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Resort Town of Eyl - The birth place of Faroole and Capital of Sayid Mohamed

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Resort Mountainous Town of Eyl - The birth place of Faroole and Capital of Sayid Mohamed welcomes President Abdiweli Ali Gaas with style and love. The President promised the new Puntland Marines center will be built there.


This is a major project niyoow.



Thank you for the great welcome reer Eyl.




Mr President we don't know you, but you are welcome to our city.



Mr. President, it is good to see you, but do tell us what you want to do for Eyl. Yes, our city is beautiful.



Reer Eyl, please take me down the steps of Sayid Mohamed's Fort and tell me more about your city.



Wow. This is amazing. Is this where the Sayid sought refuge after the British and its collaborators chased him away from Somaliland.



Let us have a community talk the old fashioned way under the trees.



Mr. President, are you still friends with President Faroole? He is our son.



Let us have a party my Eyl friends.



Well, Mr. President, we will see what you deliver. You are making good promises so far. Enjoy our city.

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niyoow this was historic visit for the President. the beautiful city of Eyl has shown Abdiweli that he is their beloved son. this visit will be remembered in the history books. You don't understand how big of deal this visit was. this visit is a big conversation among the Eagle clan niyoow.



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Lol at photoshopped bruh put your glasses back on.


Allow noo dhawr dhulkeena hooyo Amiin. Good looks with the pictures Mooge.

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samalee, your doubt is a compliment niyoow. sometimes we Somalis don't appreciate we have beautiful land.


niyoow we are so used to chaos, death, destruction and horrible conditions. The city of Eyl is a historic city and people go there to relax and vacation. there is no paved road that reaches that city but it is being built right now by government. the people of Eyl live a civilized life with dignity. they don't appreciate too much traffic. there are farms and water falls and mountain springs there. the pirates one time invaded the city but Puntland goverment under Mujahid Faroole kicked out and cleaned the pirates off. this city is a jewl of Puntland niyoww.


The government of Puntland is building


1. The biggest marine forces center in Somalia. The UAE goverment is investing heavily in building a Marine base there niyoow.


2. A major road is being constructed right now and it will link Garowe and Eyl



This is a natural spring from Eyl mountains



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