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1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

Fighting has resumed

Another meaningless tribal somali vs somali war, which one tribe wants to impose its whole "land" expirement despite rejecting others imposing soomaliweyn to them.  What a bizarre world we are living in. Somalis busy killing each other while taking their wounded to Addis Abeba becouse of lack of basic medical services.  Ilaahay ummada ha isku keeno dadka ha qabto this war lord Muse who seems to be living in the tribal 80-ties. 

By the way, this tit for tar war has going around for a 100, years, is not a new thing that these tribes engage in this blood shedding, whats new is that it is on a whole grand scale.  I dare to say you will not find this in Baidoa or Barawa and in the fertile grounds of Somalia.  Shedding blood is not something that is made easy.  Reer waqooyiiga kulligooda dhan xamaasad ey ku socdaan, ( politics based on feelings). When the shrewd Haile Selassie was debating to in the UN claiming Somalia was ethiopian land pan-somalism flourished. They came to the south and had a meeting to Aaadan cadde and requested a quick union. Aadan Cadde who was educated and nourished politicaly pointly adviced in mild manner and posed the quick question "walaalayal ma is xambaarki karnaa". I do not recall the exact  words but the meaning was "are you guys sure about this, maybe we need more  adjust our adminstrations considering on the merging of our instutututions. A proud staunch somali nationalist answerd Aden Cadde and said "waan is naqaane soomali hadaan nahnee dee dhameey". In other words cut the bullshit and merge the union.


This was some 70 years ago, sadly Islaanta whose husband was staunch pan-somalist bragged to the EU and injected herself into the shamefull dustbin of history by glorifying her colonial background by saying "I was british, I relinquished my britishness".  I wonder how those words will be met by the thousands of derviches who out of gaalo-nacayb and not of tribal war, armed with spears went to war with the british armed with machine guns. 1/3 of Northerners died and in the South Shaykh Hasan Barsame of the Idrisiya Tariqa fought the italians and 2000 martys died in a single battle. 

The Qaadariya under Shayk Uweys al Barawi saw that this struggle would be long and instructed his diciplines to have pacifist struggle and established zawiyas that fed the orphaned,  Even the bishop of the catholic church in Mogadishu wrote how hard missionaring among somalis were hard as what he called "the mohammedan scholars know our intentions and have established lodges".


In conclusion, exactlt 100 years ago, thousands of somalis fought against the british and attained martyrdom. Now we are seeing Somalis fighting for keeping lines gaalo made. Magan Alle!






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10 hours ago, Illyria said:

It was a bad day for the secessionists. Heavy losses, POWs, Maraaga base overrun, stockpiles of weapons taken, and the credit goes to Abdi Madoobe, Fool-haw1ye & Jimcaale (remember - Jimcaale was the gentleman Oodweyne killed back in Feb).

The state of this prisoner paints a bleak picture.


Gabadhaas, ilaahay kheyrka iyo ubadka ha u badiyo, ayaa ka wada caqli badan waxaas oo xoolo ah.

Lama yaabo xoolaha maangaabka ee awood iyo darajo madaxtinimo isku wada taxay ee aaney u qalmin, oo Muuse, Kahin iyo Nuux Taabi kow ka yihiin.

anigu waxa la yaaba labadan xabo ee huunada niicda badan, ee caqli xumada iyo cadiifada I@door kaligood xagan ku matala oo maalin kasta muujiya iney yihiin bila damiir, bila xishood, bila caqli oo ceebta SL sii muujiniyq, yaga oo qurbaha uga soo sacab tumiya xoolahan u qalmin talada, ee kow ka yihii, Baalo xoofto iyo Xaji xanjuf. 

war umada ka xishooda, anaga naga xishooda, oo tolkiina ka xishooda, Korneylkan mashaariicda idin siiya  amuusnaan ayaa ugu hiilin kartiin, marka fadlan naga amuusa. Ceeb intaas idin ku filan. 


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