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Music Thread [ Wat ar u listening 2]

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Originally posted by Ilka-dahable:

du nicht probeiren again alle is garbage and ich will not courage on that maandheey

this is what want

haha you lost me there with the second word.


No, you wanna listen to Miley Cyrus Party in the USA!


I dedicate this song to Ibtisam :D

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Originally posted by Mr.Paragon:

GG, consider yourself encouraged dear. Now I want to hear it badly. Be kind will ya?

It's useless, utter rubbish, bound to ruin your ears etc etc. A quick demonstration: *nails scratching on a chalkboard* - that is it's musical equivalent.


So I've warned you. But somehow I get the feeling the warning ain't gonna help. So I guess I'll have to upload new, much more rehearsed & improved versions to compete with the demonstration I just gave. Look what you did, I'm all nervous and frightened.


To be honest, I wouldn't mind some feedback on 2 pieces, so I'm going to upload them online for you next week, and PM you a link to them inshaAllah.

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^Used to think I was the only somali who listens to Mr Sinatra. :D @ Akshay Kumar With Kylie.........hehe that was dope!


Listening to my special cd smile.gif


Fantastic Voyage-Coolio


Warren G-Regulate


Skeelo- I wish Used to rap to this when I was 7 redface.gif


U.N.I.T.Y- Queen Latifah


La recta final- Vico C




Walk this way- Aerosmith ft Run DMC


Eazyer said than dunn-Easy E See Dr Dre when he hadn't graduated :D



Vivrant thing-Q-tip


Hypnotize- Biggie Smalls




Ether- Nas :cool: The ether the sh!t that make your soul burn slow.....

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