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  1. unfortunately the two guys i desprately would have liked to meet are not here any more. klown and his cousin mindstate the terrible but still there are somany other nomads who i wouldn't mind meeting up with them especially lucky,juxaa,kool_kat,og_girl,cute_lilgirl,princess sexy,muslim sis,flying-still,og_moti,shaka zulu,rudy,batuulo and the rest of them nomads in here as they are all good people.
  2. Originally posted by Mobb_Deep: Again, SHAKA ZULU, Clown, and MINDSTATE are the same person na'mean. Don't be fooled nomads. I am sorry to say this but the only fool i see in here is you my brother as these three individuals got nothing in common especially shaka zulu who sounds like an old fashioned but klown and mindstate i don't know that either as somany nomads in here sound alike. besides klown is not here no more so is mindstate wich makes your case Mobb_deeb you are not jealous of them, are you? they all seem nice young boys who managed to make a name for themselves in this forum wich is again why the likes of me and other females enjoy their company. you too sound like Nin-Yaaban, i was wondering if you was him or vice versa.
  3. Well, i don't know if some people see me as a BULLY but i am far from it but i can't help but agree with SHAKA, yes there are more bully girls than Guys and it's really sad. rumor has it that Mindsate was banned thanks to certain Mizz Lexus who i believe is the biggest bully in this forum yet she is still here. there are times when you joke with a nomad and when you are being plain rude and My sister happens to fall into the later category. Mindstate was and still remains one of the nomads who i enjoyed joking around with even though he told me in public that he got a warning because of me and wallaahi i am still feeling guilty about that as i know he didn't mean no harm but unfortunately Admin doesn't see it like that as it is his/her responsibility to keep this forum clean. so Juxa i agree with you people need to learn to differentiate between a JOKE and DISS and poor Mindstate paid the price for Joking with the wrong person at the wrong place wich comes back to what shaka said about people needing sense of humor wich couldn't be any further from the truth.
  4. Originally posted by MiSs_SkyLine_GTR: /QUOTE]Hahahahahaha...Are you saying she is [edited]? [/QB] you are the most [edited] i have ever come in contact with. you are so [edited]. and I am sure you are [edited] dadka afka kuatgeesay imalee ...aqlaaq aan kubaraa walaahi aniga dhoocilyahay [ September 06, 2003, 12:30 PM: Message edited by: JamaaL-11 ]
  5. Originally posted by OG_Moti: Message 2 To: Twisted_Ayeeyo I look at the stars, the stars r beautiful Then I look at you...... I ...... I ....... I better look at the stars again. No comment
  6. Ladies, let's be real. We ARE our own worst enemy. In almost every single situation that we are faced with, the classroom, the work place, and even at home, you will more than likely find a woman putting down another woman. It may not seem like it all the time, but let's think about certain things we all MUST have done at least once in our lifetime. You see a teacher who you really don't like coming down the stairway at school and she is wearing a bright orange fitted suit that really does not fit her not so curvaceous body. What is the first thing you think in your mind, or whisper to your friend who is sitting next to you. I have no experiece in the working world but i have heard stories of women putting down each other and walking over each other to get what they want. In fact, not even men might go so far, though men themselves can put us down to, but let's leave that for another day. Ladies, we should always try to remember that feelings are involved even if you consider the other woman to be a complete...... I know that your ex's present girl will always be 'lesser' than you and you will automatically dislike her simply becuase she is with your ex. But think about it like this: you may be with someone else's ex and you know for a fact that you are not a '*** ' or 'slut' or any other nasty word. There's this famous saying: do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Yeah yeah, same old boring statement and you're only human right? WRONG. So what? You're human but you are a WOMAN. And if your mind is anything like mine this might be of help to you: instead of channeling all your energy into destroying one another, why not rechannel some of that energy at men instead and put them in their places? Just a thought. *wink wink* Seriuosly though, we should stop the hateful things we say and think about other women and try to help each other. Only women can truly understand women more than any man can. FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG. Just be appreciative of each other and compliment each other for the achievements they make. There are so many women out there who fight for rights of other women. We can not only do this for our own personal satisfaction but out of respect for these women. You should note the following fact carefully: though women are their own worst enemies men are still right up there with chocolate and ice cream. Note to men: when i become Halimos minister women will be equal to you all. *hehehe* peace and love forever, Twisted ayeeyo
