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Spell ur name Backward

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Why would anyone disclose their real name?


My question is Why wouldn't anyone disclose their name? Are their people who might hunt u down in here, if not then there's no need to be paranoid...But u know what ur name is urs so keep it to urself. This was just for fun....more like just for laught but I guess u guys see it on another angle........I got no problem with it.


But seriously u guys should try spelling this backward and it can sometimes be funny and strange




God=Dog ( I wonder if it's wrong to say God and instead use Allah)

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hahaha wha funny game


let me see my name Deeqa= aqdee,,,, i think it makes sense ,,,, very funny huh

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Originally posted by Haaruun:


Alla hayaay, I gotta women's name.

Hush!!!! don't lough haneema.

lol lol lol

Sorry Nuuraah! I've already started be for I've read ur pit about not laughing :D:D


loooooooool Maahli ... sounds paki lol

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