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gabadhu waa sharafteeda

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Asalaamu Aleikum Wr Wb

Juxa I agree with ya


Those young girls r innocent & blind, they don’t know how to live in this life their guidance mislead them. Kids r like animal if u don’t lead them to walk in the bush rather than on the road, they won’t know unless u direct them on the right road. I hate when I see prance who say I am powerless, that is crap. Were u powerless when u bought them in the west? Were u powerless when u were raising them? All the sudden u r powerless simply u r too weak & too ignorant to set the rules. They saw it in the prance, so like typical teenagers they test your patience & how much u can take it, if they see a little breathing space they walk on u. Our people say “orka hore meesha uu maro ayuu orka danbena maraa”. If the prance isn’t on the right truck how can u expect the kids to be on the right truck?


Most Somali prance don’t know how to raise kids, they r absolutely ignorant when it comes to kids; they think beating & yelling at them is the answer. Infact when u beat them; it creates curiousness to try what u r preventing from them. Often Somali prance don’t build a very close relationship with their kids, when I say close I mean:-

1. Having intellectual conversation with them

2. Spending a lot of time with them, not by being in the house & speaking on the phone while the kid’s r either on the net or watching TV. Do thing with them, for example taking them to park & playing with them etc.

3. show them u not only their prance but u r their best friend

4. Educate them about life by reflecting the stages they going through

5. Own their trust in u, so they can tell u whatever on their mind


Our Somali culture the way to raise kids is to keep them in darkness, it might work in the olden days, but not at present. That is why we see communication breakdown between the prance & kids simply the prance r not willing to connect with kids & educate them. The only way we can over come this problem is if the prance get educated by simply taking parenting classes.

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I agree with you 100% Juxa and the rest. But what I wanna say is...EEEEEWWWWW...since when did belly piercing and tattoo's become "cool" :eek: . What the phuck?! I seriously think the girl is a punk/rock type a person :rolleyes: . Lol. I never in my life seen a Somali imitate a white person :confused: . I'm sorry if I'm going off on the wrong end here, and I hope I didn't offend anyone. But d-d-d-damn! Tattoo's and piercing? Uuufff! Eeewww! My goodness what do these ppl come up with next? :rolleyes:


P.S. Once Again I'm High On Coffee. What I Say Will Be Edited Later When I Am Calm. And Hopefully I Read This Post Wrong And You Are Not Talking About White-Washed Somalis.


:confused: :confused: :confused:


.:peace n luv:.

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Could be a Temp.Tattoo (henna or the likes.) Did anyone actually asked before judging her?


It's not you who'r going to answer to the Almighty in the day of Judgement.


Let people live their lives as they see it fit.

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Juxa I total agree and buubto I agree too.


reputation is everything and a bad one sticks for life.

That is very true indeed. But do many of theses girls care nope.... Maybe not until it’s too late. I have heard and seen some Somali sisters who have changed from dressing half naked etc to dressing more modest and basically trying to get on the right path mash Allah, and I have also sadly heard and seen Somali girls who have sadly changed from good to bad (may Allah guide us all to the right path)....

The problem is the parents blind them selves from what there daughter’s are actually up to, I am sure they hear from there Somali neighbours they have seen there daughter/s wearing this n that in public but I think these parents don’t want to believe it (of course any parent wouldn’t), And then as time goes by the girl may decided to have body piercing in unusual places, tattoos etc and the parent/s maybe still blinding them selves from what there little girl is doing until is to late and the girl may want to leave her parents home now, that’s when it most probably it hits them And this point here it goes one of the first things that come out of the mothers mouth is, that’s it I got to ship her back to Somalia!!!!.... (blinding your self from the actual truth must be very painful)

I personally do agree with the what buubto said about parents building a close relationship with there kids to avoid these problems from happening.

I mean it isn’t easy living and bringing up children in a western county but if there is a good relationship between you and your daughters as well as sons I think there is a chance some of these gals wouldn’t be where they are today or doing what they doing today. I think also some of these young Somali girls who dress half naked etc feel that they need to fit in n be expected in this society and please certain people but infact what the need to be doing is fearing Allah (swt) and pleasing Allah (swt) only.


I have to also add that some of our Somali brothers aren’t helping much either like Continental Batchelor said some brothers do influence these sisters too but I am sure you wouldn’t like your own sister walking around half naked etc, many these girls feel the less they wear, the more body piercing they have and the more of these tattoos some guys would call sexy the more they would get attention, and these girls with low confidents go away that day with a boost of confidence, I guess self-respect doesn’t even come to there mind.


I met this somali girl about 2 years ago who just then came from somali she was a daugther of a close family friend, When i did go to there house or see this girl would always be so quiet and innocent wasnt the talktive type. As months went by and then a year and by then she was going to college and was mixing with people, I was at there house at one time and she was there still quiet as a mouse her parents would say to me oh she just shy dont worry its normal. So one day the news came that there quiet daughter had mixed with the wrong crowd who was misleading and she left home, and said she didnt wana be with them anymore, that girl who once wore the hijab left her family home with bright blondish, redish hair the shock her parents got they still recovering . If only there was that communcaition between her and her parents that realtionship since she just came into a very misleading, brainwashing soceity I am sure that could of prevent such thing from happening. damn how shocked I was too becuase it doesnt actually cross your mind.


From then on a teenage cousin of mine who sometimes use to seem to me that lost, quiet girl I started to speak to her alot more bout life, bout our beautiful deen etc and now she does open up to me and i kinda know what is going on inside that head so alxamdulilah all is good with her and inshallah it will only get better.


Damn I have wrote alot more than I planed hope it all make sense to you all.


P.s. Hope I am posting this messege to the write topic, Im half asleep.

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i am not going to brag here but mothers have a big

responsibilty to play educating her children especially her daughters.


i have a 15 year old daughter who goes to school and everything but i never let her go to a club as that is not the way i want to raise a daughter of mine and i don't tell her "Naayaa don't do this and don't do that' but i explain to her the best to my ability the way she should behave and what she should wear and i had to look things at her prespective and so far we have been drama free

Al Xamdulillaah.


my point is if the Girl you saw at the saloon was wearing what she did then that shows you her mother allowed her to do so since she was with her.

but there are also some girls who do worse not because they want to but they seem to lack a guidance at home or there is no adult person to guide her through the right path as we all know we are Refugees and some of come to the west at an early age with no relatives or parents to guide us through for those i can understand but a girl who lives with her parents and does all the unislamic things then i am afraid i am only going to blame the parents wether single or not.

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bachelor sxb u know where i live, please understand my situation we both good men but no cluf and when we see an apple we like some tuug will jeebsiib us... looooool

:D ....I guess we think alike bro!!!. You are welcome anytime in my house for English shaah!

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