Somalia on the Brink of Another Civil War

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Somalidu waxay ku maahmaahdaa habar walbaba waxay ku tahay bay ki moodaa. These guys incite hatred and division 24/7 on this forum and they want to census reporting the truth just because they don't like itkkkkkk.


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Mogadishu (HOL) - The atmosphere in Mogadishu is calm on Thursday morning after it was reported that there was a build-up of government troops on Mogadishu's busiest roads, especially in the Hodan district, late Wednesday evening.

Ali Abdi Wardere (Ali Yare), Mogadishu's Deputy Mayor and Security Commissioner, told state media on Thursday morning that many rumours were circulating that aimed to blind the city's residents. He assured Mogadishu residents that there were no conflicts in the city.

"Security forces stand by day and night to thwart any attempt to disrupt security, peace and development such as the pace in Mogadishu," he added.

There were concerns that the federal government would arrest former Mogadishu police commander Sadak John.  As a result, he reportedly relocated from his residence to a neighbourhood where his clan members live.

Senator Abshir Ahmed, Somalia's Deputy Senate Speaker, took to Facebook to warn that President Farmajo would be held personally responsible should anything happen to the former police commander. 

Abdirahman Odowa, a lawmaker, also accused the government of sending troops to arrest Sadak John.

Ali Yare credited the President of Galmudug, Ahmed Abdi Karie 'Qoor Qoor'for, urging that cooler heads prevail.

The VOA reports that Qoor Qoor directly mediated the talks between Sadiq John and senior members of the federal government and that Sadak John had been given safety assurances.

Sadak John was a Brigadier General and Mogadishu's Police Commander until Tuesday when he was stripped of his rank and privilege by President Farmajo.

John made headlines on Monday when he ordered federal lawmakers to stay home and announced that he was suspending the parliamentary session in an unsuccessful bid to thwart Farmajo's attempts at a term extension. He was promptly sacked by Somalia's police commissioner, Gen. Abdi Hassan Hijar.

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Five things to know about Somalia’s political turmoil 


Thursday April 15, 2021

Political crisis deepens as president signs controversial law extending his mandate for two years.

Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses lawmakers after winning the vote at the airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, February 8, 2017. REUTERS/Feisal Omar/

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as Farmaajo, has signed a controversial law to extend his term by two years despite threats of international sanctions.

The move is the latest in a deepening political crisis that, analysts warn, risks undermining the peace process and stability in the Horn of Africa country.

Here’s what you need to know:

What happened?

The lower house of Somalia’s parliament voted this week to extend Formaajo’s four-year term, which expired in February, for a further two years. Lower house speaker Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdurahman said the measure would allow the country to prepare for direct elections.

Farmaajo then signed the disputed mandate extension into law, even though the resolution was not put before the upper house, which would normally be required. Upper house speaker Abdi Hashi Abdullahi immediately slammed the move as unconstitutional, saying it would “lead the country into political instability” and pose security risks.

The extension was also condemned by the United States and European Union over concerns it could deepen divides in the country.

“There is no light at the end of the tunnel,” Mohamed Mubarak, executive director of Marqaati, an anti-corruption NGO that advocates for good governance and transparency in Somalia, told Al Jazeera.

“The president clings on to power and there is no political agreement on the current situation.”

How did we get here?

The president and the leaders of Somalia’s five semi-autonomous federal states had reached an agreement in September to prepare for indirect parliamentary and presidential elections in late 2020 and early 2021. 

(Read more about Somalia’s unique electoral system here.)

As part of the agreement, the election planning was set to commence on November 1. But the deal fell apart in the face of squabbles over how to conduct the vote, while talks in February between Farmaajo and the leaders of the country’s federal states failed to break the deadlock.

The leaders of the Jubaland and Puntland federal states accused the president of reneging on the deal and packing the election boards with his allies – a claim Farmaajo denied.

Farmaajo accused the regional leaders of creating the impasse, but opposition groups said they would no longer recognise his authority following the expiration of his term.

