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The “Shoe�

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it is 7pm and
is running around like a headless chicken trying to decide on which outfit to wear.
the nice little lilac top and the 3quater length black skirt she brought today or the pink fitted shirt and the dark grey trousers that she wore last
..... aahhhh dammit!....she looked at her watch¦
it is was now 7:30pm
ala bisinka I need to get going.Cilmi will be her in a minute. she quickly picked up the pink fitted shirt and a pair of black trousers...quickly hot combed her hair and had even found some time to slapped on a bit of make up.


Just as she was about to spray some of her favourite perfume [Channel Chance] she door bell rang. I'm coming
she shouts
quickly puts on the black kitten heel shoes and grabs the matching hand bag in the cupboard.


She opens the door.
Sorry about that.I couldn't remember where I but the house keys... [
] .... Shall we.... As they walk towards his car Ceebla couldn't resist.she scanned him quickly without him noticing.
hmm inanka way ka dhacaysaa caawa [looking good].she thought


To be Continued....

Lets continue shall we smile.gif


It’s 8pm cilmi and ceebla arrived at the Restaurant.


Ceebla: Blue Elephant, good choice.

Cilmi: Thanks, it’s one my favourite restaurants, plus I heard you say you were fond of Thai food

Ceebla:Yeah, I love Thai food wonderful, he was actually listening, this is definitely a plus smile.gif

Cilmi: great, then you will love this place,


Waitress: Table for two?

Cilmi: Yes, we have a reservation,

Waitress:Could I have your name please?

Cilmi: yes it’s reserved under elmi e l m i

Waitress:looks through the list and says… Follow me please.


cilmi and ceebla follow the waitress to the rear of the restaurant and find a nice little table for two in the corner.


Thank you, they both say at the same time.

Waitress: you’re welcome, and gives them a copy of the menu each.


Ceebla takes a seat while still admiring the décor


Cilmi: It has this relaxing atmosphere, always makes me serene.

Ceebla: yeah, it is quite unique and full of character. gives a once look over and their eyes meet. ceeble quickly turn to the menu and … What do you recommend?

Cilmi: It depends, do want sea food or…..


ceebla interrupts and says


Ceebla: Sea Food, well salmon or king prawns mainly smiles.

Cilmi: smiles and say….s No squids, crab or snail huh…..Well in that case, you should go for Fresh Black Pepper Tiger Prawns or the Chu-Chi Pla Salmon They are both equally delicious.

Ceeble: smile.gif Thanks, but I’ll stick what I know, the Tiger Prawns sound good, I think I’ll go for that.

Cilmi: good choice, I am going to get the Kai Himmapan,


cilmi signals the waitress to let her know they are ready to order…the waitress quickly takes their order and leaves


There was a moment of silence….cilmi, quickly tries to restart the conversation and says…


Cilmi: so, how was your day?

Ceebla: rather quite and slow, but pleasant overall…and you?

Cilmi: Mine was a bit hectic at works but I am hoping it will end well smiles and looks into her eyes


Ceebla, who often shies away from making eye contact, this time was fully engaged, making it much more intense but also to indicate her interest at cilmi


To be continued...


p.s. feel free to continue Nomads, as it is a 'contribution' story. smile.gif

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^ :D I am little broke on time this week, but next weekend I'A, I'll promise to make it little more interesting.

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The food was fantastic and the melody of the music was bringing forth much needed soothing!.


Elmi: Dear, I have always wondered, how could you possibly be single?

Ceebla: Gives a sheepish smile, oh you know busy with school and what have you.

Elmi: interupts! you mean you are now ready to embark on the voyage of your life time, sail through the tumultous waves that is relationship and arive safely the promised island full of all that delights the eye and captures the heart.....! by now she is just restricting herself not to burst into a laughter.

Ceebla: Nigger pleaseeee she mutters; come on what are you some romantic character out of some 18th century novel. Come on.

Cilmi: He glances over, sees the waiter and with haste asks for the bill.


"The waiter take his time" minutes turned to hours! the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife


Ceebla: come on, I was messing around bruv

Cilmi: Whatever b**ch, you dont dont deserve this place.


The waiter arrives


Cilmi: looks at the bill and nearly faintes. He takes out his Bank of Britain Debt card to settle the bill.

Ceebla: glances at the bill and say, let us go dutch babe

Cilme: What, come off it girl; I dont allow a girl to pay for it.


