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Interview with Sheikh Fiqqikhayyre about his defection to the ICU and what lead to it

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First of all thank you very much Sheikh Fiqqikhayyre for allowing us to conduct this interview with us!


[sheikh Fiqqikhayyre] Thank you very much Abu Qatada for having me, my I suggest you call me by my kunya as of now I've joined the ranks of the UIC!


[News-Reporter] Ofcourse Abu Muscab, as you wish! But led me ask you, what has trickered your defection from the TFG, which you supported so much?


[sheikh Fiqqikhayyre] Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I've got a vested economic interests in joining ther ranks (ICU), however it is only convenient that my vested interest has resulted into a change of my views but I'm ideologically also committed!


[Reporter] Can you please tell us what that 'vested interest' is supposed to be, that altered your political viewpoint and stance?


[sheikh Fiqqikhayyre] Yes of course, If you allowed me! As you know by now, I have been an active business man for quite a long time now!


I have gone into the (fashion business of the courts) and when I talked to my peers in Mogadishu, they told me they will not accept my merchandise until I defect to their ranks and as a man committed to live a good life and uphold his economical independence and livelihood, I had simply to cave in there was no alternative!


[Reporter] What is this [fashion] business you talking about?


[sheikh Fiqqqikhayyre] Well that business corporates the selling of 'goods', that are very much loved goods in Mogadishu and surrounding area.


[Reporer] Can you tell us what this goods are?


[sheikh Fiqqikhayyre] Yes wait a second (brings out a bag from Lidl from under the table), I brought you some of the stuff here to inspect!




This flip-flops are high fashion right now in Mogadishu, the latest symbol status especially for the core of the ICU it's soldiers, who like to be care free!






The sale of the ghutra has increased by 700%, so business is very much booming, Al-Hamdulilaah!




Pakistani male shalwar kameez is very much asked for in Mogadishu. It's every childs favourite, that's why we're increasing our import by 1000% during the festive season inshallaah as Eid will be approaching us very soon inshallaah. Mothers and dads if you want to make your boys happy, get them shalwar kameez by this Eid inshallaah!


We're planning so many things, we want now to import special military uniform for toddler's, infants, small childs and children! Toy weapon are also very much asked in Mogadishu now! That's why we will import swords, knifes, 'techincals models' and Ak47's but Hassan Dahir Aweys has asked me personally not to import planes, tanks and other stuff because he jokingly said 'We don't have such things and we don't want to disappoint the young fighters, that why we have adopted our favourite children's weapon policy you know!


One more thing, I forget to mention, big shout out to my 'loyal' purchasers of the shalwar kameez, Mr. Cayrow and the Al-Shabaab! I just had to mention them because they're my best 'customers'!


[Reporter] Thank you very much Sheikh Fiqqikhayyre for allowing us to have this very insightful interview with you!


[sheikh Fiqqikhayyre][/b[ Nothing to thank for, I've all you to thank and if I may 'This stuff are really good quality and the best and you won't find them anywhere else in Mogadishu (he just had to mention that it's just the business and sales person in him and he couldn't help it)!

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I thought the Sudanese were the only ones that had creative and descriptive fun culture, but when I see like this thread and aminarts, you coming close second so far.

The rest of us in east africa are boring, quick to anger (including somali) an don't have fun.


Thank you for the laughter.

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Slippers are very cheap Duke, you can get them from 20 pence!


But hurry folks as we got a special, special sales strategy at place right now!


You can get one pair of flip flop buy today and pay tommorrow!


This comes into cooperation with the leadership of the ICU, who promised us, that they're needed for war now and that they will pay me later on, if the flip-flop wearers don't come back from their holiday adventures, as they have been taken to Somalia's Disneyland somewhere near Baidoa to chill for a while!


I took that gurantee and business sales have increased therefore, I admitt it's a risk but somehow I've to profiteer from the war that is going on! There are 'riches' to be made from war and I don't want to loose out inshallaah!


Buy your fli-flop, don't pay and die tommorrow in Disneyland and I will get paid anyway it's our strategy!


I just hope that the ICU will not blame me for their defeats as my flip-flops have been tested and passed their TUV, so don't blame me Aweys!

