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REALITY CHECK...OF..This moment...This Life...

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Picture my poetry 4me.

reality check of ...then...And..NOW


I'm your reminder,of not to take your life for

granted.If you have heart that still has mercy

than you'll feel for your brothers here dying in

hunger striking each other for some odd reasons.


now you prolly thinking -WHY-?

With out thinking why not?

Your prolly need to open ya eyes more focus

Notice this ,it is what hope is

while you just dinin' safe overseas

your relatives killin for saxan bariis



Families stand by each other as their

bodies start dissolve and dissapear into midst air

body just there


Lack of food, cuzzing stir,life flashes

flair,vissions blurr




Guns and violence elderly need to be disciplined

on how to share love, not hate it's kind

Oh somalia when will you see the truth?

Stop doubting ya self and listen to the youth.


Changes need to take place,home isn't safe.

Can you even call it home anymore?phrase is long gone

faces looking long saddened by un-ending distruction and corruption.

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Brother Instict...

Standing ovations to you my boy.

All your vision is deadly as the world hides it you expose it. Thanks for sharing, really shows how much your caring.

Live long, breathe strong, for ever hold on with a tight grib never slip. Maintain for the sake of us, for the sake of those who need to see all that you've came across. Share one gain two, teach one learn two, express never impress, address to calm many hearts and release their stress.

Salama aleykum.




~1~ Keep'em comming.






None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Divide hate by confussion, multiply it by understandment.


Is all common you'll either love or hate my comment.


I see ya, doing well while your brothers belly button is french kissing his back bone!

Dying of hunger, brain dead from lack of knowledge- what's going on?


To believe and follow with full force, never ignorant.

You'll fall behind if your stuck amongs those equipt with reasons of being biligerant!


Self deffense 1st from self, than to go on a journy to gain the world back it's health.


Annoying me, 2murder the next to gain my pockets some weight.

Str8, not knowing me am all about Earths Health.









None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Am dumb founded sir ...that woz amazing..Masha Allah takes strong pictures like that to tell a story that stirs up alot of emotions from deep within...especially the pics showing lill kids starving, it always gets me...maskimiin....wish i had a thousand arms to cuddle and nurture there poor souls...

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