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Ladies lets exchange Recipes:

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As-salaam Alaykum..wr wb

InshaALLAH you are all in high emaan and best health, these days im crazy about cooking, especially International F-O-O-D


so here's my favourite and my hubby also inshaALLAH


chilli karahi chicken: that my lahori friend taught me





-3 lb chicken (cut into small pieces)

-2 tomatoes (cut into squares)


-oil( Oilive oil yaah)

-salt(i usually use the vegie oil i think my aussie sisters know what am talking abt.

-red pepper


-coriander powder

-yogurt(ofcourse natural Yogurt)

-2 little green pepper thingies - the thin jalapeno peppers that are pointy at the end(cut into pieces)

-coriander aka cilantro




1) Put some oil in the pot

2) Cut 1 square inch ginger and put into pot

3) When ginger starts getting slightly brown, add in chicken

4) Stir; When chicken is turning brownish color, Add:

- 1 teaspoon salt

- 1 teaspoon red pepper

- 1/4 teaspoon turmeric

- 1 teaspoon corriander power

5) Mix in spices, and add half cup yogurt

6) Cover pot and let cook on low heat until chicken is soft/tender

7) When water is dry, add in tomato cubes, 2 little green peppers, and another 1 inch piece of ginger (thinly cut)

8) Cover pot again and when tomatoes are softer & water is mostly dry, you're done!


[Also you can decorate the top with cilantro]


Also we usually eat it with plain rice meaning don't Fry the rice because the karahi chicken has too many flavours..

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salaaam 3leik sis,

maashallah, i was really thinking about starting a *cooking lesson * topic, and dang here is 1 ;) , i really like cooking but don`t get that much time learning different types of food,school, work, am busy with such stoff, thnxz sis


hope we`ll learn alot about each other




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salaam alaykum once again..,,


Gosh1 sis i used to hate cooking but now i've learned that cooking is an art that i can master, im also busy with school, and stuff...


i agree with you we should really have some cooking tips, or else this shouldn't be called the womens section ;)



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to me somali food is easy but here are some kenya recipe and i hope all ya enjoy it.


Recipes - Pilau rice with beef stew.



1 lb beef [not ground] i.e..: Cut meat

2 carrots

2 green peppers

4 tomatoes

4 onions


Curry powder

Black pepper

Seasoning salt, Crisco cooking oil, salt

1. Fry the onions that have been chopped until they turn brown (use Crisco oil)

2. Add tomatoes and chopped green pepper

3. Add carrots, black pepper and coriander

4. Wash the cut meat and sprinkle it with seasoning salt

5. When the carrots have become slightly soft add the cut meat

6. When meat is almost cooking add some curry powder and salt to taste.


that was the meat and these is the rice. which we call it pilau.


Pilau rice:



1.5 LB rice (water according to rice)

0.5 LB green peas

2 cans pilau masala (type of spice)

3 onions

3 tomatoes

Crisco oil


1. Wash the rice with cold water

2. Boil the peas until its cooked

3. Chop onions and then fry them until they turn slightly brown. Then add tomatoes that have been peeled and cut

4. Boil some of the rice water with the pilau masala until it boils. Add some salt to taste

5. Add the rest of the water to the fried onions and tomatoes

6. Then add the green peas when the water starts boiling and the rice.

Let it cook.



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Plantain in coconut milk -Ndizi Mkono wa tembo



6 large ripe sweet bananas (plantain)

1/2 cup sugar

3 cups thin coconut milk

1 cup thick coconut milk

1 teaspoon crushed cardamom



Peel the bananas and cut in half lengthwise and place in a shallow cooking pot. Mix sugar and crushed cardamom with the thin coconut milk and pour over the bananas. Simmer gently on a low fire until tender. Add thick coconut milk and simmer for a further 10 minutes. Serve warm or



shatir, Bon apetite ;)



Maandazi/mahamri- (East african sweet bread??)


2 cup flour

2 1/2 teaspoons yeast

1/2 cup coconut powder

4 tablespoons of powdered milk(some add also custard powder)

4 tablespoons sugar

2 Pinch salt

2 egg

1 tablespoon margarine

1/2 cup water


Makes about 4 dozen


Sift flour. Add the sugar, salt, coconut powder,milk powder and yeast together.


Beat egg well. Stir the egg mixture with the margarine into flour and add water and mix until soft dough is formed. Add more water if necessary.


Knead dough in the bowl until smooth but not sticky. Dough should leave the sides of the bowl cleanly. Cover with a towel and let rise in a warm place about 30 minutes. Roll out dough on a floured board until 1/2-inch thick. Cut into squares, strips, or triangles( dividing it into 4 parts is more practical). Fry in deep fat until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper.


^^^^ serve with a stew or can be eaten by itself when warm. Instead of cooking in oil you can bake in a conventional oven as if your baking pastry.

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During Ramadhan I take advantage of people's hunger by taking whimsical trips with recipes. This year I instituted a swahili night every week where the whole menu is based on Pwani foods. So here is my recipe for mkate wa sinia except I think I am missing something vital cause I don't feel it is spongy enough.




Rice:Sugar:Coconut Milk



1 egg white


1 tsp of yeast


Cardamon (your discretion I usually use a handful cause I love the smell)




* Soak rice in cold water all night

* Sieve water from rice

* Blend rice with sugar,cardamon(use a mortar and pestle), yeast and coconut milk.

* Let mixture sit and yeast to ferment

* Mix in egg white

* Pour mix in baking dish and put in oven at 350 Celsius for 30-40 minutes.

* If color is not to your liking you can broil the top to redden the color.

* Cut into serving pieces and enjoy.


So yea can someone advice as to how to make it more spongy. So far its fine to all the people from Pwani I have given but I want to lighten it a bit and perhaps add some saffron or rose water.

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Yes FatB it is cups I forgot to include that in the ratio and the rice can soak on the counter it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

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Serves a friendly crowd of 80-100


1 whole camel, medium size

1 whole lamb, large size

20 whole chickens, medium size

60 eggs

12 kg rice

2 kg pine nuts

2 kg almonds

1 kg pistachio nut

110 gallons water

5 lbs black pepper




1. Skin, trim and clean camel (once you get over the hump), lamb and chicken.

2. Boil until tender.

3. Cook rice until fluffy.

4. Fry nuts until brown and mix with rice.

5. Hard boil eggs and peel.

6. Stuff cooked chickens with hard boiled eggs and rice.

7. Stuff the cooked lamb with stuffed chickens.

8. Add more rice.

9. Stuff the camel with the stuffed lamb and add rest of rice.

10. Broil over large charcoal pit until brown.

11. Spread any remaining rice on large tray and place camel on top of rice.

12. Decorate with boiled eggs and nuts.

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