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  1. This is hard to believe, but I don't wanna say anything is impossible! BTW, interesting event (if any). Plz more info!
  2. Very well said Wiilo! I'm glad your prioritized his religiosity. I wonder what other girls have in mind, as well? Ay Kutubeey forgot about those Gorgeous men: They have been recently placed on the "Endangered Species List" I Joined Nomad when my name appeared on that report!
  3. Happy Birthday, Besbaaso! Why are so many bro/sis going negative on this? There is nothing wrong with wishing people good as long as it's done in a manner that is consistent with the Islamic values and doens't conform/characterize a non-Muslim celebration. How should you celebrate your birthday: Arab News I hope you guys are happy now! and to Besbaaso...sister, jump up and down as you wish (so long you don't break those bones).
  4. What a courage, brother! Keep up the good work