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  1. lol i've never experienced love.. and i doubt i will.. I honestly can't see myself LOVING someone. And especially lately i try my best never to get attached to anyone... and you'll be surprised to know it really works. I'm honestly not looking for love... it seems too complicated. And i got enough complications in my life already. I'd rather just have fun n go wit the flow
  2. lol everyone hates darman I sentence SIMPLE_SISTA to jail for impersonating me n stealing my old avator. The only way she can be freed is to go find a new and ORIGINAL name i don't care about the avator anymore
  3. I got the best damn avator. NO DOUBT
  4. Can you believe she has me saved on her cell phone as Flying still.... looooooool
  5. Did i see someone say "Getting Pregnant" Ceeb walaal how can that be possible,enlighten me. You shouldn't in my view wait till you ready for marriage if not you know it is SIN and "******* " First of all i never said i wuz having sex or anything of that sort.. I said my biggest fear is getting pregnant witout marriage.. and inshallah i hope it never happens to me... so DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS!!!!! Yes im aware its haraam n ceeb. I wuzn't born yesterday :mad:
  6. Hey im just curious how many of us Nomads smoke.. cuz lately i'm noticing an increasing # of ppl turning into smokers.. or just smoke. Some are social smokers.. and only do it around people once in a while, and there are others which are constant smokers.. So however often you smoke and whatever it is that you smoke.. cigarettes, weed, crack, herion whateva please do the poll.. P.S I'm aware that smoking isn't exactly Islamic.. so don't jump down my throat plz!
  7. lol @ ur comment.. I knew moti wuzn't 21 from his pic.. i was just quoting something "master mafia" said
  8. …. Alxamdulilah I didn't get a ticket ???????? lol alxamdulilah u didn't die.. or crash into anything u mean
  9. ^^ loool thats funny walahi I don't know y i'm replying to this but here is wat i think of all four artists Ashanti : Some of her songs are nice... she constantly brags about going to dance school n what not.. but the girl cannot dance! Other than that she's coo i guess Beyonce : i think is far prettier than ashanti.. (y'all seen the pic witout her waxed) her voice is much better.. damn how can u compare the 2 lol ashanti is a rookie. Ja and Gotti are fake Yeah n 50 cent is real??? 50 Cent : I like his music.. but the n!gga is overrated.. plus i don't think he's very educated. Just becuz he has this hardcore gangsta image doesn't make him the sh!t... he could be just as fake as vanilla ice. The whole G-Unit thing was coo at first.. but its getting outta hand. Every corner i turn i see G-UNIT walahi.. even on elementary school walls.. Now i even see G-Unit gear.. and i heard a G-unit shoe collection is comin out :eek: lol i won't hate tho.. i'll them do their "thang" Eminem: I think he's coo.. he's got talent.. everyone is been through some hardship n quite frankly im gettin sick n tired of hearing him b!tch bout his life.. But i like his music... I liked 8 Mile too peace
  10. ^^ I hope you guys know, those who don't pray are worse of than kafirs where does it state that.. just curious Mashallah.. im happy to say i pray 5 times a day. Prayer was never a big thing to me.. it rarely crossed my mind.. only at times when i was in trouble n what not.. But Alhamdulilah thats not the case.. when u read hadiths about the consequences of missing salah.. it changes ur mind 4real
  11. wow! i think im the only one who's immune to cupid's arrows OG Moti i won't know dat you're old enough man coz you told me last time you're 21 yrs old loooooooooooooooooool congrats y'all juxa n moti peace
  12. Hey Nomads! Whats on your "to-do" list this summer.. it could be anything... from volunteer work (suuure) :rolleyes: lol to just getting a haircut. I'll make my list later on, as i haven't fully decided yet Lookin forward to ur responses holla back 1