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loooooool@Fiqikheyre name. Reer Nugaaleed iga dheh? :D


By the way, if Fiqikheyre, Cabdiraxmaan Fiqikheyre and Caaji Cali Cabdiraxmaan Fiqikheyre were alive today, they wouldn't be happy with your "hostility" towards the ICU Mr sakhar. Faataxada ayay kuu mari lahaayeen maandhoow. :D


Some History for Sakhar: Cabdiraxmaan Fiqikheyre, the legendary Nugaal Sheikh, is burried in Sinujiif town which he founded (East of Garoowe). Sinujiif at the time was what we would call today a "university town" attracting students from all over. That same sheikh is the father of Xaaji Cali Cabdiraxmaan aka Xaaji Cali *****clan name*** who himself is burried in Cagaaran cemetery outside of Marka, Shabeelaha Hoose. Xaaji Cali came to the South to spread his "purist" teachings and to make Islamic education reach all corners of the Somali lands. He found a great audience in the South and never went back to Nugaal. Xaaji Cali Cabdiraxmaan was one of the most brilliant Islamic scholars from the Horn of Africa. M.F.Idaajaa is working on the good Sheikh's biography I was told.


Talk to brother Sophist about Nugaal history. He has so many stories. All in his head ofcourse :D

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I think he wouldn't actually mind Libaax because he wasn't a 'seeflabood'. He was someone secure in his religious teachings and what the religion contained.


He was a purist as you said, the originator of the dawah for Towxiid (the oneness of Allaah) and it's prime propogater at a time where the rest of the somalis where worshipping graves so on etc!


In the gabay of the Sayid he mentioned, when he was insulting the boqortooyada and I qoute 'Awalba najis wahhaabi baad ahaydeene' bearing witness that in Somalia that form of islam wasn't practise as the dawah didn't reach it!


The sayyid himself being salaaxiya a new form of islaam in itself, because most somalis at that time were or belonged to the 'qadariyah sect', which allowed the worshipping of saints an graves etc, represented today by the suufis and timo-weyn!


Sheikh Fiqqikhayyre very much respected the 'saldanada' or kingdom at his days and never tried to rebel against it! He preached to the boqor and the suldaans to respect the rule of Allaah but never tried to instigate a fitnah amongst the population because as I've said he was a stable man with th correct form of aqeedah.


That belief comes from Saudi-Arabia which the kingdom had very fine relationships with such as religious, cultural and ecomonical ties. At that time itself in Saudi Arabia the teachings of the towheed reminded/related by Sheikh Muhammed bin Abdulwahhaab to the masses has taken off itself and people were not anymore worshipping graves and saints etc.


Sheikh was stable and not like the ones today who controlled Mogadishu!


May allaah rest his soul in peace inshallaah.

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Sheikh was also a poet gabayaa, these is one of his gabays that he created approximately in 1835


Gabaygii: Alifyeen By Sheikh Cali Cabdiraxmaan Fiqqikhayyre (Sheikh Cali *****ten)!


Alifyeen adduun waa socdee uunka bal u sheega

Allawshahakan baas iyo ka tagay amar ku dheeraadka

Ninba ururka dhow buu la iman ` eed wuxuu falaye

Ajashiin intii aanay iman toobadda ogaada.


Beyteen mindhaa booligii layska burinmaayo

Banka xoolo lagu foofshey baa boob la geliyaaye

Ninba beri horaa loo callaqay bir iyo miisaane

Ninna baadil yuu cuni dadow baadi baad tahay.


Tayteen Allaa taajiroon tuna illoobeyne

Tawfiiqda nimuu siiyey baa tegey sariirtiiye

Tawxiidka iyo toobaddaa lagu tacjiilaaye

Tacabka u badsada Aakhiraa loo tukubayaaye.


Sayteen siyaabaha adduun saafi laga waaye

Sifniheeda maqalnoo war baan innagu seegnayne

Sugimaynno saakaba kuwaad sare u qaaddeene

Sabab bay idiin noqon mar ay badan su’aashiiye.


Jiinyeen Jaliiloow adaan lagu jigraareyne

Jinni iyo Insiba maalintuu uunku wada joogo

Jahannamo ninkaad geeysey wuu jimidhwareeraaye

Jidka toosan Eebbow na mari Nebiga jaahiisa.


Xayteen Allaa xaakimoo xukunki juusaaye

Wax Xadiiska laga sheegayaa xaal aan fududayne

Xisaab li’i wax loo geyn Jannada nimuu xoreeyaaye

Bal xusuusta xaashida wax dhigan nin iyo xaalkiisa.


Khayteen wax khaatira Ilaah nimaan ka khoofeyne

Ninkii khayr sameeyaa wax roon loo khatimayaaye

Nin khiyaami yiriyow wallaad u khatalmaysaaye

Khatar haysku ridin jeer danbay kula kharaarnaane.


Deelyeen daliilkii cilmigu waa kan daahiraye

Daarahakan loo baxay mar bay wada dumaayaane

Intaan mawdku soo degin intaan dabaqa lays geynin

Nin walaw naftaada u dedaal Aakhiraa darane.


