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  1. 5 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    It is nice to be home. While in Mogadishu nothing has changed about the attitude of the diaspora. 

    Youtube channels are usually for click and bait, but the Somali run one's and out of the ordinary. I like the partisan and clannish youtubers who bare everything and attack the weaknesses of their opponents. During the SSC liberation war, Kabtan Atuub was popular. He wasn't sentimental about others, but has practical partisan points that supported the base, what you get was what you see. His cause was just and  he was very successful.  These days I  barely watch Somali Youtubers these days because they all got fake news and further analyze that fake news itself.

    Yesterday I did listen to Sheikh Abdi Hersy and was shocked about his peddling of some fake unreliable news.

    The Sheikh is very popular and does a good work in terms his vocal support for  the restoration of dignified Somali nation in general and pointing out the greed of Somali leaders whether they are in Garoowe, Hargeisa or Mogadishu. He doesn't hide his affiliation with Nabad Iyo Nolol crowd and he is a proud member of the flag bearers of the Farmaajo group. Sometimes being a diehard supporter of a group could blind you your outlook in politics and the life itself.

    In his latest video, he is attacking the former NISA director Mahad Salaad for being Al-shbaab. As an educated Sheikh, he should be very careful how he frames these issues. I remember few years ago when HSM was bombed by Al-shbaab from left and right, some SOL residents accused him of being Al-shbaab supporter. Al-shbaab tried to kill HSM from day one when he took office yet, this crowd accused him of affiliation.

    Mahad Salaad seems to be the most successful NISA director since 2012. For the last 12 months, Mogadishu has seen three or four bombings only. Targeted killings have almost disappeared and if someone is killed the chances of being caught is 90%. Undercover officers room the markets and streets. CCTV camera have been deployed widely throughout the city, and even other crimes of banditry and extortions are resolved through camera. This week, the Heliwaa Police chief has been convicted of extension and murder. The prosecutors of the Banaadir region used CCTV camera to reveal his activity using his personal car, where he bought the face masks, up to the minute when the murder took and finally went to a hotel. The rule of law is shaping up great in Mogadishu. When was the last time you saw a police captain been tried in a court and found guilty anywhere in Somalia?

    Yet,  Sheikh Abdi is saying Mahad Salaad himself is the bomber who works for Al-shbaab. How could the NISA director who is fight the group could be accused of aiding and abetting the enemy he is fighting?. HSM didn't fire Mahad, in fact, when I landed in Mogadishu in February, one official told me that he is planning to leave and run for Galmudg leadership. I said, " isn't NISA one of the most powerful agencies of the state, why is he doing this?

    I hope the sheikh should be very careful of his reputation and discuss the political issues after he verifies the veracity of what he is saying. Otherwise he would be like any other Fake Youtuber who want to be popular regardless of the facts. Furthermore, being an Imaam of a Masjid carries a heavy weight and integrity that must be protected.








    . You maybe right about Youtubers attitudes and their popularity. I can’t really give any credit for Mahad Salad for the security of Moqdisho. Alshaydaan activities has been declining for while since the last two years of Farmaajo. This trend is everywhere in the country From Boosaaso to Kismaanyo. I don’t know the reason. It has nothing to do with Mahad Salad. The group has been around for long time for the Somali standard. Their time is coming to end anyway.

    There were some rumors that Xalane people asked Hassan Sheikh for his removal and these people play both sides. The fact that he tried to blackmail Hormud and when they refused to give him what he wanted, it is real **********isem that doesn’t belong to security forces 


  2. Moqdisho is not serious about anything. Hassan did not want to confront Abiya anytime in past or present. He was involved the sea deal and knew but did anything about it. He dreams on his own region in central Somalia with moqdisho as the capital but he doesn’t have ability to cleared and managed. He went to Duusamareeb 40 times and did not a complish anything. Same time he does not recognized Khatumo State for sake of Unity of Country. He will finally forced to held the presidency election in Agisyoone. But he will loot and mismanage everything just before his time run out. The federal government did not make any progress since beginning of its creation for now 20 years. It is time to seek different solutions. Because it became a hostage for a group of local politicians who used it to get rich.

  3. 15 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    If you think Somaliland is going to give up on the two districts of laascanood and taleex then u awaits a rude awakening  somaliland loss of maraage and goojecadde battles will be avenged by Somaliland . To many things are at stake why do u think muuse biixi is sending more troops to oog every day and stock piling it’s not for security reasons only 

    Well,  he just scared. Even the Amhara was no help. That is Dogoble, Ceel Afweyn District. Khaatumo forces cleared or regained all the villages of South Ceerigaabo and present in Ceerigaabo. 17 Km from Caynabo town. If Biixi does any move, grantee Khaatumo forces will enter both Ceerigaabo and Caynabo.