"the waiter takes the card away smilling, brings the mechine and asked him to put the pin card, then moments later, the waiter apologetically says, the card is declined sir


Cilme: How is that possible (he is feeling rage inside) I have £3000 in my account. Try it again; the polish young lady who was serving unsually had crisp english accent (could only tell her nationality because of the name tag)she kept smilling as she tried again. Cilmi knew that the card would not work as he had less than 200 pounds and the bill was 320 pounds. Expectedly, the card didnt work.


At this juncture, ceebla was looking pensive. She didnt know what to do as she had no money on her (typical of many young ladies who take for granted that men would foot the bill however redicilious the bill might be).


Ceebla: War card kale maheysid miyaa she said in Somali!


Cilmi; I have plenty of money; I think there is something wrong about this card; he looks at the waiter and asks soryy dear, where is the next cash mechine? the women tells him "just when you get out of the restuarant head towards Fulham station; on the left handside there are couple mechine.


Cilmi: looks at ceebla, smiles and say give me fine minutes will be back with the cash!.


YOu know the rest of the story guys; he does a runner; and what is the MORAL OF THIS STORY?

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^^^I don't get the story, and the thing about the shoe. But ill continue it. :D ...


lol@ Nigger please. Yo it is nigga not nigger. Ill continue it where u left off sort off. marax letting the girl know u aint got nothing.


Through out the entire dinner, Climi on the inside was shitting about how much is this gonna cost him. War maxa igu waataay. But of course he wanted to impress Ceebla a sophicated kinda of gal. If only she knew how broke he was, would she still like him as much? What’s wrong with eating at the burger joint bal? Caku aniga!



He looks over to Ceebla.


Climi: Walaaleey everything is all right?


Ceebla: Ha walaalow everything is great alxamdullah. And you? You didn’t have much to eat.


Climi: (ordered the least expensive plate, thinking to himself no shit I didn’t have much to eat).


So what your not much of dessert person, have some dessert nooh. (Thinking to himself, WTF I asked that for I have no money for dessert, yaa Allah please let her say she don’t want no dessert).


Ceebla: No, I am too full. I can’t have anymore.


Climi: (thinking: Allah Akbar!). Are you sure? Your not those girls that care about weight? Because you sure have no problem there. **laughing**


Ceebla: laughing, no. not me. ooo never that. A woman should always be happy for what she has and feel comfortable in her skin.


Climi: Indeed. Insecurity is never good. Walaaleey since you don’t want anything else. You sure, you good?


Ceebla: Yes, I am good.


Climi: Okey marka, then we good to go. Climi singles over to the waiter. Waiter asks if they are ready to go. Climi replies yes and asks for the bill.


Ceebla: Excuse me walaalow, I am just going to the ladies room.


While Ceebla gets out of her chair, Cilmi also stands up as well with her.


Ceebla: (is thinking awww what gentlemen)


The waiter arrives w/ the bill. Climi looks at it and nearly faints. 320 pounds. 320! Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un. I only have 200 pounds in my account. Shit shit shit! Takes a deep breath. lillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un. and think what I am going to do? ****** stuipid aniga. Why didn’t I think about the money in my account before I came here. Who would’ve thought a dinner would cost this much! I have to think about something.


Climi decides to plead his case with the restaurant owner.

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lol@320 pound bill, Fahiye, exaggerating a bit aint we? lets keep it consistant shall we ; ;)


You two have assassinated Cilmi (a very believable and likable character, and likable) not to mention the story and its repute. :rolleyes:

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^^^^Hey i was trying to be helpful, its all on Fahiye.....were just clowing.....da nigger please bit had me laughing....hahaha...But this scernio can happen ;) .


Its your show walaaleey, let the mods delete mines i was only messing around...and add Fahiye's as well.


Zafir, will continue from where you left still too slow to understand the bid about the shoe.


wa salaamun

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Willamina dont blame me; you chose blue elephent; an expensive joint; the girl might had a 'sophisticated' taste; caviar might have been on the manue.

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^LoL, yes that is a possibility, but had you read the previous conversation you would have known what she ordered ;) so there was no room for guessing in that part at least…. lets say it was inconsistency at your part smile.gif


Khalaf, yes walal…that scenario could have taken place, however, it would have been a discrepancy given the characters and the story smile.gif

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