Daalyeen dariiqada nin galay derejo loo sheegye

Culimmada digriga qaadayee duubay madaxooga

Xajka uma dawaafeen haddaan lays dangelinayne

Doqonniimo yaan loo dhimane daya asaaggiinna.


Siinyeen sidaad aadmi tahay waad silloontahaye

Fircoon baa sallaan dheer dhigtoy seegtay taladiiye

Nin waloo suldaan ihi ka socoy soof wuxuu dhaqaye

Sakadayska bixi yaad ku dhicin solayga Naareede.


Shiinyeen shar baa loo kiciyo shuqul an toosnayne

Sharcigii Ilaah laga tegyoo looma soo shiro e

Aakhiro wexeer sharrax u dhigan waa shiddiyo khoofe

Shayddaan ha raacina ayuu shaal idiin luline.


Saadyeen wax saadiqa ninkii soomay Ramadaane

Sadaqo u ratiba waalidkiin waydin sugayaaye

Ninba saaka wuxuu geystey baa saaddanbaw imane

Salaaddana ha deynina Jannaa la isku siiyaaye.


Dayteen wax doornimo la biday col iyo duullaane

Nin waliba anaa duul batuu dad ugu faanaaye

Wixii dunida joogiyo la waa dawladii sare e

Dabka baxaya yaan laysku ridin deregga hooseeya.


Caynyeen nin caasiyey Ilaah cadhadi waw meel e

Cunsur oo dhan baa lagu ridaa lagu ciqaabaaye

Cilmigiyo Quraankiyo intii caadadii Nebiya

Bal cuskada Allaa caaddiloo inna caqiibayne.


Qaynyeen maxaa laga qoslaa qaylo waa badan e

Maantii Qiyaamuhu dhecee ruuxa laga quusto

Ninba qayb wuxuu falo markii qoorta loo geliyo

Allahayow dartaa nagu quwee Qaaddir waa adiye.


Fayteen anaa faro leh iyo labo fadhdhoo geel ah

Haddii faan waxtaro gaaladaan lagu fidneeyeene

Wax ka fiican Naartiyo ninkii laga fogeeyaaye

Bal fekera wexeer idinku furan hawsha faraheeda.


Qaafyeen qubuurahani waa wada qabiilkiine

Haddaad qooshkan mooddeen inaan layska qabanaynin

Qadka waxaan ku dhaartaa inaan qolona waarayne

Qalbi li’idinaa soo ma arag galabba waa qayre.


Kaafyeen Kariimow adaa noo karaamadaye

Kurbi adag ninkii qabeyba wuu ku cuskanaayaaye

Wixii jiraba waad kaafidaa keli ahaantaaye

Allow naga kalkaal dunidatani waa kabaal jabaye.


Laanyeen lihiin ma lihinoo kuma lulmoodtaane

Lucfadii la soo cunay wallaan loola ledihayne

Nin laxaad lehow haysu filin inaadan laabmeyne

Ninna yuu ladnaan uurka gelin horeba loo waaye.


Miinyeen Macbuudow adaa lagu muraadaaye

Mulkigaaga adigaa leh oon lagugu maagayne

Adigaa masiibada ceshoo noo miciin fala e

Allahayow ku soo magangalnoo kuu martaan nahaye.


Nuunyeen niyaayiro la waa nolol la eegaaye

Intay nabaddu joogtaa arlada lagu nimcaysnaaye

Nabsigeed hadduu galay muggeer gelinba waa nooce

Neeryaa Ilaah soo rogiye yaan niyo xumaysnaane.


Wowyeen werdiga lama maqloo waano laga baydhye

Asaxaabihii kuma warramin waxaydin yeeshaane

Wanaag kuma galaan xoolahaan xaq u wanbaarnayne

Wariisada wexeedii la cunay Weyne ma illaabo.


Hayteen kuwii hodon ahaa haatan waa dane e

Iyaguba waxay hayn jireen wayagaa huraye

Hawo been ah lama raaco iyo hal aan ku haynayne

Waxa haybaddii helay Ilaah nimuu hadeeyaaye.


Yayteen an yaabaye maxaa yaradka loo qaatay

Wixii laga yakhaafoba maxaa loogu yididiishey

Nin yatiin dulmiyey Aakhiraa laga yamxeeraaye

Allahayow yaqiin lama hayee noo yassir amuurta.


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Innaba caadi ma aha Sheekha. Not you smile.gif I'm referring to the real sheekh poet smile.gif


From alif to ya'...damn.


My awoowe from father's side was one of Sheekh Ali MJ's disciples.

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