Mogadishu resident Abukar Osman Mohamed told AFP news agency the extension was “illegal and it can lead the country into political crisis”.

However, another resident of the capital, Abdulkadir Ahmed Mohamed, supported the move given “regional state leaders couldn’t find any solution.”

Is there a risk of violence?

Farmaajo’s rivals in Jubaland and Puntland have formed an alliance with a powerful coalition of presidential aspirants and other opposition heavyweights in the capital, Mogadishu. They include two former presidents and the speaker of the senate.

The president’s opponents have warned that ruling by decree risks peace and stability in Somalia – a loaded threat given Jubaland and government forces have clashed on the battlefield, and some of Farmaajo’s enemies command clan militias.

There have already been some high-profile defections. Mogadishu’s police chief was fired after trying to shut down parliament before the mandate vote, declaring it a theft of power in a public address.

Analysts fear a splintering of Somalia’s security forces along political and clan lines, as well as the outbreak of fighting in Mogadishu.

“We are in a very dangerous situation,” Mubarak said.

Where could this lead?

Analysts have warned the political squabbling played straight into the hands of al-Shabab, the armed group that controls swathes of Somalia and launches frequent attacks with the aim of overthrowing the internationally recognised government in Mogadishu.

The al-Qaeda-linked fighters have released propaganda videos in recent weeks that seize on the political chaos, casting the country’s elite as power hungry and unfit to govern.

Mubarak said his main concern is that “the rule of law is being erased”.

“The president is using the security forces how he sees fit, so my main concern is that even if Farmaajo is removed or he stays on, this becomes the norm,” Mubarak added.

“Every president will try to extend his mandate, will try to use the security forces to intimidate his enemies, will try to install his puppets in the federal member states,” he said. “I think it’s very dangerous for Somalia’s state-building enterprise.”

How will the world react?

Members of the international community have called for immediate elections to be held.

In a joint statement on Saturday, the United Nations, African Union, European Union and the regional bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, said they would not support any extension of the president’s term.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that he was “deeply disappointed” by the legislation’s approval, adding that it will pose serious obstacles to dialogue.

“It will compel the United States to reevaluate our bilateral relations with the federal government of Somalia, to include diplomatic engagement and assistance, and to consider all available tools, including sanctions and visa restrictions, to respond to efforts to undermine peace and stability,” he said.

Mubarak noted that world powers have a lot of leverage in Somalia as the government “draws its power” from the international support and recognition it receives.

“We need the international community to put down their feet and demand action,” Mubarak said.

“There should be credible threats of sanctions and action taken, otherwise the president will continue doing what he’s doing. Somalia’s supporters, because of ‘counterterrorism’, will continue supporting the government because there is no other alternative.”

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1 hour ago, Mastermind said:

You should be happy as you were the one calling on Farmaajo to pacify Muqdisho by force

Yes I did, but that was before all these shenanigans. Everyone with a brain knew pacifying Mogadishu was the real deal. Disarming the criminals and other bandits including many killers deputized to fight Al-shabaab, would have minimized future clashes.

Everyone knows that not every bombing and criminal act in Mogadishu is committed by Al-shabaab. America had hired many drug dealers and Afghan warlords to fight the Taliban with minimum success.

The opposition have the right to debate and refuse the government extension, but any act to encourage outlaws and criminals to destabilize the capital must be crushed.

Somalia laba dawladood kama jiri laraan.

34 jirkan generaalka sheegtay, toban sano ka horna ahaa budhcadka ahaa Somalia ma qasi karo.

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That is the real issue, more and more gangs, and clan militia leaders are losing their power since Farmaajo came to power. SNA was mostly clan militia, each tribe got its own SNA militia paid by the government. Things are changing slowly and that is what united so-called opposition from moqdisho, putland, and Somaliland. It is more GorGor syndrome.  Still, there are many more small warlords around. There will be no war and nothing to fight for. What happening moqdisho is more business transactions. This guy got his money and he is looking where to escape. It seems his tribe members negotiated a deal for him and we will find soon what that deal is

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Yaa Baajiyey in Maamulka Farmaajo uu Weeraro Taliye Saadaq John?

