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  1. You guys know nothing about the Somaliland law, if anything happens the power will be automatically transferred to head of the Guurti and Saleebaan Gaal will be the interim president of Somaliland until Somaliland elects a new president.
  2. What is the failed state "government" doing about the emergency drought in south Somalia? One million people displaced by drought in Somalia WWW.UNHCR.ORG UNHCR and NRC PRESS RELEASE
  3. Somalia is finished and a deeply corrupt unethical country and the thread starter should not be celebrating like some hungry vulture. Idiots think Somaliland is going to be destroyed when it is the southern people who will most likely enter a new 1991.
  4. Nin nacas ah baad tahay. Reer Somaliland dagaal kuma jiraan ee si nabad ah ayay.
  5. There is no future. Somalia is a failed project doomed from the start. Time to give it up and accept both Somaliland and Puntland their U.N seats.
  6. I changed my mind. Somalia is too far gone to be given grace. Time to break up the country and let Somaliland and Puntland go.
  7. The Kikuyus own big money to China? Typical African mismanagement story.
  8. Italia Somalia is the weakest link in the chain. They were brutally colonized by Italy and made into serfs by them working the banana plantations. The south is therefore too far gone and should be closed down. Give Somaliland and Puntland their U.N seat and end this nonsensical "country" called Somalia.
  9. Why did she marry a Jewish man? For political alliance? lol This is not the middle ages. Typical Italia Somalia spreading their legs for their master.
  10. Si ka duwan adiga oo kale waxaan ahay wadani dhab ah oo aaminsan midnimada qabaa’ilka Soomaaliyeed oo dhan. Ma ihi doqon qabyaaladaysan oo dadka ku weerarta sabab la'aan. Waxaad tahay damiirkii dalka dumiyey.
  11. Ma ka xuntahay in aan isticmaalo calanka Soomaaliya? Way kuu fiican tahay haddii aad ka jawaabto su'aasha or get out of the thread.
  12. The world has changed and people have moved on. Even though the foreign minster is from Somaliland and not part of Barre clan. Of course this was all before the mass purging of the civil service before Afweyne became tribalistic.