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  1. My confused nomad sxb plz dont be one. There is no real definition for terrorists because one can be considered a freedom fighter by his/her group and at the same time a terrorist by another group and I think that is why the AMERICANS are not capable of eradicating terrorists from the face of the earth even they spent billions and billions of dollar in Afghanistan and Pakistan........Even those "moorians" and warlords in somalia assume they are the freedom figther or so call "Mujahid" Sad
  2. Certainly, its wrong to generalize the entire somali people, which i did. However, as far as i am concerned, and the place i live in somali people are the least accomplished group among the immigrants. That drows me to a such conclusion. Perhaps i live in different planet.
  3. In general Somali people precieve themselves as the smartest people on this planet, while the truth is that we are a "lazy people" who want be rich instantly without doint anything. For those of you who reside in "Qurboland", how hard working are you compared to other immigrants from other countries? [ March 08, 2003, 08:49 AM: Message edited by: Libaax-Sankataabte ]
  4. I strongly believe BBC should be held equally responsible or no less than those war lords for igniting the war and hatred among our people even deeper. Under estimating the power of Media (in this case BBC/Somali)is a graive mistake. BBC suppose to be the one and only fair, balanced and unbais media. However, the organization is far from being one. The modern day journalism has became full of self interest; therefore, something we must question everything.
  5. Clearly describes many so called Muslims by the name not by the deeds. Sad!!
  6. hey lefty that is accurate and reliable U.S presidant makes 400,000 per year. Guys i did asked just a comment rather than insulting people. Lets stop the negativity.
  7. I know that U.S presidant makes $ 400,000 a year. So i am little curious to know how much the current TNG of Somalia Presidant A/qasim makes or the late presidant Siyad Barre used to make?
  8. THE ONLY "EVIL" IN OURSELVES IS "OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY" As far as i am concerned, as human being we have an intiuition knwoledge of what is human and inhuman. Let alone someone who claim to be a Doctor or a pastor. The core problem for such despicable action is nothing but OBEDIENCE Lets shift gear to somali issue for one moment. Had the "moorians" not obeying the war lord, do you think all that killing and loathing would have happened? Mankind should take a full resposiblity for his/her action and must learn to say NO in some instances. As Aristotle puts it " Wicked men obey from fear, Good men, from Love"
  9. Good luck MMA! I hope you dont weigh 200 lb beside they use Kg so try to be on deit now, since it will cost you. And let us know how bad things are live from Xamar. Plus some IF YOU CAN SEND SOME PICTURES OF XAMAR WILL BE APPRECIATED. fair-well or safar salama
  10. SXB! They have every right to be home sick, and i understand that. But going back home is a "risky" buisness nowadays, dont you know lately the hottest buisness is to hijacking someone who came from the outside and ask for huge sums of ransom, if not paid you figure that out, what would be the consequence. So My humble would be stay home sick at least you are safe out there.GOOD LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE PLANING TO GO HOME NOW.
  11. We all are aware of that Somali is broad language with deep substance. However, realisticly speaking we dont have neither the capablity nor the potential to utilize our language at this moment. Meaning, to teach in somali upto graduate school. One has to take to a considration how many educated people requires to effeciently and accurately transilate materails. I personaly would very much liked to see that but i am skeptical. Therefore, My vote would be for Arabic since every Muslim requires to learn that language.
  12. Grandpa----> "Aaga awow ga lagub waa ninki aha Bachelor" Me ---> very concerned and :confused: Grandpa---> when he is :mad: "gel bel" ...poor grandpa still counting on gel rather lets call him pure nomad
  13. Bachelor


    Hey Sweet_gal! Pharmacy was my first major however when it becomes too challenging i swithced to technology field. Here in califronia we call it "phamD" and it takes 5 years and base salary is 80K/per year. According to my Indian freind who graduate in Pharmacy. If you are planing to major in Phamacy be prepared for a hard work, i am not discouraging you here but knowing what's ahead of you is always a good stratagey. I strongly believe you can do it.
  14. Our ignornat and arogant presdent SELECTED Bush is upto a mess lately. His motive is nothing but OIL. He came from afluent family, who involved in oil business. By the way sometimes next week there is a huge anti-war protest in SF/bay area so, i will represent the nomads.
  15. Darman!! Well said SXB. Certainly Faverite KASTOOMO. What makes me :confused: is how far does his obedience will go? I have never seen or heard him expressing his own point of view other than echoing cheap White house propaganda. I personally consider him not a PM rather a PR for Bush who sits in downing st. Anyways make sure you guys voted him out next time around. Of course if he is alive till then. Waryaa I didnt say that.
  16. Kamilyah I didn't say i will kill all British. Did i? After all i have only ONE BULLET. Truely i am disguested their PM.
  17. ONE BULLET= ONE BLAIR ...Mr. YES MAN!! Disguested with that guy and the entire Brits . I consider him "nacamlee" to Yankees. Suppose you forget some other bullets inside the gun i would help deliver Meles & sharon to HELL.
  18. As far as i am concerned, i couldnt find suitable avatar. Any relevant match (avatar) for a Bachelor? Would be higly considered helpful.
  19. shujui this channal is in USA Public Broadcasting Service(PBS). It one of the best and educational channal that i have seen. I have no idea how you can access but you go to their For those who live in North America pay a close attention the day after this show, there might be a nasty backlash on Islam and the prophet. Just follow how the media reacts.
  20. Honestly none of them will be victorious. I rather believe whoever started this mess, division and killing innocent ppl will have to answer a question in hereafter. Killing A HUMAN BEING for no apparrent reason is not only immoral but USNALAMIC TOO .
  21. Nuune Wonderful topic! You know i used to play soccer and go to gym do all those guys do in order to stay, feel and look 10 yr younger. Whereas that is not true eventually you will feel it. As far as i am concern recently i have noticed that age is catching up with me. I have seen a weeding vedio that took place two yrs ago and i saw myself playing dhato and jumping like micheal jordon. Attempting do it again would be tragic. Now its nothing but history.
  22. Lady! I dont know about the emotions stuff however i strongly believe that woman can join a "combat". Because Aisha (rw) took part as well. Therefore why not other girls. Specialy in this conventional time war.
  23. Honesita! AGA! you dont know where is somali galbeed AKA Ogaden. There are few cities and town such as dhagx bur, qalafo, Gode, qabri dharah, warder and jigjiga so on. I hope that will help.
  24. ok, if you claim to be lazy stop shecking your "deex".. during ramadan at least. Sumerizing the story to someone who is not paying attention would be costly.
  25. So hibo you are advising the bachelor not to give up even if i am dumbed? :confused: i will experienment that and if it works, you will be awarded a nobel prize sister.