April 15, 2021

Saacado colaadeed iyo isku dhex yaac kadib, waxaa saaka deggan xaaladda caasimadda Muqdisho iyada oo la sheegayo in la hakiyey weerar ay ciidamada dowladda ku qaadi lahaayeen taliyihii hore ee booliiska gobolka Banaadir  Saadiq Maxamed John.

Madaxweynaha Galmudug Axmed Kaariye Qoorqoor ayaa ku guuleystay inuu kala qaado ciidamo u dhowaa iney isku dhacaan, waxaana wararku intaas ku darayaa inuu John helay damaanad qaad la xiriira in aan lagu xad gudbin, uuna hoygiisa ku laabtay.

Halkee Wax Bilowdeen?

Xalay afurkii kadib ayaa mar uun la arkay taliye Saadaq John oo tikniko badan watay, oo ka guuray hoygiisa isaga oo aaday dhanka xerada Shiirkole ee waqooyiga Muqdisho, isaga oo halkaas ka sameysay saldhig iyo difaac, waxaa xigay ciidamo dowladda ah oo isgoysyo badan la dhigay.

Ilo ku dhow Saadaq ayaa sheegaya inuu sidaasi sameeyey kadib markii uu ka war helay in weerar lagu yahay hoyga uu ka deganaa magaalada Muqdisho, iyada oo markaasi ka hor laga qaaday xilka, lagana xayuubiyey garaadihii.

Yaa Garab siiyey Saadaq John?

Marka laga soo tago shacabka Muqdisho, waxaa uu sidoo kale Saadaq gacan ka helay siyaasiyiin badan, oo ku baaqay in la difaaco Generaalka oo aan lala bixin.

Guddoomiye ku xigeenka 1aad ee aqalka sare Abshir Maxamed Axmed ayaa Facebook ku qoray sidan: Aniga oo ka duulaya metalaada dadweynaha deegaan doorasheedkegya iyo waajibka dastuuriga ee iga saaran ilaalinta xuquuqda aadanaha guud ahaan iyo gaar ahaanba waxaan ugu baaqayaa madaxweynaha xilkiisu dhammaaday ee u haliilaya daadinta dhiiga shacabka in uu ka waantoobo ku xadgudubka xuquuqda aadanaha iyo meel marinta dhagarihiisa qarandumisnimo.

Guddoomiye Abshir oo sii hadlaya ayaa yiri ‘Waxaan sidoo kale u sheegayaa madaxweyne-hore Farmaajo in uu si shaqsi ah u qaado doono ha dhowaato hase dheeraatee mas’uuliyada qof kasta oo ku dhinta ama ku dhaawacma duulaanka sharci darada ah ee uu si aargoosi ah ugu beegsanayo Gen. Saadaq Cumar Xasan’.

Wasiirka dekadaha Galmudud ahna xildhibaan golaha shacabka Saabir Shuuriye ayaa sida qoray ” Waxa aan codkayga ku biirinayaa waxgaradka iyo aqoonyahanka Soomaaliyeed ee ugu baaqay madaxweynahii hore ee Soomaaliya Farmaajo in uu ka joogo daadinta dhiiga shacabka, Waxa aan xasuusinaynaa Farmaajo in Weerarka ay ciidanka uu sida gaarka ah u soo soocdey ku qaadeen deegaanka Shiirkole uu yahay mid la doonayo in lagu banaysto daadinta dhiigga maatida deegaan gaar ah.

Wasiir Saabir oo sii hadlaya ayaa yiri ” Reer Shiirkole iyo beelweynta deegaanka Muqdishu waxaan ugu baaqayaa iney is difaacaan oo aan lagala bixin wiilkooda sharci darada darajadiisa looga qaaday hadana loo socdo dhiigiisa. Farmaajo flimkaan horaan u soo fiirsanay hadduu adiga ku dhaafay ee waxaad ka hesho waxba hanaga siin.

