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Che -Guevara


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Apophis;884020 wrote:
Sandy got nothing on this guys


(Arlington cemetery).


The moving photo purporting to show soldiers standing guard at the Arlington National Cemetery monument during Hurricane Sandy quickly spread on the social web. But the Old Guard pointed out that the photo was actually a shot taken in September.



If Sandy came here in the Netherlands there would be no Netherlands to speak of. -_-

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So che & stoic are still alive ....GREEEAAAAT!


***i heard from some of the news snippets that though the Arlington cemetary is closed that still the TOMB of the UNKNOWN is still!


as Sandy was packing the off shore...a newscaster somewhere in the midwest said.."a SITUATION is unfolding in the JERSEY SHORE..I repeat a SITUATION is unfolding in the JERSEY SHORE..." stay tuned & indeed it was hell break loose :D


lol@ Letterman w/no audience :D


Well i don't wish for Sandy & the likes to befell in my midwestern prairies..I wish for once i could be home for weather related calamities..They only time i remember was CLASSES being cancelled at the UNI i was attending during 9/ was i a happy camper :D


Stay safe folks :D

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One lady was killed by a sign subhanalah but other than that nothing major happened here. Hope you all are safe and sound. Inshallah try to stay indoors.

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lool@raula...It took me seconds to get that. I wonder where was he. In any case, Jersey Shore did hit bad. I always though MN was in tornado alley though I never heard twisters in MN? We haven't heard from Stoic yet.


Oba....Maxaa ku daare?


Apo.....We already have our own uppity people therefore we only need refugees and millionaires.


Kulmiye....Calamities are good news for 24hr news channels.


Aaliyaj...Did the woman run into the sign?

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