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The “Shoe�

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Originally posted by Bishaaro:

^^ War anagaa wax aragne. Legend, shimee qaldaan noqotayna?
Ku idhi, ku tidhi
baaba ka bixi waysee


Do you have Borders in Australia? I'd love to come there to just say words like "Cheers and Mate."

Haa Noo..Cawo aa sheekada qaybteeda horay I need to stick with the theme...


LoL@ Borders..of course..what do you think of us (aussie), punch of kangaroo hunters??


Cheers and Mate waa dhihi kartaa...ani igu bar baro...


Cheers :D

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He hears “ Waar sxb waran?†Cilmi looks was his friend Samatar….


Allow me to continue from here[The mind of a bored Farax]. smile.gif



Samatar : Haye, talk to me sxb. How did she look like?


Cilmi : Stunning!, Stunning! *Taking a deep breath*...She coudave Told me at least...


S:; What does she look like?


C:, Sxb, shes Tall & Slender. Brown beautiful eyes, she is perfect! Remember what we used to say back home? Dhalo Coca- Cola ah. Thats her man,Mmmm!. The defination of finesse is her. I want her,I need her.How could she do that to me*? He muttered to himself, biting his lower lip with a sad face .


S: What did you say?


C: nothing, nothing man.


S: So anyway tell me, what was her reaction?

C: She was shocked, amazed and I believe she was a bit flattered. I don’t know what to make of it.

S. So do you think she will respond positively sxb?

C. She has no choice, samatar, *She had Better say Yes!, or else*. [He thought to himself]


S. Choice?, what do you mean? She can say no to you, sxb. You cant force someone to love you [*Tall, Chai Latte extra Crème Extra Sugar-called the coffee Lady*]


C. So, are you ready to play the match?[Tryna change the subject].


S. Yeah, I bought new shoes, same brand name as the ones Beckham used when he saved Britain from elimination. I am gonna be our Beckham, he joked


C. HaHa, you better be. We need to win. [i can’t loose Her Again, I cant, I won’t! No!]


S. Here, try them sxb, we wear the same size.[*Handed him a shoe* ], WTF, why are you only wearing a shoe?. You walked in the rain with one shoe?


C. Well, I didn’t have an extra shoe, when I gave her the shoe.


S. You gave her the shoe you were wearing?


C. Yes,


S. Are you Mad?


C.No, I am not. *Sigh*, He thought, I am Madly in love with her


S. Call me old fashioned, but where I come from, any man wearing one shoe is considered a mad man.


C. Relax man, I have been so uptight all my life. I need to let loose, I wanna be wild. Try new things. Life is short, enjoy while it lasts!


S. Man, what ever got into you?


C. Nothing man, I have been working too much, and I figured I need to release my stress. I feel free. I have been hard on myself…[ Why is life hard?, She doesnt even remember me,]


S. Anyway, call me later when she calls you, this is very interesting. [*whoever gives a shoe to a woman, and then walks in to a public place with one shoe]


C. I sure will……….

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^^^ walal ma kaba laan baa ku yar haysaa, waxaay nin weynoow kab kaliya ku soconayaa beckham ma marbuu one shoe meelaha la marijirey...mise waa trend iga danbeysay :cool:




Good on You for keeping Cawo's mystery story alive mate...



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Brownie, go shave your hairy toes man..and while you'r at it get a pedicure too.


Nin cago qurux baa kabaha iska bixiyo. Hooy, Hooy (stole that from you) :D

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My oh my… Mr Brown …nice episode… ;) what else have you got under your sleeve… do share :D


Since you got the ball rolling…lets update you with what Ceebla has been up to.