Wasiirka amniga Galmudug Axmed Macalin Fiqiayaa isna ka mid ahaa dadkii ka digay dagaalka waxaa uuna qoray ‘ Waxaa caaway magaalada Muqdisho laga soo sheegayaa dhaqdhaqaaq ciidan iyo argagixin xaafado shacab oo ka mid ah Muqdisho taasoo looga gol leeyahay in la weeraro Gen. Saadaq John oo la isugu daray laba maalmood gudahood in xilka laga qaado, garaadihii si sharciga baalmarsan looga rifay, saacadaana la rabo in la weeraro oo naftiisa iyo tan ilaaladiisaba iyo shacabka deegaanadaas ku noolba halis la geliyo. Dalka Soomaaliya waxaa burburiyey ku takrifal awoodeed iyo in ciidamada loo adeegsado si sharciga baalmarsan, amar qaldan oo dano gaar ah lagu fushanayana ayadoo la laynayo saraakiil iyo shacab intaba.

Wasiir Fiqi ayaa hadalkiisa kusoo afjaray “Waxaan ciidamada la faray weerarka aan ugu baaqayaa in aysan qaadan amar qaldan isla markaana ay ka baaqsadaan in ay daadiyaan dhiig dhabarka u saaraya danbiyo lagula xisaabtami doono mustaqbalka aan dheereyn”


Xildhibaan Cabdiraxmaan Odowaa ayaa isna Facboogga ku qoray “Caawo weerarka Farmaajo iyo kooxdiisa ay ku qaadeen Shiirkole waa fal sharciga baal marsan oo lagu qab jabinayo reerka uu ka dhashay Generaal Sadaq oo la doonayo in dhaxdooda lagala soo baxo. Aniga oo ah Xildhibaanka Genraal Sadaq waxaa dhammaan ugu baaqayaa inta aan ku matalo kursiga iyo Soomaalida xaq darada neceba in loo wada istaaago difaaciisa, hogaamiye kooxeedka Farmaajo ahna la tuso xadkiisa.

Xildhibaan Mahad Salaad ayaa isna waxaa uu qoray “Farmaajo caawa wuxuu u diray Gen Biixi oo ilmo adeer ay yihiin in uu weerar ku qaado Gen Saadaq Joon. Dagaal qabiilaysan weeye waxa caawa uu hurinayo Farmaajo. Waxaan ugu baaqayaa qaraabada in la iska difaaco Farmaajo iyo qowleysatada la socota. Saadaqna dhexdeena aysan kala bixin Farmaajo iyo ina adeerkiis Biixi”.

Waxaa sidoo kale dadkii hadlay ka mid ahaa oo Saadaq John difaacay, isla markaana bulshada ugu baaqay in lala safto odeyaasha dhaqanka Habargidir iyo Imaamka Mudulood.

Waanwaanka Madaxweynaha Galmudug:

Ugu dambeyntii, iyada oo xaaladda ay kacsan tahay ayaa waxaa soo dhex galay madaxweynaha Galmudug Axmed Kaariye Qoorqoor isaga oo u tagay Saadaq kadibna ku qanciyey labada dhinac in xaaladda la dejiyo, tiiyoo keentay in Generaalka lala galo heshiis ah in gurigiisa dib ugu laabto, lana nabad geliyo.

Goobjoog News



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Xiisad caawa ka taagan Muqdisho iyo Jeneral Saadaq John oo ku laabtay Shiirkole

Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Xiisad u dhaxeysa ciidamada dowladda iyo taliyihii hore ee ciidanka booliska gobolka Banaadir Jeneral Saadaq John ayaa mar kale caawa ka taagan magaalada Muqdisho, kadib markii uu ay dowladda isku dayday inay ku go’doomiso.

