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  1. Aah,the boy feels offended now.Dude,no secessionist deserves respect,we respected u not in the battle fields and we still respect u not even as dead,for u await nothing but die in our hands.As for the rest,i care less for what u deem as ''faan'',i never faan,i tell u facts,and force them in to u and by force u are made to digest the same facts,so don't complain.Aah,and now what,From secessionism to zoophilia?Yeah right!
  2. Aha,So that hit one of ur secessionist nerves,Good.How more chewable can the game get,our old Ruler rooted ur secessionists and now the foolish secessionists are going with the flow,just as was set for them.As for reasoning,men do reason with men,secessionists are not men,if they were we would have treated them asuch in the 1988 years.Do u get the Vibe?Secessionism has no chance whatsoever and thus,u do not have the right to claim or even have ur say about the somalian flag,that is the same flag u passionately hate,the flag of the same pple that get burned in hargeysa and etc while attending to their businesses.So again,the coin is being tossed on ur side,and again as always,the potato in u failed u.Now u sleep on that!
  3. Originally posted by Faarax-Brown: apostle for all things war,military & destruction. They should have taught u that the military is created for none but for peace.But what would a potato know about that?That region is peaceful,it doesn't need war but unfortunately,it seems they now need war to keep their peace.Do u get the maxim?
  4. Secessionists,hold it!The game hasn't even began and what are the dances for?
  5. The flag u proudly hate innit?What is more noble for a Ruler than liquidating secessionists? Somalia was destroyed by the pple and today our leaders are saving the nation from the pple and they are prevailing,so u sleep on that for now.
  6. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^And so you abandon the virtues of war you so dearly held in your previous stances yaa Captain? There is no virtue in creating chaos and neither is there any honor in deprieving off the peace those pple have.My stances in restoring peace by any means at all costs means not hailing destruction.And so ur prejudiced mind fails u again. Back to the Topic,both parties are not ready for a war,and should there be one,as earlier mentioned, the claimed somaliland will be more disadvantaged.On the other hand,that administration needs the involved provinces and to a certain point its a necessity to them.They might be miscalculating their pieces if they are trying to take advantage of Xamar's situation.We await to see how things develop,for now lets hope they both back off.
  7. I agree with point Three.I do not know much about the politics of that area but i sense some opportunism from somaliland due to the south's engagements.These kinda issues always resort to war,but i do hope that both sides do not engage in war.They simply are not ready.But,should there be one,the claimed somaliland will be more disadvantaged and ofcourse,the issues are still developing.
  8. Aha,so while hunguri and i are busy doing those stuff,u will be busy flirting with the girls eh.Majirto,u will stand next to us and say nacam to whatever we say and some times say stuff like '' sheekha waa runtii''.
  9. No,not the shacabka but the SNM leaders and their roots.Secessionism should be uprooted and in time it will be.
  10. Originally posted by peacenow: any place from which a bullet is fired we will bombard it, regardless of whoever is there." I didn't write that and neither did the speaker write it.Its a military maxim,one that always has been there and one that will always be there.quell force with force,fire with fire and power by power.Simple terms indeed.
  11. Originally posted by Northerner: [Q If you wish to call me a hypocrite thats your perogative for whatever its worth. [/QB] We were done with the hypocrisy thing at the other thread and i aint calling no one anything and more than that,it simply aint my business.Just tell the truth and do not come up with a list of biased excuses.
  12. JB loooool...sxb koofiyad iga weyn baan xirnahay. Dhuc,u look more than alright to me maanta,see ya at the party gabaryahey.And yes,Sheikh xalane will be starting with the first muxaadaro,ofcourse muxaadaro is like a briefing of the here after innit?so how about me telling u to remember death and die as a good muslim and then after that say whatever i wanna say Waryee JB ninyohow i aint gonna nothing,wanna finish up cuntada party ga. :cool:
  13. Naah,actually he made me a big favour.Now i can always say,jeegada kurdiga baa ii jaray.Am doing great as always,thanks for asking.Its sunny and the weather sucks.Can't go out with sun glasses,its that damn sunny.Wow,u have the flu.U know what,eat lots of eggs,eat cambuulo,eat anything on ur way and u will be fine. :cool:
  14. Lool.Naah,gonna get some old cajuuso to kiss my bidaar,hair might grow u know.
  15. Dear Kimiya, To begin with there is no somaliland,there is nothing called somaliland and somaliland doesn't exist and it never existed and it won't exist.That aside,the crimes of the SNM is not a local issue,its a national issue that awaits to be discussed in the future and again,in the national level.Secondly,any pride of that named region is a somalian pride,be it their prosperity,their peace,development and u name it.Thirdly,it might not be that too far,when the involved war criminals will be brought to justice.They will be charged with; 1.using the cruel human shield tactics that brought many un necessary death to those dead innocent pple. 2.Committing war crimes against un armed locals. 3.Sabotage of all the things they cribbled. 4.secession. ---The rest,and all of it,will remain a somalian history.