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  1. As far as i know Standard somali is spoken around somali galbeed, nugaal and north. The reason i just came to such a conclusion is Most if not all the famous "gabyaa" came from this area or associated with this area. If we look back to the history.
  2. In all honesty, If there is a one somali who full fill all that chatagories it would be without a doubt Sayid Maxamed C. Xassan .
  3. Warsame do you have any better name so we can compare instead of laughing at it. I mean it would be great if you give them ur feed back. And lets see what you got.
  4. My fellow bay arean steve! The media is nothing but impartial when it comes to Muslims and Islam. The professional characterstic of excellency has become unquestionably doubtful. Recently the ethic of journalism is unworthy of our valuable time.
  5. Wonderful topic indeed! As a nomad we have plenty of things to worry about including "Globalization". First thing first. Isn't it a bit peculiar to talk about this issue. When we couldnt keep a small nation of less than 6 Million people intact forget about NFD and Ogaden (K5). I 101% agree with Mahadi for berkely. Well said SXB. Globalization is BAD for somali people it would really damage their already fragile country (culture). Hence, i will rather be a nationalist and see a greater more stronger somalia.
  6. Very good point Abdi! You know i have meet an intellectual somali schoolar who graduated from Madina and get his masters from one of the IVY league school here in USA. He defintely agreed that if there is no means of getting an education its ok to borrow a loan. But he added that the intention of your persuing the education always should be toward helping the Muslim Ummah. And there are many Schoolars who disagree with anytype of interest whatsoever. As for me i took a loan and the marcy of Allah is way beyond our imagination.
  7. Hello Boy Today you are on fire Good topics tho. and wlc to this enthusiast and wonderful nomads. Indeed a good percentage of nomads seems to relegate the value of Education for many reason. As far as i know the first and foremost motive is that many if not all Somali who reside in the west supports some kind of his/her family back home. That elicits Education to be "put on hold" for a moment. The second reason is most of our previous generation lacks an appropriate Education so they bear ZERO influence on their Kids. Last but not list the nomad "reer gura" behavior play a major role by itself even her in the west. I guess that will summed it up
  8. Thanks to all of you, Well said indeed. We all seems to agree that this good nation with poor people should be roled by Islamic law. What we need is the broadest most open discussion of what's going on, in search of some kind of realistic solution to this " immoral and baseless " crisis that becomeing less soluble by the day. No question that majority of the population wheater inside or outside somalia are exhausted of this sensless blood-shed. Each and every somali I have asked feels the same way on this issue wondering when will this end? One who claim to be a Muslim ought to be optimisitc. The Marcy of Allah is beyond our immagination. Lets not merely hope whereas do something about it. Any idea where we can start? dont under estimate your potential.
  9. Indeed i have noticed a couple of good nomads are missing such as Lady Fatima and How about Indheeq. I know she got married but Isnt that a LONG HONEYMOON? ? Guys come out of the luuq.
  10. No doubt Football or as here called Soccer. What a game! This game will prepare one physically and mentally. Not to mention the fun.
  11. My vote will go to Micheal Jordan. What a wonderful athlet and the way he carry himself is just sensational.
  12. mobb tnx for the info. I was wondering for a quite sometimes and have said to myself when will you see a "beautiful British girl"?. Those American "daba delif" Other than Diana they aint given none fortunately.
  13. Muslimah That was indeed sensational JAZAKALAHU KHYER SISTER. Keep it up. Du'ca is one of great weapon.
  14. I read this before i depart to friday prayer and for sure it will stick in my mind. Mujahid its indeed sensation and inlightening piece of knowledge. may Allah reward you with whatever you like. Keep the good work up sxb.
  15. Mujahid Its hard to separete Islam from the somalis religion after all. Dispite some "supertition" most of our culture is influenced by the diin. Shaqsii That was simply brillian. Well and clearly elaborated. You must be one nomad Anthropogy . Thanks once again both brothers
  16. Thanks shujui I will for sure ask my two jewish senters and the other representatives to read that. At least that might them.
  17. Nomads! How would you describe explicitly your somali tradition/culture to someone who is interested and want to know abut your culture. This nomad is abit :confused: . Thanks for your help.
  18. I am planning to take java but i know little about C. Make sure you dont ask me about the POINTERS. That stuff gave me hard time indeed.
  19. I am planning to take java but i know little about C. Make sure you dont ask me about the POINTERS. That stuff gave me hard time indeed.
  20. Mizz Ish jaz'akalahu khyer walaashiis!..That was indeed true. We are lacking a great deal of effort when it comes to our diin. But that was enlightening piece rules which every one of us need to aviod.
