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---Whatz The Deal With SomaliLand----???

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First and foremost don't get the wrong idea, those

of you whom are "The landers".I do support the

Idea of peace, but are you guys serious, is

that side of somalia gone forever?

I see a new flag waving,

i feel so devided, even more.


If ever somali does become peace, will i have to get

passport to go see my half brother and sisters?

Damn..If thats the case,It will add on to more

problems for the country to reunite.



Someone please explain,

Or just join the "Ponder wonders"corner.

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SomGyrl, I guess i didn't get what you were trying to say,

Plz Be more "Clearer",

Oh by the way your massege was edited,

what ever you said, wasn't so educating,

Put your self in a teachers shoes, if ya gonna

reply again.

Thank you..


Any one else, would like to answer back to me?

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Lets see if I can put myself in the teachers shoes - but before I begin class is the student prepared to take notes??? - My fellow somalilanders have covered this topic on numreous occassion on this site so I assume they did not want to repeat themselves over, over, and over again - but seeing as you have requested feedback I'll give you my outlook of things.


Okay, let me tackle this.


First and foremost, we have nothing against our bros' and sisters in the south - we pray that Inshallah they get the leadership and peace they are soo craving for.


As A somalilander I believe that we are better of divided - why u may ask? I say for the sake of peace - why such drastic actions you may wonder? well we just can't forget the past - simple as that!! - we have too many grudges to just unite, to serve our needs and move on I think we are better divided -as for what will happen in the future? will we ever unite? for that I don't know, time will tell - but I know that for now we are FOR division and AGAINST a United somalia.


For the sake of P.E.A.C.E is why we want to pursue our independence and if the downfalls are seprate passports, so be it - thats a small price to pay - PEACE is priceless.


I am abit rushed for time, but I hope this helped.



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^Clear case you presented there...with civility but it didn't persuade me smile.gif . However, it made me understand why u feel the way you feel. I hope that this follow up won't annoy you :D .


Case: According to International rules ethnic/tribe can not secede...just heck of it or because they can.


Grievences and colonial legacies are (can not and should not)not to be used as grounds for secession. Even if you can not refrain from using that it is better to bring all parties that involved (according the claim) on the table; and as things stand that is not the case.


Running from Somalia and its problems is not a solution but a denial. One should be couragous enough to face problems rationally and deal with it.


According to your logic, Boorame should not forgive what had happened to its people, instead it should secede and call itself Awdal Republic.


Forgive but not forget just as Rwandese (Tutsi) did when they become victorious in that civil million casualty on their belt...Tutsi embrace their comrades and said let's work this out and make sure it will never happen again.


No unity now...keep progressing and maintaining peace. No one wants to take that away. No rush. Just affirm that territorial integrity of our nation.


You can be for peace and progress without nullifying the unity. "Somaliland' is not independent as we speak, atleast no more than Puntland, and yet that doesn't inhibit progress and certaily doesn't take away its peace.


How about that ;)

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Brother, you have missed out on one important factor - I was not trying to persuade anyone, that was never my intention ;) . As for your comments, only few things annoy me and having a healthy exchange of viewpoints is just what the doctor ordered :cool: ).

You have idealistic goals my brother, if we do things this way as opposed to that way things will be better - right? on a ideal world you will probably be right - but we have to take the suituation as it is.

I have not mentioned anything about not forgiving - I said we just can't forget. There is a significant deference between the two. Forgiving allows you to move and proceed with a better and more rewarding life, not forgetting allows you to keep your guard up and not to make the same mistake again.

What I don't understand is why all of sudden everyone except the Somalilanders are FOR united Somalia, Surely you as my fellow somalis should encourange what we are trying to achieve. Don't tell me united we stand strong - thats a complete and utter lie - united we are the weakest and the most vicious people on this planet. Prove you want? - check history - thats the only prove we need.

Time is medicine - each country can rebuild itself and regain the confidence of its people - only than can we sit around a cosy table and discuss how we can be a force to be reckon with. Until such time - Somaliland will pursue its INDEPENDENCE. INSHALLAH with the help of ALLAH we will get that.

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hello brothers

this is a neat thing u talking about, talking about prove as the brother before mentioned on history, well i have one straight forward example, look at the history of tanzania, you will learn that it was a united republic of tanganyika and zanzibar was also known to be part of tanganyika/tanzania, and people went to zanzibar with passports, and zanzibar had its own government and president, parliament u name it, and yet still was known it was unnder tanzania, cool, now you maight be thinking wat has that have to do with somalia and somali land, look at it this way, the country was divided in by the colonists, you got the british north, the french northnorth east, and the south u got the italians, and the british again where now known as kenya, the nfd place is the land of somalis, and parts of ethiopia, so the problem was caused by the uuneducated colonists who had no idea what they were dealing with in the african continent, and so the africans had no mean other than to gain their independence with what was provided by the colonists. now then, u have to different systems working, the somalis in the north who have adapted the british system(culture etc) and the south where they have also adapted the italian system(culture etc). now u can see that these colonists are two different people, ruling one peoples, but that is the problem, the difference of ruling. so by gaining their independence the somalis new they were one and wanted that one ness, what they lacked was the ignorance of what the past cause to there political and social system etc. so, sorry, my histoire might have been bad or wat ever, but i think the issue of a better somali, is to be somali as one, yet everyone leading there own parts differently, and if passports for people to enter ones place, so be it, because there will be order and will create an increase of economy and everything, because as soon as there is strict reasoning and business flows, you will see how these two different governments will take somalia somewhere greater than wat we have now. that is if the people of somalia will wake up, and realize that they have done enough to the country interms of taring it in pieces and now it is time to bring them together, and stop listenning to the hypocrits(usa) who only wat things for their own countries

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Same arguments over and over again!!??


