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  1. Are we still waiting the long waited opposition leader Mr. Nuune to call a conference for his new government members or shall we jail him to 100 years for just being a careless opposition for so long. The supreme judge is speaking !!!!!!!
  2. What about deputy ministers, parliament speaker leader, deputy Prime minister, jurisdiction leaders, The Army Cheif, and so on and so far. You guys are missing the basic formula of government. Nuune..since you're the opposition leader, I appoint you to head the next government..go ahead and bring what you got..
  3. except these 5 dudes, where are the rest traditional leaders ? Doesn't that explain the whole point of this so called agreement.
  4. loooooool This Yalaxow dude is the funniest warlord that I ever heard. I for one think that He should be interviewed every single day so that he can make everyone laugh to death as the usual. This is his latest humour line "351 kursi meel la dhigo malaha" LOOOOL
  5. when does the 'Shock and Awe' campaign begin? looool...I guess it depends who will be elected to head that campaign..but I believe there's only one man who can make sudden changes. Are they going to elect him ? Lets just wait and observe!
  6. There's nothing between the two except one's claiming part of the other one. I think we should draw border line near Burco and cel-afweyne so that we will have less regional and domestic interfering like the one Riyaale Kaahin did in Las-anod, Puntland. BTW..they are not two different countries but more as two neighbour admininstration regions who belong to one country..Somalia..
  7. For your info the flag was designed in Burco and by a lander too ---but now you all gonna tell me otherwise I suppose. This is the funniest thing that I ever heard..This is what exactly happens when your brain is manipulated and filled with false information to the point of out of reality. Every true and "real" Somalis know The one who invented the blue Somali flag and it was none other than but Cawaale Liibaan. Actually, I met him when he was living near at Jane/Wilson in Toronto..I happened to be part his funeral ceremony( alla u naxariisto) how the flag story happened was long but there were more than 20 guys who took part of that drama and each of them was asked to bring one with a clever meaning. The one Cawaale Liibaan brought happened to be the chosen one. We should appreciate and not hate or dare to deny his work. Whether you like it or not he's from the great-Puntland state.
  8. Some of you are thinking in serious way..These pictures aren't who they're referred to. I've come across some of them in different places especially I saw the fat girl picture a year ago on the paltalk..Some dudes were making fun of her...But it's kind of pathetic to see some nerdies saving whatever catch their eyes..My God help them...
  9. The only 97% who voted are from one single Clan and they're those who are spreading their probaganda and self interest through the name of British Somaliland in order to get a big bite when the real Somali government is established. There's nothing between South and North but the question is who's a Somalilander and where does the local institution and administration of Somaliland runs other than a single clan backyard. If the whole regions of North of Somalia united as one, they've a legitimate case to present to the southern of Somalia or the international community. But since that's not the real case, I wonder why some of you are bringing up the issue of British-Italian. Besides if one single clan can fulfill their demands of separation, why not others.
  10. I guess Somalis can't say we're clean of STD diseases anymore like they used to.
  11. Baashi and HornAfrique Brothers..Both of you seem to be very thoughtful people and I suggest you not to debate those who are spreading their local administration more as a nation day in and day out. The bottom line is Somaliland is a local name Between Hargeisa to Burco and its influence and propaganda exist solely in the minds of one single tribe. If you ever debate with them, you'll only end up losing your precious time and there's nothing to gain from them. They can't take the reality because of their very narrow minded mentality.
  12. IF You hate people, be like a realman and mention them. otherwise cut the crap! Brotherly advice!