  21. I hope Mujahid will be on the first row. With that nasty sign . I heard some student are organizing a big one in early Octeber here in USA. For sure i will be there and you are invited to Mujahid.
  22. Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah >> >>Assalamu Alaikum, >> >>SALAAT IS BETTER THAN SLEEP >> >>The importance of Salaat in Islam can never be over-emphasised. We >>have learnt from the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu ¬°layhi >>Wasallam) that the similitude of Salaat in the life of a Muslim is >>like that of the head in the human body. Just as there is no life >>without the head, there is no Islam without Salaat. >> >>O Muslim Brother: Consider these virtues of Fajr in the Masjid. >> >>Performing Fajr on its time with Jamaat is a quality of a Mumin. >>Performing Fajr on its time with Jamaat and Esha as well equals the >>Ibadat (worship) of the whole night. >> >>He who performs his Fajr with Jamaat is in the protection of Allah. >>There are glad tidings of perfect and complete Nur (celestial >>light)for him on the day of Qiyamah. >> >>He who awakens from his sleep and makes the Zikr of Allah, performs >>wudhu and performs his Fajr Salaat with Jamaat in the Masjid >>awakens fresh and healthy and if not, he awakens evil and lazy. >> >>If he performs his Fajr with Jamaat he acquires multiple rewards, >>his rank is elevated and sins forgiven. >>To perform Fajr on its time with Jamaat in the Masjid is a cause of >>entry into jannah and protection from the fire. >> >>The malaa-eekah are present in the salaat of Fajr and Asr with >>mercy and blessings. >> >>He who performs Fajr and Asr on time with Jamaat, will enter >>Jannah.He who performs his Salaat before the rising of the sun >>(Fajr) and before its setting (Asr) will never enter the fire. >> >>The angels of the night and day that are appointed over a person >>alternate. They gather during the Fajr and Asr Salaat. Thereafter >>those angels that spent their night with a person ascend (the >>skies) and their Rabb asks them (although He is most >>knowledgeable). "How did you leave My servants?" They will reply: >>"We left them while they were performing Salaat and we came to them >>while they were performing Salaat." >> >>------------------------------------------ >> >>Five Levels of Salah >> >>By Ibnul Qaiyyem >>Adapted by Nasim Chowdhury >> >>When it comes to salah, people are of five levels: >>The first of of the one who wrongs himself and is negligent. He >>neither makes proper wudhu, performs salah on time nor completes >>his salah. >> >>The second is of the one who observes the salah's outward >>essentials, performs it on time and does wudhu, but he has lost the >>batle agaisnt his self and is overwhelmed with its whispers and >>insinuations. >> >>The third is of the one who observes the salah's outward >>essentials, performs it on time and does wudhu, and also strives >>against his self and against its whispers, but he is preoccupied >>with his struggle against his enemy, Satan, lest he steals from the >>salah. This one is engaged in salah and jihad simulatenously. >> >>The fourth is of the one who, when he stands up for salah, fuflills >>all of its conditions, fully focuses his heart in it lest he omits >>anything. His concern is to do the salah properly and perfectly, >>and his heart is deeply immersed in the salah and worship of his >>Lord. >> >>The fifth is one who does all of that, but takes his heart and >>places it before his Lord, looking at his Lord with his heart and >>focusing on Him, filled with love and adoration, as if he is >>acutally seeing Him. Those thoughts and whispers diminish, and the >>barriers between him and his Lord are lifted. The difference >>between the salah of this person and that of anyone else is greater >>then the difference between heaven and earth. When this person is >>in salah, he is preoccupied with his Lord and content with Him. >> >>The first type is punishable, the second is accountable, the third >>is striving so he is no counted as a sinner, the fourth is rewarded >>and the fifth is drawn close to his Lord, because he is one of >>those for whom salah is a source of joy. Whoever finds their joy in >>salah in this life, he will find it in being close to Allah in the >>hereafter. Whoever finds his joy in Allah will be content with >>everything, and whoever does not would never be joyful nor content. >>
  23. The continuing crisis in the Middle East has a certain quality of the car wreck to it in that try as one might to walk away, some form of political voyeurism repeatedly drives one back to take another look. Surely the most vivid example of this feeling is supplied by suicide bombings, the weapon of choice for Palestinian militants, and it is deeply painful for those of us who support the Palestinian cause in general to see it morally tainted and politically undermined by this appalling tactic. It is especially agonizing to hear hard-liners defend the use of what they call "martyrdom operations" by arguing that no matter what they do, they will be branded "terrorists" by the Israeli government and the duped/duplicitous Western media. It is nothing less than excruciating to come to the conclusion that the radicals are right. Wednesday's attack at a convenience store in southern Tel Aviv killed at least three civilians and wounded many more. It is hard to see how carrying out such acts can possibly help achieve the goal of a Palestinian state. Blowing up civilians is murder, not resistance, and no casual observer has either the time or the volition to take into account the historical