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Well, it is my turn to add my analysis.

Muxuu yidhi Darwiishkii:

Mashxaradii Shalay, Hadaan Murugo Waydaaran.

Dawladii HSM ee 80 maalmood foolanaysay waxay dhashay Roobow iyo Faqi.

Knowledgeable people describe this government as those who are " Angry and Al-shabaab". Most of them are the students and aides of HSM, furthermore none of them are expected raise their voices .

Yet, the biggest disaster of all is Roobow. 

This man isn't a rebel who had repented. In his capacity as the top leaders of Al-shabaab, he issues Fatwa proclaiming it is " Legal to cut the neck of those whitin the government and bring their stomck outside ( Waa in qoorta laga bireeyaa oo Calooshooda banaanka la soo dhigaa). He supervised their crimes and filled the airwaves while he was the main spokesman. 

Does anyone have seen him asking for forgiveness? never. In fact, some foreign leaders including top UN representatives wanted him to be the president of south west region of Somalia. How does he earned that prevelige?.

He didn't leave Al-shbaab in early years. He was one of the top leaders from 2006-2015. In fact, he only left the group when he lost the power struggle against Ahmed Godane who used foreign fighters to subdue his enemies. This man has blood in his hands.  To add insult to injury , the former Khawaariij had been given ministry of religion and helping the needy. Do they know the meaning of " Waqaf" ? it means helping others in the name Allah and giving for here after. How does a killer who bombe, hotels, schools, universities and markets would became the face mercy and goodwill. These people had destroyed everything, now they want to besmirch the good name of Islam? 

Our freinds in Koonfur Galbeed tell us the reason Roobow is elevated from prisoner to minister is to declare war on C/caziiz Laftagareen. It is a war.

Now let us look the loser called Faqi. 

Kuwii maqasha loo diray ee ku fatlgroobay ayaa Geelii loo dirayaa.

This guy has failed almost everything he touches. He left the federal parliament and went to Galmudug to became security minister. Instead he became the insecurity man who destablized Galmudug. He let Al-shbaab lose to Xeraale and other regions inhabited by the D...r community with deadly consequences.Then when fall out with Qoor Qoor, he got some weapons from Puntland to fight the terrorist group, but transferred to Ehlu Sunnah which allowed them to occupy Guriceel and other places. He did all that to stick to Qoor Qoor and Farmaajo. Now this loser is elevated to manage internal affaires of the nation.

Others I could point out is Wasiir Tik Tok who Rooblaawe appointed defense minister will keep his portfolio. He refused to attend the April 12 commemoration because he feared they might stage a coup. Go figure.

The deputy premier is a fellow named Saalax who was mentally unstable as I recall many years ago. 

For HSM and many soother politicians murder, killing or having bloody hands is nothing but an end that justifies the means. Qofkani dhiig buu daadiyey waxba la aha.

Folks, while there are few good guys, this isn't a group who could move the country forward. KG is ready to defend, Hiiraan isn't willing to be the buffer zone for the Ethiopian and Egyptian adventure. Puntland is already out, and if HSM continues in this direction, he will definitely becoming the governor of Banaadir.

Among these 77 cabinet members , the overwhelming majority belong to either the senate or parliament. It is like let us wash each others hands. This is how the Italian chamber in Rome works.

HSM lied about UAE, lied about Egypt, and hided the Qat deal and so on.

I don't know when we have to start the campaign to remove him.

I guess we have to wait few more months, because it will only get worse.

Sadly judging by the way the empire of chaos works, new maps and other schemes to change the horn of Africa had begun. Ethiopia will be dismantled. Even the ONLF leader had openly said

. Guys Somalia isn't ready yet.



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President Hassan Sheikh and PM Hamza have chosen an great selection of astute Politicians as their Ministers, the great work of rebuilding our country Somalia has began to continue long after the 5 years of childish ruin the former dictator wannabe Farmaajo who almost caused another civil war to happen in Somalia.

I hope the High court and the Minister of Justice now bring charges on that corrupt criminal farmaajo and his thugs for all the crimes committed in the past 5 years


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President Hassan Sheikh and PM Hamza may drive the federal government project into the abyss. Maybe the Somalilanders are right to go it alone since they have seen something in the southern culture that cannot be repaired with words alone. Is the south too far gone? 

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