  13. lol @ princess_sexy Most of these posts are hilarious walahi.. but i can related to a bunch of them. Somali ppl are ruining my life i tell ya.. everyone knows everyone else's business in this damn city. I'm sick n tired of ppl telling my mom they seen me around wit "nin-jamaykan" :mad: I'm tired of guys tellin my brothers they saw me here and there doing this and that.. when they're the ones who were trying to talk to me. I hate the fact that i can't live my life how i please, and that i have to keep a low-profile becuz somali ppl have BIG MOUTHS!! I mean its not like gaalo people call each other and say "hey nancy.. i saw ur daughter samantha with a jamaican boy today" :rolleyes: Why is it that somali ppl go to these soccer games (somali week) only to "hook" up with someone.. or to find a summer fling.. when they don't know jack about soccer. Why can't i laugh in public without being labelled a "ciyaal-suqad" Why is it that summer is soo damn hot and winter is soo damn cold AND WHY IN GOD'S NAME DOES A CERTAIN SOMEONE HAVE A NAME SOOOO SIMILIAR TO MINE AND AN AVATOR EXACTLY LIKE MINE??? Why in God's name can't i stay committed to anything?? I am starting to think i have a committment problem!!! Why is it that during the summer time some parts of my face turn different shades than other parts of my face
  14. Thats sad walahi... a lot of somali youth are drinking a lot lately. And i swear its so true somali ppl do not know how to control themselves when they drink. Just this weekend i ran into a cople of guys.. some of them were just locals.. that i've been seen around for years.. most of them were drunk and they were just driving around acting ****** . One of them was trying to holla at a somali girl.. well she was with her girls and noticing he was drunk she just ignored him and kept walking. Then they pulled over the car and he wanted to fight the girl for ignoring him. He started screaming and shouting at the top his lungs while some of his other friends were just laughing. He pointed at some somali guy that was standing near the girls. He asked the guy to approach him, and so the guy did... he muttered something under his breath and they started beatin on the guy for no apparent reason :rolleyes: Alcohol is messed up 1
  15. Happy Canada n Somalia day everyone! Whats everyone doing? I heard ottawa is poppin around this time a year.
  16. Some phrases I shun, that I cannot stand or never used or never believed in and never will: Relationship?? ((even a halal relationship i.e marriage?) Ring?? (( what is wrong wit a ring)) Engaged?? ((Whats wrong wit being engaged)) kissing?? (( even if ur married??)) Guys wearing ties and suits at any occasional gathering. And as for faaraxis, macawiis iyo shaal iyo koofi barawaani iyo fitishaari iyo cimaamad iyo bakoorad iyo... loool Don't u think ur slightly over reacting.. u want to tell me you've never worn a suit?? Anywayzz back to the topic.. I think we're all grown adults.. "dating" is not HALAL.. but i don't think its as bad as everyone is making it to be. People are making it sound like sex. Sure dating sometimes leads to that.. but it all depends on how you conduct yourself. Thats my 2 cents peace
  17. lol its monday and i'm still waitin for an update
  18. Doug Flutie (American Football player) :eek: lol damn 4real? I didn't not know that! He's the last person i would expect to be of arab decent
  19. 1)Getting pregnant(witout being married) I pray to Allah that i never end up in a situation like that. Its scary just thinking about it walahi 2)COMMITMENT: I'm just commitment-phobic..
  20. lol i think the reason u want him more.. is becuz he said he doesn't want commitment.
  21. hey i wish i was in the position ur in... I had a lil too much fun during the school year.. and now i'm realllly paying for it. Guess its tru.. you get out wat you put in.. But hey i guess u deserve it lol congrats peace
  22. lol those were hilarious.. some are cute Imagine calling the sistah a Horain/Hore. I think that your liking to catch a 'bad one' from her. Horain is not a familiar term and sounds like Whore to the avg. muslimah (I would think!). Its not pronounced as "whore" I think its pronounced Xuur.. or Xurulciin something like that.. Its the virgins in heaven... lol So thats a damn good compliment
  23. xafsa... THANK YOU sweety... some ppl are just :rolleyes: *muah*
  24. its hot... is it the remix to pondi river?