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  1. It's going to be on sports center top 10 plays tonight shid is hot. Kid got hops walahi.
  2. This story been out for a hot minute bruh. In my opinion they should've whooped the guys ass for touching the sister. He isn't above everything if someone calls him up to do his job he should instead of telling someone who's busy to do it for him. What he did is inexcusable tbh and he should pay for it.
  3. It's just that I barely see you reporting anything good from PL it's always bad news that you report.
  4. Do you get some sort of joy by reporting these incidents?
  5. Ayyy big shoutout to Ohio State football team. They won the sugar bowl and now have a chance to win the national championship on January 12th against the Oregon Ducks. Most people had the #1 ranked team in the nation Alamaba Crimsontide winning this game with ease but few people amongs I Jalam were with the underdogs, and they didn't disappoint us. I'm a Michigan fan the Buckeyes are our arch rivals but I was rooting for them in this game due to them being from the BIG. Keep up the momentum Buckeyes y'all deserve this big win today and hopefully you'll beat the Ducks.
  6. I feel for his family. Their are plenty of dudes like this everywhere. How they get brainwashed is beyond me tbh. Why leave a comfortable life and fight in a fight that doesn't concern you?
  7. Lol at photoshopped bruh put your glasses back on. Allow noo dhawr dhulkeena hooyo Amiin. Good looks with the pictures Mooge.
  8. JM celebrating new year top of the league http://vine.co/v/OXtWnbbEKU1 Ay a new year begins tomorrow and my boys visit Stoke IA we will get the W.
  9. I'm guessing Samiig has never seen Somali's protesting and ruining properties. It's at time like that these guys come in and stop those people. I remember back in 07 when Cadde Muuse was in charge reer Garowe starting rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks and all kind of shit in the city center. Whenever I remember that incident I cringe cause they ruined the city center. If we had a police riot non of that would've had happened. I welcome this.
  10. https://vine.co/v/Ohp3gpbwnML The reaction by the madow lady
  11. Here we go again when will this nonsense end? Some people take this look thing too serious.
  12. Hey we are starting from the bottom soon enough will be on top lmao.
  13. Can't believe I woke up that early just for the game to end in a draw. First half was entertaining but for the love of god how did we at least not score a goal from all those chances? I'm not going to lie the Spuds made good adjustment in the second half by closing down on our players and not letting them roam free like the first half. Young as always gives teams hard time on the flanks I like the partnership of him and Valencia even tho at times Valencia's crosses can be head scratching. When Valencia went off and Rafeal came on we didn't look as threatening as the first half and again good on the Spuds for changing their game plan. All in all we should've won this game but it is what is. Next up is another though away game at Stoke. With 3 days rest I'm sure the lads will play better and we have few guys coming back from injury. Can't be dropping points anymore miskiintii Arsenal are creeping up on us but I'm sure they ain't trying to get the 3rd spot but their favorite 4th spot lol. Cite didn't do themselves any justice today by dropping points against Burnley but give credit to Burnley for coming back and taking something of the game. As usual Jose cries and comes up with excuses when his team drops points. It's true some lads of his do dive and the refs have an eye on them they won't be getting easy PK's anymore. SH gave them all they could can't always rely on refs and PK's to save ya Jose. Keep dropping points and let Cite catch up you'll regret it later when Abramovich fires you for under achieving wit the roster you have.