Seems like most of the pro-unity members of this thread are always bringing up the same arguments time and again. Using their false prejudices about Somaliland as a means to prove its illegitimacy.


Baashi saids:

“case: According to International rules ethnic/tribe can not secede...just heck of it or because they can.”


Like its been said many times before, Somaliland is a multi-ethnic or tribal nation therefore your argument is baseless. You also mentioned :

“running from Somalia and its problems is not a solution but a denial. One should be couragous enough to face problems rationally and deal with it.”


Your damn right!! we are running from YOUR problems, its not really our problems so why should we be held back? And what denial are you talking about? We have solved our problems it is the rest who need to worry about their problems and who are in denial about their reality. What is rational about asking a people who have achieved peace and stability to wait on others who cannot do the same? Is it really irrational for us to pursue our own interest?


I’ll say this once again. You people just don’t understand the fact that self-determination is more important to us then anything, and it is also in our best interest. It’s not because we can’t forget the past, but because we refuse to make the same mistakes. The biggest of them being that we gave up our Self-Determination and put it the hands of others with almost none or very little decision making power. Those days are done and will NEVER COME BACK (inshallah). It would be over our dead bodies. If the people of Borame want Unity, so be it. What does it have to do with Somaliland? Is what is good for a part, good for the whole? Obviously not.


For the sake of decent argument I’m going to bring a Plausible scenario for Unification. (but don’t mistake me, this scenario is highly unlikely due to realities of today and Should not be misinterpreted as a possible plan for today’s reality)

Say the rest of Somalia comes to respect the right to self-determination of Somaliland (highly unlikely, but will happen one way or the other), then Somalia has relative peace and its own government for about a decade like Somaliland. We could then possibly discuss how to better improve relations between our two governments and peoples (This is a big “if”). Until then it is UNREALISTIC and IRATIONAL for you people to talk about Somaliland reunifying with a country that is still at war with itself

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To exchange views is what the forum is all about. I’m with pro-unity crowd and would not mind to see the merits of the case of the pro-secessionists. So far self-determination point appeals to me. But self determination will bring about different results for Northerners. They have different things in mind.


There is a case for unity. I can make that case with ease. The trouble is your mind is made up and it is evident that no matter how sound and factual my argument is…you won’t be persuaded. One can play catch 22 or hide their head in the sand or accuse others predilection. All of that won’t make their one-sided assertions right. I tried to put myself in the pro-secessionists’ shoes and I had found many things that we have in common. For instance, I wholeheartedly agreed that, as things stand, it is very difficult to open dialogue with regions that are waging civil war against each other…peace must be achieved first. I also agreed that past mistakes should not be repeated but we should learn from them. But I don’t buy these premises (three below) unless someone points me new facts (there may be many) that I don’t know:


1. Somaliland, the British colony, wants to secede.

2. Grievances and colonial legacy are not what driving them to secede.

3. Balkanization of the Horn of Africa is good for the region.


First one, If the Somaliland that you are referring to is included Sool, East Sanaag, Buuhoodle. Then that is utter lie. Facts on the ground and daily news bulletins prove otherwise.


Second one, I say grievances because the tragic events in Hargeysa and elsewhere in the region perpetrated by the National Somali Army weaken our confidence in central government; and colonial legacy because that is the best card that may legitimize Somaliland borders and lend credence to their claim. If there are other justifications beside these two I would like to know them.


Third one, by advocating secession you are also balkanizing the region. The notion that citizens wronged by their governments can take things into their hands and form a country by seceding is very radical. The prevailing idea is to change the tyrannical regimes and if you succeed one should form in its place a just, inclusive government that is reflective the nation and its interest groups. By seceding, if that is successful, would inherently create a border problems…seceding republic would ally adversaries of Somalia to defend its newly created borders. It should be noted that neither part can nullify the ‘Union Act’ of 1960. To be legal both “Somaliland” not part of Somaliland, as now is the case and Somalia should sit down and renegotiate the terms. Anything less than that would amount provocation by self-declared state of a segment of “Somaliland” to a future Somali state.


It is ironic that Ethiopia and Britain affirm the territorial integrity of Somalia in all international forums in which this subject come up, forums such as AU, EU, and UN. I don’t know why that is the case but that should be food for thought for all of us.

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"The Peace that the south is craving for"


Wat this girl had said is true most of you ppl are complaining and jealous about wat SomaliLand you can see ur leadership is weak.I'm not trying to say dat SomaliLand is perfect but I'm just sayin dat we should all juss get along.

SomaliLand is the number one nation in Somalia.


[ April 28, 2003, 07:32 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]

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