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Court revives lawsuit against former Somali PM

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What idiotic statements by Samater supporters!!! To compare Rayaale with Samater.


The proponents of the attempted genocide against a particular clan in the North fled for their lives when their regime fell. Up to now, none of them will set foot on the land of that clan due to the issue of personal safety. M.Ali Samater stands at the pinnacle of those that are left from key decision-makers in that regime. Mr.Samater was the First Vice-President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Prime Minister in the course of that regime. He's quoted on Western airwaves as having given the order for the bombings of Hargeisa and Buroa (with the given justification of uprooting anti-revolutionary forces - i.e. the SNM). Even Colonel Tuke who personally killed many in the Gabiley area cannot be compared to M. Ali Samater. To school the Guulwadayaal in this Forum, it's called 'Chain of Command'. The higher you are in the chain of command, the more culpable you are for the crimes committed.


Now it's also true that Dahir Rayaale was a minor Colonel in that region stationed in Berbera. In other words, he was a colluder like significant parts of the neighboring clans. Right after the takeover of the SNM, he didn't run or flee but was able to walk around with his former foes in safety. He stayed and shuttled back & forth between Borama and Hargeisa engaged in business as well as taking part as a representative of his clan in the peace conferences taking place at the time. Now those who know Somalis will admit there would have been little possibility of Rayaale staying alive in those days among a hostile clan which had overwhelming power, fresh from a victorious war.


Now those who throw the fabrication of Dahir Rayaale as a war criminal use selective reading of a report written by a humanitarian agency which mentions that Dahir Rayaale was a Colonel in Berbera at the time of the war to base their allegations on. The report is completely unclear on what role Dahir Rayaale played in any happenings during that time - it only states his position and rank at Berbera at the time.


I write this not to defend Rayaale, but rather the honor of those who were killed and their relatives. It's cheap propaganda to imply that they would let the killers of their loved ones walk around.


People, for once, use that thing in between your ears for once!

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^You mean this Article written by the sister Rakiya Omaar?(who btw sympathizes with Somaliland's bid for recognition). She uses eye-witness accounts from people who recently suffered from the brutal actions of the Dictatorship, what gain would those people get from pointing the finger to Riyaale?(this is before the collapse of the central government, before Somaliland,Puntland etc). Seems like your defending the undefendable redface.gif


Morgan,Yey,Indocadde,Riyaale,Geedi etc and their minions, I sincerely hope they all die of a brutal heartattack


Originally posted by NGONGE:



LOL!! (is this from a Korean/Japanese movie? which one?)

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Originally posted by *Ibtisam*:

^^^You miss Afweeney??? :confused: I find that hard to believe, miss you are follow Abshir Bacaadles process of "Duuqi lagama risaanin wa loo taarsaadey taalinikii taaciada dheera"
Sorry, hope you can read that

lool@ I am likin your references these dayz Ibti, you are throwin nice proverbs in many places, likin it!



After nearly 20 years, ofcourse everyone missed him no matter how he brutally oppressed his fellow citizens.



And I missed the Parade of 21 October in front of Odeyga in Tarabuunka smile.gif

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Although not many has answered for their attorcities in Somalia he won't be first I think couple of other officers were deported from the US and the same thing gonna happen to him?


Anigu waxaan ku talin lahaa in Ilaah iyo maalinta Qiyaame loo daayaa arrinta ku saabsan dhibkii ay Soomaalidu isku geysatey...waayo runta marka laga hadlo caadifad qabyaaladeed iyo ka maqnaan mayso eex dacwooyinka Soomaalidu ku lug leeyihiin...waxaan la yaabay bal boggaan keliya intaan reemaha iyo buunka ka yeerinaysay fiiriya labada dhinacba...


Anigu waan qabaa inuu ka mid yahay kuwa maanta Soomaali dhibkaan baday......




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Ilaa iyo Riyaale iyo qashin walbaba hoosta lagu haysto, Cali Samantar cid u dhawaanaysaan jirin ciduu doona haka imaadee kala seexda caruuray!


Cabdullahi Yusuf, Riyaale, Cabdiqaasim, Morgan, Cabdullahi Caddow, Cumar Xaaji Massale, Jees, Cusmaan Caato, iwm iyo waxii dhamaa ee dadka Soomaaliyeed dambi ka galay meel halawada keeno ama ha lagu kala dareero golaha odeygan kaliya lama ugaarsanayee!

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