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  1. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> You loved the British so much you gave your own women to the British. 1-R.H.Smith the D.C of Burco from 1937-1945 , use to be married to a Lascanod women , even the DC of Hargaisa British was married to a Las canod women 2- Douglas Jardin Was married to Amina Maxamed Boqor Cusmaan, read his both books a Tear For Somalia and Somali Tales. 3- sultan Maxamud Ali Shire was awarded for his long service to the British corwn in Aden 1953, the image is famous. This is rather cheap and does not explain why we have grown men and women paying homage to the british. What's more concerning is their complete disregard for the shahada on the flag which they conveniently place on grave marks. Goodness!
  2. I don't think we'll find a place that's better than Hamar. It's not the environment that matters, it's the people. The only other place that I can think of would be Hargaysa but Hargaysa is not placed in a strategic position. Hamar is almost in the center of the country, it has a port and is more diversified than any other city.
  3. Do you have a solution? I doubt that the situation in which Somalia finds itself today is dubious to anyone. We've heard and seen these same words more than we can count.
  4. People are way too picky these days. What's wrong with divorced women or men for that matter?
  5. LOOL. What is there to learn from a man who sold his country? He spent 27 years in prison only to praise the same people that locked him up when he came out. Anyone who believes in non-violence resistance is really an *****.
  6. loool. @ the banana and zamzam's she was fast ing.
  7. Apparently Somali men are not "compatible" but somehow an ex con and broke reverts are. Quite intriguing if you ask me.
  8. Reconciliation should start in Hamar first for the natives there. Looted properties should be given back etc... How can you make any attempt at reconciliation with the people who're occupying your house?
  9. list of Somali engineers from Minnesota.
  10. Haatu: MZ never settled in Baardheere. Gabyoow's clan did.
  11. That picture of the so called "government" is very unprofessional. How can they afford leisure time when Alshabab is still strong in the city?
  12. If hag had any "army" at its disposal, hamar would be secure. Save us the empty threats. You have foreigners guarding key officials, even in their offices; from where will it find the might to cross over to a far end lands when it can't even move freely within the capital?