  4. 8 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    in Somaliland we dont wish to be protected by an african man or a white man ,, Somalilanders control their land their people and their goverment what we want fromt he world is to respect our decscion to live in peace and harmony with our selves and our neighbours as free people. independence we have we have taken it its not given. by any one now we want our statehood to be acknowldged that is all . the chinese are worthless nobody needs these slave coperate companies that exploite africa have u seen what they have done with angola 

    You are dreaming a statehood with expeensives of right owners of land and hoping outsiders will favorably give you because in return of services and shared value, right? It can not be any other logic. 
    Taiwan is part of China and people are Chinese. You don’t hate all China. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    i never believed the west could help defend ukraine to defeat russia  never i dont believe in western propoganda


    tigray  miscalculated they under estemated the gallas  i  kinda expect the war in tigray to happen how ever tigray came out stronger now after the pretoria deals with abiye  Isias and abiye are now no longer buddies which serves the interest of tigray , and the gallas are focused  on amhara these days an no longer on the tigrayans


    as for sool and goojecadde   the garaad clan and their allies might have won the first battle  now but the war is far from over 



    From Gabiley, what makes you believe that you are gone win a war with “garaad clan and their allied”. Is not same logic believing Ukraine is gone win against Putin Russia?That was more than a battle and  the game is over now. Those experiences should be a valuable lesson, you don’t have to wish more battles.

  6. Even Washington  has it’s limitations. Your better of  not paying Perer Pham anymore and instead  feed the starving people in your region any amount of resources the government of Somaliland has. Stop hoping the arrival of another withe man  to change the status of northern Somalia as happened in 1887 when your tribe signed a treaty with the British. This time it’s maybe better to hope the arrival of Chinese or somebody else


    . Dawaco meeshay baruur kubaratay ayay macaluul igu bakhtidaa. 

  7. You only believed what the Liberal west media wrote. And now they are telling you the end of  game. You and your friends were telling us Tigray will win and Ukraine will win. One is lost and the other one will lose.

    You believed the propaganda and underestimated the population and resources of the other side.

    Same with Goojacade and conflict in Sool regions. Overestimated the limitations of Somaliland army based on the myth of  Somaliland winning against Siyad Bare government. Forgetting the reality and history of the north Somalia before colonial arrived and what happened after they left. Now Somaliland is isolated,  roads in the east are closed and poor people in Hargeysa are suffering.  You already admitted that Biixi is not good but soon you will  admit that Somaliland is small puzzle of the big puzzle game of Somalia

  8. The world geopolitics will completely change as we know it as the liberal world continue to lose it is dominance slowly but defiantly for good. A new time of  de-dollarization, nationalism and the isolation  will effect the life's of everybody in the world and could lead to even WW111. The borders made by EU colonials will likely be replaced or not be recognized any longer. So far there are already 11 failed states in the world including Somalia and it will be more. We are just the process of waiting what is gone replace the world order that was created the winners of WW11. The beginning of new world order will be Russia winning in Ukraine and enlarges it's territory and bricks succeeding their new  money system. The rest will history as number of Muslim countries who will be failed states increase beyond no return of last century borders. You may be worried about Somalia but it may be only the safe place you can invest and live in the future. 

  9. 44 minutes ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    i have no idea what ur talking about duufaan

    Because you just confused and it is not clear what you want. You just want Muuse to stay for a while. Finish his 7 year. While the population suffer. 

     The liberal world reached closer to end and  we are more likely going back 1860.

  10. On 1/20/2024 at 8:26 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    tallaabo so u prefer to be ruled by the bunker good luck with that.. Do u think koonfurians care about whether biixi jeegaan is in power or ciiros huubo is in power. Update Your Program Information Toda waxa la isku haysta waan jira iyo ma jirtid,, ana ku taliya iyo ima talisid. ikhtiyaar baan leeyahay iyo  ma lihid ikhtiyaar .  Stop with the defeatest mentallity it doesnt do any one good , u used to be better then this. i am dissapointed in you. even if u oppose this sea for recognition deal there is no way to give up on ur land and people just because of that . Even with that there is no savior from the bunker coming to save Somaliland.  Even if we were threatend by occupation by Ethiopia. Nin isagi amxaaro la joogaan bal muxu ka dhicin.. Adaan ku weydiiye eh, it is strange .

    "Do u think koonfurians care about whether biixi jeegaan is in power or ciiros huubo is in power." Do you really believe this?

    Do you think Isaq will get alone each other? I do not think so. You are not looking justice but special treatment that you believe only non Muslim countries can provide to you. Yesterday was the British and today Amhara. Same time you think, it is okay people of Khaatumo and Awdal to come alone with you., because you are majority and can threat minority the way you want. If Awdal people can fit in Somalia, why are not you?

    This is Kismaanyo cost. The Baajuun and old and new Laascaanood people get alone each other. The size of Waqooyi galbeed + Awdal but largely empty paradise. And you want stack where you are.


