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Music Thread [ Wat ar u listening 2]

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Talking of French songs...


I have had this sad song as my ringtone for the last year and half... it's called Adieu Mon Pays - by Enrico Macias and I hear it every time my mobile rings... it reminds me of Somalia - the life left behind...


left my country

I left my house

My life, my sad life

Is a drag for no reason


I left my sun

I left my blue sea

The memories are waking up

Long after my last goodbye


Sun! Sun from my lost country

From the white cities I loved

From the girls I used to know


I left a friend

I can still see her eyes

Her eyes filled with rain

Goodbye rain


I see her smile again

So close to my face

It made shine

The nights of my village


But from the edge of the boat

That took me away from the quay

A chain in the water

Cracked like a whip


I looked for a long time at

Her avoiding eyes

The sea drowned them

In a tide/swell of regret.


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Mr. Paragon you should listen to Yann Tiersen's Comptine d'un autre été. I can play it on the piano smile.gif


Here the it is, played against a nice short animation:

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