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  1. somealien theres no such thing as "virginity" wat do u mean???
  2. lol awww y'all lay off og_girl she's from kuwait.. its nothing like here or america... Anyways to answer the question the one thing i can't live witout is obviously AIR
  3. its a arabian tradition :rolleyes: so unless u is an arab, i dont understand why u worried about it!! are u serious?? Allah (swt) commanded us in the qurn to cover ourselves.. its not only 4 arabs!
  4. ^^ speak for urself material things make a material girl go down lulla what if we put love as the last thing in our list well that would just lead to more divorces... u said After all u can learn to love someone after sometimes.. thats true.. but its not always the case.. You gotta balance things out.. don't only marry for love, or only for money... U gotta realize you're gonna spend the rest of ur life wit this person... Think smart.. marriage is not a business..and shouldn't be treated like one. OG-GIRL Love with out money !!..hmmmmmm will not last that long. money won't last it
  5. lol @ xafsa.. I have 4 siblings.. and i don't want a lot of kids.. I'm really scared of giving birth walahi. I'm hoping to have 3-4 or 5 kids inshallah.
  6. TYPE B(man). owns 2 cars. dresses very well has worked very hard. works out. good looks doensnt mingle with "LOCALS". doesnt pray.. Drinks alcohol bossy.(sometimes) thinks he is all that. parties often(mainly house parties n clubs). may be nice to some ppl very good conversationalist good sense of homour. charming cool..but moody! ^^i used to deal wit a guy that wuz ALMOST exactly like type B.. and yes he was somali but born and raised here. The only difference... is the things i took out eg (age, balding, and he didn't have $100,000 lol). If i was to choose between type A or B i would choose neither. None of them are my type. Type B's are very exciting but not husband material
  7. Okay, place urself in your boys shoes... if this happened to you would u want ur boy to tell you? would u want to know? I remember a while back my friend n I were talking about cheating, and he was like if one of his boys knew his girl was cheating on him, and he never told him he would cut his boy off! lol If that was one of my girls.. i would tell them as soon as i went home.. not even i would probably phone them the minute i caught them together. Your friend is wasting his time and probably money on a cheater!!! so just TELL HIM
  8. What goes up must come down... America Today | | | | | | | | | | | | | America a couple of years from now I wouldn't be surprised y'all peace
  9. But heyy who doesn't lie to his/her mom or dad or did not ? lol thats tru. I'm sure everyone has lied to their parents at least 1. i most lie either my parents or teachers same here.. i don't really lie unless i have to... But walahi its a bad habit.. u just get used to it. But if i have to lie, it comes quite easy, honestly i could convince a person that i got abducted by aliens. P.S I heard compulsive lying is a grave sin. May Allah forgive us for all the lies we told. peace
  10. No Comment... :rolleyes: I agree wit some rules.. some are just plain S.T.U.P.I.D I think everyone has a right to express their opinion, even though your opinion will offend some people, because you can't please EVERYONE. Just don't use profanities. But its their website so i guess we have to follow their rules. And the thing about having 2 accounts.. i bet enough people have more than 1 account. I wouldn't be surprised if the admin had a couple of accounts too. NO OFFENCE ADMIN Don't mysteriously ban me
  11. Now he must formulate his plan...... Og-moti was really nervous and sweating like crazy.. he decided he'll just go up to nura respectfully and start a conversation "Hello Nura" Nura was startled by Og's voice... she turned around.. and as she did her hair flipped over her shoulders. Even after such a beating Nura looked gorgeous.. She walked up to OG slowly and smiled at him "Hi...." she whispered, as she came closer and closer to OG Og's heart started beating faster, and sweat was crawling down his face like water. Under all this pressure he couldn't help but giggle goofily. As nura approached closer and closer, Og backed up the wall more and more. "Since you know my name, why don't you tell me yours... i think you told me today.. but i forgot." Her voice sounded soo angelic "Umm.. my name is... Moti... OG-Moti, it has nothing to do wit qabil or anything like that." Nura laughed seducingly.. noticing that OG was nervous. She wants me, She wants me, She really wants me Og Moti was thinking. His confidence was sky high. "Hey Og.. you know since i'm new in town, someone in school invited me to a jam thats takin place tonight... would you like to accompany me." asked nura, licking her lips soo seductively She's asking me out!!!!..... Jam??? Moti was thinking.. Then he started thinking about what Og-Girl told him. Before OG could give her an answer though.. the nurse walked in and called Nura to her office. The bell rang, and og realized he had to be back in class... he went out the nurses door, and on his way to class he bumped into.....