  11. 4 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    According to sources, Muse asked Ethiopians to assist him in recapturing Las Anod. This move is not motivated by reclaiming Sland's border. It is simply correcting personal humiliation.  Like his new friend Abiy, Muse is truly a sociopath.

    It’s also I realization that he can not do in another way. The Habashi already tried to help him by showing up in Garoowe. But it is different days,. Zenawi tactics are not working anymore for the Xabashi.
    Also Muuse tribal supporters don’t trust the opposition and do not want to transfer power to them. They will rather have Muuse than Ciro for the example. The economic corridor between Berbera to Wajaale is controlled by Muuse people.  That is their problem. Unless they find people they can control or trust like Siilaanyo and Riyaale. Muuse tribal base do not want change and they want xabashi for many reasons 

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    The border between Egypt and Gaza must be closed to stop the flow of ‘military equipment and other deadly weapons’, the Israeli Prime Minister...

    This may have something to do as well. Putting pressure on Egypt to accept a deal in gaza. + accepting Gazans in Sina peninsula. 
    The devil in the house.This whole thing is bigger than Ethiopia navy in Somalia sea. Abiya  knows something we don’t know for now. He may finally accepted the Ethiopian role of facilitating.

  13. Things are going the way we predicted just a year ago. A completely Moooryaan controlled system in both sides. Mahad one side and Karate the other side. And no one will be safe for the uncontrolled criminalities. The few thousands soldiers that was trained are gone in one year. Only Mahad clan mellessia with government uniforms are left. This is how they wanted and Hassan’s remaining time will be even worse. He will be collecting as much money as he can by signing everything to anyone who is going to pay him. Mahad and his cousin Karate will control the south and everyone will suffer.

  14. His days is numbered but Western installed puppet like Hassan Sheikh will be worst for Somalia. We can not be wishful for his replacement. He doesn’t have means to take our sea but some body else may. Some of his policies were positive for Somalia. The days of regional governments meeting is over, thanks for him. If he leaves and a western sponsored leader replaces him. You can expect more inference.

  15. Ethiopia is not returning a small portion of Sudan land they accupied. They take but not return 

    #The Al-Fashaga conflict was a conflict between Sudan and Amhara militants from Ethiopia in the disputed border region of al-Fashaga (an area of Sudan east of the Atbarah River and south of the Tekezé River).# According to colonial maps this belong to Sudan but Amhara immigrants took over and they never left

  16. 4 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    ina saajin is right what is ourrages and cant be accepted is the the adviser of Abiye said we wished the deal to be 100 Years, its clear the Ethiopians have sinistar motives and long term ambitions , if they bring their hard Waepons to our coast how can we defend it , if Somaliland doesnt have it self a strong navy force. It would be a logistical nightmare lets say even after 50 years they refuse to leave . Logistically they can endlessly supply their arms and men via awbare awdal into Lughaya  with out any one interrupting. Our grand childeren will curse us in our graves  . Their plan is also to populate the land, allot of  Plans xabashidu wattan ba qarsoon. Either biixi is naive or old age makes him believe and made him guilible  to these tricks. The only thing  and i dont understand biixis advisers , why didnt he ask if u want to rent part of our land we dont want just a share of ethiopian airlines. we want for our selves  arable Land oo 20 km that is Negotations . This is seems now as Robbery broad day light


    In 1954 when the British decided to give Hawd and reserve area to Ethiopia. Haylasase asked Saylac too. The Somali gave a porposal if he returned hawd and reserve area that he will given 10Km of water access. Haylasalase refused and said I want 100km. Thist way since 1960 35% of Somali national army was located there. Five full divisions. 


  17. 1 hour ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    i doubt Somaliland would ever accept this deal if Ethiopia refuses to recognise Somaliland. Eventhough the share of Ethiopian airlines is good to have a share. But with out recogntion  i dont think the deal will fly . Lets wait and see what the Ethiopian and Somaliland final deal looks like


    Abiya has the MU and can use to occupy. He do not need Biixi and Somaliland anymore. He can use elements of Awdal state to help him. Biixi is now compromised and can not easily change the course unless he is willing to lose his position 

  18. On 1/4/2024 at 5:14 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:


    Ethiopia already recognize Somaliland in their own way. 
    Somaliland is a useful tool for Ethiopia and others  like Kenya who have border with Somalia. Somaliland has office in Ethiopia which they call embassy. They also have all kinds of different relashinship, military and spies. Abiya want sea if he recognizes Somaliland how he can get Somaliland sea. Somaliland will became sovereign country.  And in retaliation for now on anybody can recognize any Ethiopia region. Abiya want a sea and he will try to get it any means. But he does not have the power to do it. It was easier for him if he tried Ereteria. But they powerful militarly.