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  1. Very sad day for many somali people who are in need. Some one who is helping poor people should not be treated like that. Black day for all somali Those who did such this must be brought to justice.
  2. Here is what FBI think about somali people, what do you think Akhrita? WASHINGTON, DC-According to an FBI report released Monday, "reliable and substantive evidence" exists indicating that Somalis residing in the U.S. are involved in a widespread plot to develop large families. "We possess what we believe to be credible proof that thousands of Somalis in America, many of them not recent refugees, are attempting to acquire large family capability, often in full view of American law-enforcement authorities," said FBI director Robert Mueller, speaking before the Senate Intelligence Committee. "these large families, which consist of an absentee husband-out there firivng a cob in large cities, single mother - wife staying home on welfare, core and a varied number of surrounding offsprings, extended families consisting aunties, and grannies - could potentially come into contact with other such large families, creating a terrifying chain reaction of Somali familial perpetuation." Census Bureau statistics show that the Somali population of the U.S. has increased dramatically in recent years. Mueller attributed much of this growth to the proliferation of large families. "Communties as diverse and far - flung as Colubmus, OH and Minneapolis, MN are being converted into breeder reactors in Somali large families can be easily and cheaply produced," Mueller said. "single somalis who do not have large families of their own are attracted by these favorable conditions" According to Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, Unwed somalis are crucial to the creation of large families. Such individuals, Ridge said, strive to acquire certain critical materials in order to make such creation possible. "Acquisition of wealth, education, employment, and status is key to establishing large family capability," Ridge said. "Surveillance of Somali communities by the FBI reveals that these activities are taking place all over the world." Quoting from the FBI report, Ridge cited the example of an unnamed Somali born 27 year old male who settled in the Seattle in 1995. Working days at a Halaal Grocery Store owned by an uncle, the man attended nighttime business and English courses at a local community college. Upon graduation, he used his savings to acquire a partial stake in a gas station owned by another uncle. It is believed that his hard earned elevated social status was instrumental in his marriage to a young Somali woman whose own family immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1990s. Shortly after their wedding, the couple established a two-bedroom breeder reactor in Seattle, where they produced Four children, with another currently on the way. "I'd like to say that this is an isolated example," Ridge said. "But the reality is, this 'Seattle project' is the sort of thing that is occurring all across the country." Supporting Ridge's claim, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that a June 2003 search of a home owned by a Somali couple in Atlanta, GA, unearthed substantial evidence of large family building activity. Materials such as a family photo album, a baby-care book, and the discarded remnants of a used home pregnancy test were found on the premises. "Fortunately, in that case, we were able to step in and break up the childless couple before they went large," Ashcroft said. "But how many other Somalis do we have living right here in our country trying to do the same thing?" Monty Conrad, a domestic-security expert and longtime FBI consultant, said that many seemingly reputable Somali-owned and -operated businesses funnel their profits into large-family programs. Conrad has found evidence linking the proceeds from such businesses to bank deposits, food and clothing purchases, rent and loan payments, and other endeavors vital to creating and maintaining a large family. "Something as innocuous as a Africa jewellary store or a hole-in-the-wall of Somali restaurant can be underwriting a Somali large family," Conrad said. "Shockingly, in many cases, there is no attempt to conceal it. Children can be seen behind the counter, laughing and playing as their parents and other adult relatives work." Conrad faults the U.S. government for "willfully neglecting" the large family threat posed by Somalis living within U.S. borders. "The government has, from the federal to local level, permitted these activities to go on right under its nose, in spite of the obvious red flags," Conrad said. "There are thousands of cases of marriage licenses being issued to highly suspicious Islamic Somali couples known to harbor intentions of building large families. Income-tax forms from some of these people even list dependents. All this is clear proof that Somali large families exist in the U.S., yet nothing is done about it. Why?" No laws currently exist to fight the proliferation of Somali large families within the U.S. That gives such Somalis as Abdullahi Abdulrahman Abdulkadir Mohamed ,that is his full name, a newly naturalized citizen and Houston resident, a virtual blank check to build a large family. "I love America," Abdul Rahman said. "There is so much more opportunity here than in Somalia or anywhere in Africa, and that is why I came to stay. I definitely want to build a new life here and raise a very large family, and so do my friends."
  3. Alisomali, that was a brilliant idea though you need to do a serious research before you take step. But there is one problem, some of my family members held high positions in the last Somali wide regime Dont worry about that, as long as you are investing good will who cares what your family were. Yes, it is relatively peace incomparsion to the other part of somalia. But peace alone doesnt help, you need to know the system, understand the people and most of all you should have connection, connection and connection.
  4. Thanks Horn. Such a fantastic news make a nomad proude and we need more healty news in a political field. "There is no question the religious leaders had a role in helping to keep AIDS at bay," he said. Lets give them a chance for the poltical side as well, so they deliver the change we been craving for.
  5. As for me, for unknown reason, i often dream about residing in Malesia. Why? intuitively i have a feeling that is a peaceful place where a good nomad such as me enjoy life.
  6. SXB Waaq, Thank you so much for this valuable information, which money cant buy. By the way i have heard that before from one of my Ethiopian Freind. I thought it was merely a rumors or wishful thinking, though you proof me wrong. As a silicon Valley residance such a deal in my own back yard is simply IRRESISTABLE . Once again MAHADSANIID and keep up the good work.
  7. why not define "date" for me before i jump to blame game.
  8. As far as i am concerned, i have not seen a single country that is better-off because of IMF. Look at Argentia, Turkey and Brazil. They are merely an economic terrorist if you will. One of my major problem with IMF is as Baashi said "bullying" they are the one who want to make the decision what is good for you and what is not. They dont just give you the loan and let you manage it. They will ruin your coummintee. For instance, take a look at what they did to the local population of Gunjit river in India. What is going on in all over Somalia right now is really promising and encouraging sign that we can do it without their mess.