Saadaq oo wata gaadiid dagaal oo badan ayaa caawa dib ugu laabtay xaafadda Shiirkole, kadib markii ay dowladda ciidan badan dul dhigtay guriga uu ka deganaa agagaarka garoonka diyaraadha Muqdisho.

Saadaq ayaa gurigiisa agagaarka garoonka Aadan Cadde ku laabtay shalay subax kadib markii madaxweynaha Galmudug Qoor Qoor uu u ballan-qaaday inaysan dowladda soo weerari doonin, hase yeeshee maanta ayaa ciidamo badan la dul-dhogay.

Si kastaba, Saadaq iyo ciidankiisa ayaa xoog kaga gudbay barta koontarool ee Wadada Jaayga, ee agagaarka garoonka, halkaasoo galabta ay dowladdu ciidan xoogleh geysay, si ay u go’doomiso.

Wararka ayaa sheegaya inuu hadda ku sugan deegaanka Shiirkole oo ah xaafad ay reerkiisa u badan yihiin.

Qeyb ka mid ah xaafadda Shiirkole iyo xaafadaha ka ag dhow ee degmada Hodan ayaa waxaa caawa laga dareemaya dhaq-dhaqaaq ciidan, ayada oo dowladda ay ciidamo badan dhigtay, mana cadda qorshaha ay damacsan tahay. Sidoo kale, ciidan taabacsan Saadaq oo xooggan ayaa ku sugan Shiirkole.

Dadka xaafadda Shiirkole, ayaa soo weriyey inay maqleen rasaas kooban, balse waxaa lagu warramayaa inaysan ahayn isku dhac ee ay tahay mid ay rideen ciidamada.


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Qaar ka mid ah xildhibaanada Habar-gidir oo gaaray Shiirkole iyo wararkii ugu dambeeyey.

Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Qaar ka mid ah xildhibaanada beesha Habar-gidir ee baarlamanka federaalka ayaa goordhow gaaray xaafadda Shiirkole, oo caawa ay ka taagan tahay xiisad u dhaxeysa ciidamada dowladda iyo Jeneral Saadaq John.

Xildhibaanada gaaray halkaas ayaa waxaa ka mid ahCabdiraxmaan Odawaa, Mahad Salaad iyo Cabdi Saabir Shuuriye iyo kuwa kale, si loo garab is-taago Jeneral Saadaq John, oo laga cabsi qabo in ciidamada dowladda ay weerar ku qaadaan.

Xildhibaan Mahad Salaad ayaa qoraal uu soo dhigay facebook ku yiri “Xildhibaanadeena Habar Gidir ayaa hadda soo gaaray Shiirkole. Farmaajo, Fahad iyo Biixi dadkeena ayay duulaan ku yihiin. Dadkeena waxaan ugu baaqaynaa in ay iska difaacaan cadowga iso soo bahaystay. Waanan ka guuleysanaynaa inshaa’allah.”

Wararka ayaa sheegaya in Xildhibaannadan ay degi doonaan deegaanka Shiirkole, mana cadda inta ay joogi doonaan iyo tallaabada ay dowladda qaadi doonto.

Go’aanka ay qaateen xildhibaanada Habar-gidir ayaa adkeynaya in dowladda ay weerar qaado, maadaama ay haystaan xasaanad, inkasta oo wax kasta ay ka suurtoobaan Farmaajo.

Saadaq oo wata gaadiid dagaal oo badan ayaa caawa dib ugu laabtay xaafadda Shiirkole, kadib markii ay dowladda ciidan badan dul dhigtay guriga uu ka deganaa agagaarka garoonka diyaraadha Muqdisho.

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It seems this Sadiq John is well connected in the Somali army as a lot of them are refusing to fight him and more more are defecting to him. Welcome to the world of Farmaajo's leadership. Waxa uu Soomaali baday wuxuu baray baa ka daran. Bal fiiri wadankii soo kabanayay meesha uu dhigay!!!!

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