  12. Holliwood, as our ppl say it... lool OMG i pass by that area every single day.. yo those buildings are beautiful walahi..I probably every single day, or i've probably seen u before lol. Hey i just found these pics of the woods on the humber river, i know that river is extremly dirty n ugly but it brings back sooo much memories.. cuz i remember we used to hang around those woods every weekend when i was little i remember one day my friends all crossed to the other side of the river.. n i tried but i fell rite in... its reallly shallow though. It was this exact spot too I remember the first time i saw this mini water fall was like back in 2000... i was surprised when i saw it becuz the river is soo nasty n ugly but the waterfall looks really nice.. its right behind the scarlet woods awww... soo much memories kool_kat thanks 4 starting this topic
  13. koolkat my cuz lives in driftwood. i also used to kick at albion and finch. hey i wuz just at driftwood yesterday i love that place. Never lived in scarborough i always lived in the west. Eglinton west, Jane st, Lawrence ave, Finch west, N of course WESTON RD. And downtown is just dope period. I LOVE THIS CITY
  14. protection from jahanam inshallah ameen
  15. and if a sister agrees she can post her support and agree 100% that this findings are correct and accured... No comment.. Some of things said were extremly funny though lol
  16. If you know how to spit game then you dont need to hit the gym. Tru but not always, nothing turns me off more than a misshaped over confident brotha :mad: But a built/ or thick brother on the hand..... MASHALLLLLLLAH Thats one of my biggest turns ons... sooo plz like the other sisters said.. somali brothers PLZ HIT THE GYM!!!! . I've been blessed cuz most of the somali brothers in my school were mostly thick, unbelievable as may sound. May god bless all their mothers who fed them rite... peace
  17. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool wa waray... You know when you laugh sooo hard, that ur laugh starts coming out in intervals damnnnnnn...darman is a crazy dude that was hilarious!!!!
  18. Honesita lol wat a pervert! He was probably using the emergency as an excuse to escape! wat a loser Kaafi I tried explaining it to her, but she wouldn’t believe shyt. lol i wouldn't eitha miskeen I have crazy stories but everyone would be like :eek: :rolleyes: not very appropriate so i'll just keep them to myself. Looking forward to more stories though
  19. u saw me degrade my self and u wont really respect me,,,,so ,,i aint going to take u seriously thats so true... i mean if a brother saw me in a club im pretty sure he's only gonna holla @ me just for sakajanimo.. I would never go to a jam that my brother or cousins are gonna be at.. or any brothas from the block.. I only go to blocks where no one knows me.. cuz 1st of all im only going there to dance n have a good time.. I know for a fact i won't take any brotha i meet there seriously, and i wouldn't expect him to take me seriously eitha. Especially wit all the kinda dances that go on in clubs now a days
  20. Cute was thinking about a chemistry test she had in her first period. All of a sudden her thoughts were interrupted by a loud obnoxious voice, with a thick somali accent. It was none other than NIN-YABAN giving out flyers infront of the caf to his brand new "anti-women" club. He assured they would put an end to this peculiar new behaviour that somali women have developed since they left their countries. He further went on that women belonged in the kitchen, and their only reason for having legs was to walk from the kitchen to the bed. The females were appalled, they started ripping up the flyers and some even went as far as throwing stuff at NIN-YABAN. It seemed as if everything was getting out of hand.. UNTIL
  21. attack the sister??? Even though she started this 'I love u' thing I'm was speaking to the nomads. I don't really care what kinda impression it gives out its kinda awkward everyone sayin 'i love you' when then haven't even seen each other don't ya think. i'm only speaking my mind P.S wlc Mandeeq
  22. if u want to go out with a african man or and african american its ur choice but i will tell u one thing these men go out with them for the ***** Its not ONLY african american men. Don't you think ur somalian "brothers" are after the same thing too. I don't think there is much of a difference between us and african americans especially in western countries, the only thing that differentiates us really is deen n culture(n not necessarily always).
  23. if u want to go out with a african man or and african american its ur choice but i will tell u one thing these men go out with them for the ***** Its not ONLY african american men. Don't you think ur somalian "brothers" are after the same thing too. I don't think there is much of a difference between us and african americans especially in western countries, the only thing that differentiates us really is deen n culture(n not necessarily always).