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The Fresh Prince of Berbera

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In West Mogadishu born and raised, in the mud house where I spent most of days.


Chilling out, relaxing and eating some bataato, chatting to mataano while drinking of some caano.


When a couple of shabab who were up to no good started making dhibaato in my neighbourhood.


They made a right old mess and Hooyo got scared. she said 'Your moving to your adeer in Berbera instead.


So I whistled for a taksii, it came the next day, told him where to go and I weren't going to pay.


I knew I smelt something, it was the siliid in his hair if anything but I though ''goobilow gobile''!


I pulled up to a house about one or two, got out of the taksii and stepped on a skinny dude. Looking at my Kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my Kursi and breathe sweet Berbera air.




I love Berbera City. ;)

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LOOOL. Blue.. The taxi never turning up is closer to the truth.. LOL.


Berbera is amazing, the bit near the coast is breath taking. The rest of the city seems a little deserted but then there's so much potential. :cool:

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lol good for you! I was actually singing out your version. why step on the poor skinny dude...bad enough he's malnourished

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