It’s Thursday evening, [a day before Cilmi returns] she just finished watching Eastenders…when she spotted the The “Shoe†box across the room on top of the table by the front door …she quickly turned and started flicking through the TV channels… nothing interesting as usual she thought …she glanced at the shoe box once more and this time a little longer than the last….she then got up and picked up the box and examined the Shoe one last time…hoping to notice anything out of the ordinary…but nothing…(a part of her was relieved…while the other was a little disappointed…there was no excuse…)…better face the music she thought… She picked up the letter …and quickly skimmed through hoping to find his number… and there it was…her heart almost skipped a beat…excited and nerves at the same time…ok take a deep breath and just relax she thought…it’s just a phone call…you’re starting to act like Lubna ( :D ) look at you …you’re in a state…get yourself together this rate you’ll probably end up like her in couple of years…wondering what Coulda..Shoulda…Woulda happen…. SNAP out of it… she exclaimed


She picked up the phone and started dialing Cilmi’s number…dhiriin…dhiriin dhiriin…she’s started to get anxious…and hopes he doesn’t pick up


HELLO…she hears a deep..xabeeb voice on the other end…


Ceebla Hi…I was hoping to speak to Cilmi…

Cimli You’re speaking to him..


she takes a deep breath…aahhh…


Ceebla Hi...this is Ceebla.. are you free to talk? trying to sound very formal

Cimli Yes! I am home alone at the moment…How are you doing?

Ceebla I am great thank you for asking…yourself?

Cilmi Fanstastic… I am glad you called…


she smiled nervously….and said…


Ceebla Thank you.

Ceebla Hhmm I wanted to speak to you about the other day…do you think we could meet up for a coffee tomorrow evening?

Cilmi Ofcourse…

Ceebla Say around 7.30pm @ Borders

Cilmi Great…I’ll see you then…

Ceebla See ya...Byee

Cilmi Bye


See now that wan't so bad was it....she exclaimed.

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^^Wallee caadi ma tihid :D !


Very intriguing, I found, is how a simple shoe is used to undress the perceptions Somali women have and the anxieties they feel about this subject! Carry on, you’ve already won my receptive ear.

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Cawoy. Mahadsanid. I am sure you got the plot,maaha? so Let someone else finish it up. smile.gif


Btw,Speaking of missing shoes,heres an article i read what seemed like 100yrs ago.




Big mystery: Is the shoe on the other foot?

I was in Miami last week, chatting with the folks at the International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus. IACVB, if you're into initials.

At dinner one night, Mike Gehrisch, the group's president, leaned behind the woman sitting between us, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I've got a great column idea for you."


Over the years, I've come up with a pat answer for when this happens.


"I'll put it on the list," I always reply. It's non-committal, it's polite, and on occasion it's even true.


What surprised me about Mike's offering, however, was that his idea was already on my list and had been for some time. I just wasn't sure anyone would understand it but me. Now I know I'm not alone.


"I think you should write about the single-shoe situation," he said.


I started to laugh. There I was all these years, thinking I was the only one who noticed this phenomenon, and here was this guy who has traveled the world and was now validating my observation. Mike and I bonded for the ages.


Walking my dog, Murphy, in the morning, at least twice a week I'll turn the corner and there, on the sidewalk, is a shoe. Not a pair of shoes, taken off in haste and left behind. A solitary shoe. A lost sole. It can be any variety. A sneaker. A track shoe. A high-heeled pump. A wingtip or a Bass Weejun.


It's not just on sidewalks, either. This phenomenon manifests itself on freeways, too. Look as you drive home from work today. Bill Bennett and I will bet you'll see a shoe. One lonely shoe, there on the side of the road, silently awaiting its mate.


Since I've studied this phenomenon for years, I have a few theories. The most obvious, of course, is that the evening's celebration went on a little too long, and in the course of venturing home, a shoe was lost.


This theory is fine, until you think about it. I can see losing your purse, your wallet, your car keys. Even your mind on occasion. But wouldn't you notice a missing shoe rather quickly? Especially one with a 5-inch heel?


There should be an award for the gal who can keep right on trucking, balancing on but a lonely stiletto heel.


As for the roadside shoe, I can only assume they get tossed in fits of road rage or, worse, family feuds in which Ferragamos are flung past drivers' heads and out open windows, never to be retrieved.


