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Dab haddaad hunqaacdiyo


Haddaad daacdo dhabataba


Haddaad adigu doontiyo


Haddaad adigu diiddaba


Haddaad ii darraatiyo


Haddaad ii ducaysaba


Haddaad maato dabatiyo


Haddaad doobta lalisaba


Haddaad doolli noqotiyo


Haddaad daasas fagataba


Haddaad geelal didisiyo


Haddaad daylo shabisaba


Haddaad faan dudubsiyo


Haddaad been daldalataba


Haddaad kaara ducatiyo


Haddaad geeri dihataba


Haddaad dooddi oroddiyo


Haddaad deeddan socotaba


Haddaad soo durdurisiyo


Haddaad xeel la durugtaba


Haddaad waalli duushiyo


Haddaad maan ku dirirtaba


Haddaad daad faruurtiyo


Haddaad soo da'fanataba


Haddaad duusho kicisiyo


Haddaad dawri carisaba


Haddaad dawga xidhatiyo


Haddaad deyr is marisaba


Haddaad buur la deristiyo


Haddaad dooxyo qodataba


Haddaad doobir shidatiyo


Haddaad diina taxataba




Hadduu dhiigu daatiyo


Hadday xaydhi dixataba


Hadday guushu degatiyo


Hadday daahyo rogataba


Hadday qaanso debecdiyo


Hadday shiish dellegantaba


Hadday Daylo curatiyo


Hadday deero tebisaba


Adoo dool dhaqaaqiyo


Adoo data mooyee


Damac waa halkiisii


Dabna waa dabkiisii


............................................... Hadraawi

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Damac waa halkiisii ,,, Dabna waa dabkiisii


Adeer waxba ha is daalin ,, too many threads about Somaliland ,,, too much hatred words ,,, dumarkoo la caayo ,,,, all you can do ... but nothing changes anything.


Waa talo waayeel ..... imika hadaad fahmi waydo ,, dhib ma leh ,,, Saadambaad garan

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Damac waa halkiisii ,,, Dabna waa dabkiisii

,,, too much hatred words ,,, dumarkoo la caayo ,,,,




waar caruurtiina lagu dar(even the children not by him thou)

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Abtigiis is unlikely to be deterred by this Alalaas from JB and hardcore chauvinist SNMites like Burahaadeer.


To condemn the secession drive is not to hate the Somaliland people. To hate the SNM now is not to disagree with its struggle when it was fighting a just war. These distinctions are lost to the chauvinists. Burahaadeer is chef de band of this core clan chauvinists who peddle the lie that the whole of SSC, Awdal, Makhiir and Salal account for less than 20% of the population in British Somaliland. How can one reasonably debate with such people?

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@Abtigiis......the only way you debate is to prove your nonesense & propaganda on the battlefield.Seriously there is no otha way.How can I deal with someone always looking what is not his,falsifying history.You don't seem to understand what brought down somalia to it's knees were people like you eying on otha people's territories,this mine,that's mine, my family used to live there 100yrs ago..a lot BS.Why you think your refuges armed? to take all the cities in the North!People know where everyone lives,it's not what anyone else says.You guys are the only somalis always fighting to grab others homes from kismayo to Zeila.You think we don't understand all these little places you exaggerating to make the world think you have bigger chunk than actually is?as though some alien gona come & give it to you!

How long I have to be nice, tell & beg you everyday that that is mine when I can push you off the cliff...all these people you talking about & their villages won't make a dent on somaliland if they leave tomorrow & I hope they do but it won't come with your rediculously enlarged maps & ova exaggerated people.You couldn't take away from me when I was weak & very certainly not trying me keep searching somewhere in the ocean.

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Jacalyboro, when we talking about the SNM thugs product called themselves "Somaliland", there is nothing against the good Somali brothers and sister in your three cities like Hargeysa. You secession should undersand that people have right to express their views towards the SNM thugs.

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Jacaylbaro, gabayada or in this case buraanburka waxaa noo qaabilsan Xinnfanin. Isagiina ilaa doraad niman saaxibadii ah ooy wada shaqeeyaan ayuu Merry Christmas' ta hayaa oo sidaasu ku mashquulay.


I have always thought Burahaadeer is a reasonable person one can debate with. Ileen ninku waa CALAN CAS rasmi ah!

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Abtigiis gabayada iyo buraanbur raadinta intaad iska dayso waa inaad uqaadaa hees jacayl ah waliba tii reer xamar 'Makaa maarmi karaayee' miyey aheed horta, maadaama aad Konfuria represent garaynayso si ay u arkaan xanuunka iyo 'pain' kuhayaa inuu yahay kalgacaylka aad uqabtaa SL.

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