all over gain. Fuuqsi = slurping. Heensad?
  17. Garnaqsi

    The Wire

    You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? Nigger with a library card.
  18. Bulbul = fur. Maar = silver. Janjeeri = tilt. Dikaan = bang.
  19. Coofle;839030 wrote: Beer (all meanings) Beer = liver. Beer = garden. Beer = drupe. It's also the name of a particular fruit. I can't recall which one now.
  20. Yunis;839027 wrote: impressive you got 'Gumuc' Yicib = Yeheb. ma iga hubtaa?:confused: Sagaaro ~ a testy animal Adeeryo ~ everybody and his uncle? Garwaaqsi Qamaam Galaayuus Garwaaqsi = admitting. Qamaam = stampeding. Galaayuus = moaning.
  21. I'm not trying to spoil the thread, but in my part of Somalia jinac has nothing to do with macaan jecel or dhuxun ku reeb. Sakaaro = dikdik.
  22. Burn Notice -- I'm more excited about the fact that your namesake returns next week!
  23. Coofle;839016 wrote: Stink ant is mostly known as Noole ure Are you sure? Isn't 'jinac' the one that releases the foul odour if threatened? I'm pretty sure it's called stink ant.
  24. Coofle;839010 wrote: Wariiri = Jinac = I don't recall the Exact English but it would "Big ants" lolz. Stink ant, I think. I knew jinac but wariiri?