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REALITY CHECK...OF..This moment...This Life...

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One morning, After i awoken with shocking dreams

I looked out, Seemed like bright day so..


i decided to take walk about,for there was so much in my head,this might help me ease it, but than again..


I find my self in a awkward position,like i had my head up against the wall or something,..



I'm walking on narrow road with no exits..

Why i'm I the only one feeling this way..i wished every one possessed

the same vission as me,to block it i tried opticles

but this weren't for me..

Need i say more?Man is sickening sometimes,when there is no one tell this to,and when i try to explain,


I feel like a naked kid in front of audiance

no words come out,in state of silence..


As you can see my window to life is f#cked up...

See i don't care if any of you listen,


cuz i feel like old man telling the same stories,

and no one knows the burden this man carries..

Stresses me.Why sometimes


when i look into the faces of the africans i see hunger, fear, and all of sudden feel near

sympathetic and sincere, kills me wallahi

I ain't lying to you

this is me really being honest and true

it said many many men have tried but few

can see through lifes distructions view

hunger and pain, holdin my stomach as it stumbles

like rapturing volcano, but at the end,can No'

one see why, it is the way it is....

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That was really something...mashallah!

reality is harsh!




There’s swelling in my throat as I try to speak,

My eyes they swell with tears as I speak

So I speak a little louder, still I hear squeaks

Frustrated and weak, I feel so meek


I know what I want to say yet I can’t

My emotions weaken my senses, a virus

That attacks my soul and heart till it’s diseased

Black with hatred, then turning white with anger

It fades my hearing and with it my sight


Left deaf, dumb and blind I'm forced to live

And forced to die in a cruel and destitute world

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Deep, lingering poetic verses with a thousand percent justice, mr poet (instinct?) its been a while since i came in here and all of a sudden i feel alive with these heavy like granite lines...keep it up.... ;)

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Much Upz...To Everyone, i see somaliaonline getting bigger

this is one family,I'm really liking this.

Hey, This is Another invitation to everyone

that doesn'r know about the poetry club we have

here in mpls @ Eat street Cafe'


Be really nice if you can show up here and really

share it with us..

Make your words come to life....


Much love from brotha J

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Very Touching!...So True!


Keep them comming The-Poet, I think am gonna read your writings more often.





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To be continued.... sitebuildercontent



I wonder why when try to make salaat

why i get glimpse of a slide show


Strange images start to attack

close my eyes focus hard correct the surrat


I'm back at it again,doing numbers this time

find it obscene,fight it with my deen

bissmillahi rahmani raheem,

but than again


how could you perfect it in the west

with out walking a block and seeing a womans chest,

Ignore it and pray i shall try

i close my eyes these images is all I pry....


to be continued...


Salaam alaykum..

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