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  1. Salaams folks, i cant get enough of this song n i found a kaban version which is even better!
  2. ^Yes Cara, if u look into the ayah thats exactly what it means. "Don’t kill your children for fear of poverty; it is We who provide sustenance for them and you; verily killing them is a most heinous crime! (Al-Isra’: 31). Allah knows best!
  3. Salaams folks, I am totally for family planning but it important that a muslim lives his/her according to the Quran& Sunnah.As Canjeex quoted the aayah above its forbidden to use family planning in fear of poverty.Allah is our sustainer.
  4. Tangiii yuu tangii yuu dowla mareeykan tangii yuu! come on Solers join the celebration.
  6. ^A cuppa fixes everything and anything:)
  7. Juxa this might bring a qosal out of you Tangii yuuu tangiii yuuu dowla mareekan tangi yuu
  8. ^Sadaqa iska bixi yaa Malika.. Hi all
  9. loool@juxa ,i am @ work and its almost midnight, so the chances of me eating a cake right now is eber!My fruit salad baan u niyeeysanaa as if its one.
  10. You people are cruel speaking of cakes when i cant possibly get some
  11. loooool@Ngonge,u r welcome...Qaloocan xaqeeda sii laakin waa ku sidee! Juxa,20jir ku shaqeeysato 60jir ku raaxeeysato baan noqon IA. Hi Malika,have some sweets sugar always makes me feel better
  12. ^lol, i cant stand the way she dances, whats with the fist,looks like in eey feertameeyso
  13. Ngonge mardhaw caloosha ayaad la ciyaari doontaa swap it for a piece of fruit or something healthy.... Salaams Juxa warka soo daa! I is back to work .
  14. Inantu needs proactive asap,inta kale she isnt half bad.