Mike and I agreed this all makes one wonder: Where are all the people wearing the other shoe?


Not once, for instance, have I ever stood in line at Starbucks, looked down and seen the guy in front of me wearing one sneaker.


When I'm out running on my lunch hour, not once have I watched in awe as a fellow runner sprints toward me sporting a solitary track shoe.


And when I go out for the evening and the night is wearing on and the party is getting rowdier, never have I looked over and seen a woman standing at the bar, teetering on one heel, her other foot left dangling above the floor.


Then again, maybe it's just a Mike-and-me thing: two guys always waiting for the other shoe to drop

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Waryaa, saxiibkey kabdheere maxaa ku dhacay

way ii bexeysay sheekada walahi.


aaway directors, lacag la'aan maa ku dhacday filinkaan. lol


sheeko xamareed aa ka dhigaa walahi, hadii kale wax ku dara.


Bood waryaa!

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Here is my two-penny, hope ya enjoy it.


After sitting in her bedroom for what seemed like an eternity, the weight of her action daunted on ceebla. Now regret has resumed her position, and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t take back what she has done, oh my God, and now I have to meet him! Fighting back all urges to call him back and cancel the date, Ceebla busied herself with picking a possible outfit for this weary occasion. But all hope failed at the mere thought of the meeting. Why do I always get myself into these situations, thought ceebla? what the heck was i thinking? what if this is a mere joke? what am I gonna say to him? God this is even worse than when I went on that blind date which my sister set me up with. Ok. Desperate times call for desperate measures, thought ceebla. I have to call casho, she is the only one who can help me get out of this mess, ceebla thought. But what if she is still angry? Ceebla couldn’t take another minute of this anxiety if she wanted to avoid a possible heart attack. So she decided to call Casha. Phone rings…


Casho: Hello


Ceebla: naa Casho, girlfriend you can’t believe what I have done!


Casho: what have u done? (I can only imagine, she thought)


Ceela: I have called him and am freaking out cuz he is meeting me and Iam a mess! I don’t know what to do, just shoot me, shoot me I beg you!


Casho: u called who? Oh my god, you didn’t!


Ceebla: yes i did, and I can’t get out of it, wat am I gonna do? I think am having a heat attack!


Casho: ok. Don’t panic, am coming right over!( the story of life casha thought, holding back all envy.)


ya dig? continue..


Get Up! Up! Even the best fall down sometimes

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Walaahi sheekada caadi ma ahan .... way ii bexeesaa walaahi... aaaway Legend of Zu.. sxb we want to know about the dude.... what is he thinking.... where is the Story tellers.. keep on going

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casha comes over and as she is heading into ceeblas house her phone rings..........

i'ts her brother zakariya(otherwise known as cilmi for his brains)..

casha goes: hello hi bro how are u

• cilmi- good …I think

• casha whats wrong?

• Climi not much just that I might have done something that u will be very mad about

• Casha- what did u do?

• Cilmi- well remember ur girl ceebla, the one that I had that long distance relationship with?

• Casha- yes what did u do!

• Cilmi- well I really was into the girl and since she didn’t like the person that I was over the phone I went to her house and proposed in my own way leaving my shoe and a sheet that had all my hearts desires on it.

• Casha- what will u do when she figures out who u are

• Oh she will figure out who I am since she told me that her dream man would float out of thin air present himself and maybe………just maybe it would be a little like Cinderella, only she’d be rescued from loneliness rather than mean family. My hope is to convince her how much in love I am with her.

• Casha- so what will u do now?

• Cilmi- well we are going out tomorrow and I would like it if u tried to put her mind at ease.

• Casha- no I can’t do that to her.

• Cilmi- please I know she loved me before she heard from her family in London that I was engaged, and she wouldn’t even listen when I told her that I had called it off.

* just wanted to add a little more twists(stories like these never end). ;)

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Mini..Wz wrong with you..You killed the Cilmi Character...we made him cool dude..and you practically killed him!!!


I'll continue tha adventures of the One Shoe Man...this weekend insha Allah.



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