background that Palestinian militants see as grounds to call their current activities "revenge." Therefore, each and every time Hamas or Islamic Jihad conducts a suicide bombing in a public place, Western public opinion becomes that much more hardened against the Palestinian people as a whole. This is not to mention the effect it has on an Israeli populace in whom successive governments have sought (with great success) to instill a siege mentality; the sight of their compatriots being regularly wiped out in buses and restaurants can only cause individual Israelis to batten down the intellectual and emotional hatches and join the chorus of "let the IDF win." For the purpose of winning hearts and minds, it does not matter whether one's means are right or wrong, but it must be noted that regardless of all that has happened to the Palestinians, there can be no justification for deliberately targeting civilians. Doing so necessarily besmirches the integrity of the Palestinian independence movement. However begrudgingly, one might nevertheless see a rationale behind the slaughter of civilians if it were just a matter of negative perceptions that had to be tolerated in order to continue a strategy that was working. But it is emphatically not: Israel has never had a tendency to appease or retreat and instead has opted time and again to answer political violence with overwhelming force. This results in widespread casualties and hardships for Palestinian civilians and gets them no closer to taking control of their own destiny. Needless to say, the Palestinians have suffered a lot. The creation of the state of Israel entailed the appropriation of more than half their land, and failed wars partially instigated by their Arab "allies" have lost them the rest. All the while, their homes and farms have been destroyed, their children have grown up in abject poverty, and the rights accorded them by Israeli occupation forces constitute a form of apartheid. Both individually and collectively, the Palestinians have spent the last 54 years being robbed, raped, killed, and ethnically cleansed. But none of this makes it right to kill Israeli civilians, and even if it did, practicality would have to rule out such a strategy for the simple reason that it would still be a propaganda disaster for a people who can ill-afford to be portrayed as violent and/or hateful. There will be no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and any attempt to impose one by either side can only prolong the sufferings of both their peoples and sow the seeds of the next flare-up. Determined though they may be, Palestinian militants will never "drive the Jews into the sea," and even if they manage to hoodwink neighboring Arab countries into joining the fight again, the Israeli military is more than capable of trouncing any combination of its neighbors. Likewise, not even the preponderance of Israeli military might can forever settle the issue. The Palestinians have made it clear that they are not going away, and even expelling them across the River Jordan, as openly advocated by several of Ariel Sharon's Cabinet ministers, would fail in the long run. If certain factions reject the self-evident futility of armed force and insist on the way of the gun, the least they can do is conduct themselves in a manner befitting the righteousness of the cause they claim to represent. Otherwise they are neither "freedom fighters" nor even Palestinians, just bloodthirsty killers whose motives and origins are no more relevant than those of a serial killer. The myth of the "purity of Jewish arms" has done wonders for Israel's image overseas, and its basing in shameless lies and fabrications has not mattered a bit because of Zionist power and influence. Superior weaponry has also helped to maintain this myth, allowing as it has the Jewish state to so easily dominate various wars and "lesser conflicts" that the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian and other Arab civilians can be written off with that convenient euphemism, "collateral damage." Any Palestinian group subscribing to the theorem of "that which has been taken by force can only be regained by force" therefore confronts a powerful enemy in the widespread perception that Israeli military actions have always been defensive in nature and have actually sought to avoid civilian casualties among "those warlike Arabs." It does not matter that this impression is grossly mistaken, only that it infects broads swathes of the popular imagination. Purely nonviolent means would obviously do wonders to help dispel such notions, but if armed rebellion must take place, it behooves those who direct it to be "lily white" in their choices of targets, tactics, and timing. To whatever extent the radicals may be correct in their belief that any form of armed struggle on their part will be condemned as terrorism, their obligation is nonetheless to behave in a civilized manner, a responsibility whose continued shirking can only result in additional injustice for all concerned. People who want the right thing have an obligation to seek it the right way, even and perhaps especially when those who would deny them their rights operate with no such restrictions. This is what "fighting the good fight" is all about: those who struggle nobly cannot be defeated, but those who rely on calumny can never really win.
  24. Buuto thanks for the info. Now i know who she is. Do you guys know by chance where she live? just curious.
  25. After long and brooding. I have to say it can be taught. Ex. The prophet teach his companion a great deal of Virtue.