  9. African thanks for enligthnment about "john Barns", i thought he was Brit, indeed he was a great player. I dont know if you recall the last world cup, a Nigerian man played for polish which was very peculiar. When he asked about it, he said "they gave me the opportunity, and i took advantage of it"...and i really dont see any wrong doing there. Beside, had he been in Nagaria he would not have played for world cup.
  10. Sorry i should have indicated my stand before i ask for honest answer. Currently i am a U.S Citizen, suppose i am the best soccer player on this planet which is "wishful thinking" :rolleyes: and approched by one of those Arabs with enoromous sums of money... no need to :confused: The award will go tooooo...those who "showed me the money". Yes i would.
  11. Please be honest with yourself and tell us the truth. If you were in his shoe, do you change your citizenship for the money?? I wanted to hear nomads honest opinion. Please read the following before you meake decision. Mahadsaniid
  12. Hello nomads! Lately i been in hecktic situation, you know how life is, ups and downs. So this quation came to my mind, what is happines? Is it merely a lack of pain and discomfort. Is today's happines defined by how much yesterday hurt? Happiness can be anything better than what was before? Why do people live their whole lives in a vain pursuit of happiness. What if we were not meant to be happy all the time. Yes i like it when i am happy but when i am not it doesnt mean that there is something wrong. Isnt that how it goes if were not happy we automatically assume there is something wrong and we set out to change it and in the process we hurt more than we help. Maybe the reason your not always happy is that the world we live in is not a breeding ground of love and pece. As we all know it is a breeding ground of pain and misery. Examine youself what do you do every day in a pursuit of happiness? Lets hear how Faraax and Xalimo view happiness?
  13. Certainly very sad to see such a tragedy taking place around masjid...The game of "isku jeedin" in order to divert attention. WE all know who is behind this.
  14. This season seems very interesting to for many reasons...Chelsea is the team to watch. Lots of good player added...the Russian dude is building that team like REAL MADRID... 1)--Arsenal 2)--Chelsea 3)--Open for the rest of the team
  15. That is indeed great news. Once again the admin. proofed their excellence. By the way till i see her lovely avatar i wouldnt believe that. Nice to see you OG_GIRL.
  16. Ugaas its great to see you back. you absence indeed felt in SOL. Wlc back.
  17. My friend just got an email, that says if you get an email called "WTC Survivor," dont open it. It's a virus that deletes all .dll files (dynamic link libraries). It's needed for programs to run. You would have to reinstall Windows and everything else. I thought this could be a thread where people post email virus warnings, because not everybody is informed on certain subject lines you should never open, and people do not always forward the warnings to everyone they know. Moderators, I wasn't sure if this was the right forum, if it is not, please move it appropriate luuq.... Fii Aman'illah
  18. Hello there Brother Mujahid! salanta Waa laga qaday! And keep spreading salam! Your wonderful contribution have been missed greatly down here lately. What happen? :confused:
  19. Bachelor

    My Marriage!

    GUYs I AM NOT MARRIED or ENGAGED As a bachelor i like to see that kind of statement often . Rather than "hebel or hebelaayo" is married :mad: . Indeed that is good news Hibo. Enjoy your bachelorette life to the fullest.
  20. Recently a "Husband Shopping Center" opened in Dallas, where women could go to choose a husband from among many men. It was laid out in five floors, with the men increasing in positive attributes as you ascended. The only rule was, once you opened the door to any floor, you HAD to choose a man from that floor; If you went up a floor, you couldn't go back down except to leave the place, never to return. A couple of girlfriends went to the shopping center to find some husbands... First Floor The door had a sign saying, "These men have jobs and love kids." The women read the sign and said, "Well, that's better than not having a job, or not loving kids, but I wonder what's further up?" So up they went. Second Floor The sign read, "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, and are extremely good looking." Hmmm, said the ladies. But, I wonder what's further up? Third Floor This sign read, "These men have high paying jobs, are extremely good looking, love kids and help with the housework." Wow! Said the women. Very tempting, BUT, there's more further up! And up they went. Fourth Floor This door had a sign saying "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, are extremely good looking, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak." Oh, mercy me. But just think! What must be awaiting us further on! So up to the fifth floor they went. Fifth Floor The sign on that door said, "This floor is empty and exists only to prove that women are impossible to please. Goodbye."
  21. Haniif! Afkaga cano lagu qabay!!! You just said what was in my lil brain. I wish they would tell us what is wrong with it.
  22. Haniif! Afkaga cano lagu qabay!!! You just said what was in my lil brain. I wish they would tell us what is wrong with it.
  23. As far as i am concerned, i will go for the older women always (as long as she is in good shape). Here is what a good freind of mine told me, women are like wine, the older wine has better quality. By the way i am not wine drinker at all. PS: They know how to treat a man as simple as that.
  24. Hello nomads! I thought it would be interesting and fun to take advantage of the collective knowledge and meeting of Somalis to see if we can come up with the very 1st ever guesstimate count of Somalis in the Diaspora. We know we will never have the exact number but this can be a very good way we can at least have some numbers to work with. All we need is for someone from each city to report a range of numbers. It is also OK if more than one person from the same city tell us their estimate. We will just take the average. I will start with the City i live in; Silicon Valley, I reckon roughtly about 2000-2500 Somalis reside. So, it is now your turn. Please respond and tell us your number. We will then add the numbers and see where we stand
  25. Let me be the first to congrat her. I am the only true Bachelor left in this forum. :rolleyes: