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  1. Definitely the dumbest robber on the planet, way ku macaantahay in la qabto
  2. Originally posted by Faarax-Brawn: What is the fuss? These are all LEGITIMATE concerns. There are rogue Lions in Kenya(Yes,there is a freaking national park just outside of Nairobi) Two,Common knowledge is,Africa has some really contaminated waters, and after being away for some time, Your immune system will not tolerate bacteria. And thirdly, Protecting your Personal information is vital. Rule 101 for all AMERICAN nationals is to protect their Passport. And since most every somali suffers from Buufis,i can see why any one will be concerned. In conclusion,Bobow,this is commonsense precaution. ee cut the dude some slack. Easy on the criticism Brown you know you luv all the craziness there BOB ninka iska daa siday ka noqotaye
  3. hodman

    Fitness Freaks

    Originally posted by chocolate & honey: Where I live, people are waaaaaaaay too healthy cautious so it's rare to run into a super obese person, you know like this lady's size. But overweight waay buuxaan. Lol C & H you must hang out at the suburbs try driving through Broadway or Brooklyn Park and you will run all day and night!!!!
  4. Bring on the Koolaid Gobama!!
  5. lol @ Blessed. Cold McChicken n u can't even sue them if u get sick coz they broke huuno
  6. Max lol now you think he is being unfair since uu Berbera soo hadal qaaday?
  7. Seriously I find it hard to sympathize with the women she is talking about who let men walk all over them. People rise and fall to expectations. If you expect a man to meet certain standards he will or you will move on. Why settle for any less? Being single is not the worst thing that can happen to a woman who has all else.
  8. hodman

    Fitness Freaks

    ^^^ dat's good finally going together to do something not mundane is much needed for Somali couples
  9. hodman


    Originally posted by Baluug: GDwonder, I'd advise you to keep the shukaansi in paltalk, cuz the fish don't bite in here [/QB] lol @ fish in here don't bite waa wax wada dhaga adag...blue maybe the brothers need to brush up on their skills
  10. hodman

    Fitness Freaks

    dat's great! I just came back from a vacation that completely derailed what little progress I had made...but no more excuses!
  11. hodman

    Fitness Freaks

    Originally posted by chocolate & honey: I need someone to set me straight! I took a short break after getting sick. But now I dont want to work-out. nooooo!! C & H u were my motivation now get to it girl
  12. ^^ don't u just love a snow day? rarely happens for us even tho we routinely get crazy snow
  13. hodman

    Fitness Freaks

    Glad that you are feeling better C & H. Muscles not quite yet grateful but they'll get there lol. I am checking out dat DVD The 30Day Shred. I don't know dat I can handle dat yet. I have a dance/exercise one somewhere though that I will dig out and use in the meantime. Juxa never fear there are always lazy ppl around still, like me who are trying to work out...will see how it goes
  14. lol good for you! I was actually singing out your version. why step on the poor skinny dude...bad enough he's malnourished