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  1. Great news and hes going a good job. PS he's from Awdal region of Somaliland i believe therefore does not share blood relations with my Reer burco peoples as Xaaji is suggesting.
  2. If southerns understood proper Somali they would know this song isn't what it is made out to be.
  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;928209 wrote: Suldaaanka saaxib Kulmiye is not perfect and ofcourse there is corruption and neptioism and i am not here to defend Kulmiye but Hadhwanaangews Clanish tone with endless baseless articles is not a secret. Dr bidaars most favorite words (Ishaashi xidhiidh Mandaqada) i am sure Edna adan was much better than him. Any way Hadhwanaagnews is not the same any more thats all i am saying ever since the Xaqsoor incident It looks the same to me. Just because it exposed the Kulmiyes vote rigging dont be mad.
  4. Nimco Dareen was not born in Hargisea but inside Ethiopia. Why would she consider herself a somalilander?
  5. ish is so irreverent. Somaliland controls the region jeeez :cool:
  6. Taleexi my clan is the majority in Ceerigaabo. The only flag allowed in Ceerigaabo is the SNM flag..Just like Lascanood:cool:
  7. The president is coming to Canada to meet with prime minister and foreign minster of Canada. I think he will also meet with the Somaliland communities in the Ottawa and Toronto areas.
  8. That video is Cardiff? the khaatumo community is larger than the Caynaba Community in Cardiff ileen:cool:
  9. He wont become president now run and tell that..
  10. If Carab ciise becomes prime minster i will support his government:cool:
  11. And the propaganda continues..
  12. He's a British-Somalilander. He was Born in Gebiley region of Somaliland. Just because he lived in England for a longtime doesn't mean he's no longer from Somaliland
  13. We are sick for talking about him being a Somalilander? lol
  14. lol dadanki wallahi wa funny. How can one say only you can run for an mp but no one else from your clan can do so? Dadka Joga Ceerigaabo ila Cadaley ila oodweyne ila berbera ila Burco wa dad Qudha and they run as mps even if they are not hargisea clan they can do so.