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---Whatz The Deal With SomaliLand----???

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What's really SAD is how people argue and aruge over such stupid issues! God help them :(

I usually come to this section and all i see is people fighting and fighting wasting their time on useless topics.When are we all going to grow UP redface.gif First of all the most important thing we are all missing in our lives is the DEEN may allah help us, WE keep on talking about how we should divide our selves..instead of talking about how we should unite..U know how they say "the people that are united will never be defeated" A very true statement indeed to conclude all i could say is MAY allah help US...ameen Make us people who fight for their deen and nothing else ameen!

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poet bro,

iam sorry ur hurt about somaliland being a seperate country and u not visiting ur brothas and sisters in the north, but hey look at the good side. s/land is better off without somalia and somalia is better off without s/land. some things u gotta accept. when both states reicived thier independence it was the somalilander that went to somllia and said we want to share the country with thier fellow brothers but intsead they got themselves into hell and were killed by thousands.

and again for the benefit of all its better if we stayed divided. and somalis will neva agree with one another when it comes to who holds authority. its in our blood, cant be purified! :(:(:(

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I appreciate you all for trying to make me

somehow understand my questions as far as my

what,where ,why,and hows.However, somehow i still

feel puzzled by the damn sittuation, If i was

like einstien, i said, E=MC2 i'd still be

confuced on my own answers.I think the best way

to put it, is

let it be and see what things come out to

be.Ofcourse we gonna hope the best and pray worse

can't get any worser.

I do agree what somaliland has done for it's

people that live there, sometimes in the name

of peae hard decitions must be made

and i guess by splitting that was one of them

but in the future just incase if the south somehow

comes to it's sense and does some what a

reformatiom of somalia taking it's roots back

well than we will just have to see.

but untill than may somaliland be blessed with

gift of peace.

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Wow Instinct Poet,


That is very well said. If every somali could reason like you, there wouldn't be so much hate. Much respect to you brotha, because you analysed the current political situation among the Somali peoples and came to your own conclusion.

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