  7. How can you be so sure that this is not my real pic that i am using as an AVATAR huh? think about it?
  8. Damn Shaka, now why did you have to post such a heart breaking topic? i have tried all the guys that i had a crush on and guess what? they all a mismatch for me! i have tried.... Admin klown Shaka zulu but the good thing about it was when i tried Nin-Yaaban and we only manged 3% wich is toomuch in my now i lost the three brothers i thought i will land one of them and now they are all history thanks to you shaka zulu.
  9. i am not going to brag here but mothers have a big responsibilty to play educating her children especially her daughters. i have a 15 year old daughter who goes to school and everything but i never let her go to a club as that is not the way i want to raise a daughter of mine and i don't tell her "Naayaa don't do this and don't do that' but i explain to her the best to my ability the way she should behave and what she should wear and i had to look things at her prespective and so far we have been drama free Al Xamdulillaah. my point is if the Girl you saw at the saloon was wearing what she did then that shows you her mother allowed her to do so since she was with her. but there are also some girls who do worse not because they want to but they seem to lack a guidance at home or there is no adult person to guide her through the right path as we all know we are Refugees and some of come to the west at an early age with no relatives or parents to guide us through for those i can understand but a girl who lives with her parents and does all the unislamic things then i am afraid i am only going to blame the parents wether single or not.
  10. My biggest regret thus far in my life is when i accepted to marry a man who was 18 years older than me and let him physically abuse me til he finally beat me up with my 4th pregnancy wich could have cost me my life and ultimately cost us a child! :confused: . but still i would never ever say i hate all men because the man i married after that still happens to be my husband and we are soon going to celebrate our 12th Anniversary togather i couldn't be happier in anyway you look at my life mainly thanks to him. .
  11. Ayeeyo, i once came across this topic where you were telling your age and i have to admit it baby when i was at that age i was somewhere hot and far from any civilization and never knew one day i will be able to drop my Reer Baadiye life style for a western one and now look at me and where i am at now. Baby don't worry Ayeeyo loves you.
  12. Originally posted by Nin-Yaaban: Lefty i dont think you are allowed to axceed anything more than four. Nin-Yaaban, your Avator,your handwriting and your so so lame comments are alike no wonder no girl wants to look at your way. you can't even find one girl and you are talking about 4 of them>>>>>>>>Laughing while Her Fake set of Teeth Falls To The Floor and Breaks>>>>> Damn, Nin-Yaaban see what you did now :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: .
  13. The only School i will be going to is my usual one and the one that i have been going to since 92 and only too happy to continue going back there once again because i always enjoy seeing my old pals and that is the main reason i like to go back there when ever i can no matter what time it is.
  14. Originally posted by Mindstate: [QBAfrican you know i ain't good at these kinda stuff but the last time i was at these awards, i was with my Homeboy Clown who was receiving this award since Flying-Still stood him up he took me with him and he showed me you and Nin-Yaaban wearing nothing but a broad smiles for the cameras and if i am not mistaken your Body language was giving toomuch secrets away as you seemed to be too happy to be with him and that is why your photos was blasted all over AL-FACSHIR front pages. P.S but i gotta mention Twisted-Ayeeyo aswell who kept coming on to my Nigga Clown shamelessly wich made Mizz Lexus mad coz she thought she finally got her chance to steal Clown from Flying-Still but Lucky got her way when she came over to introduce us to OG_Girl who was with Kool_Kat when Ameenah tripped Barwaaqo for telling Asraa their secrets about Princess-Sexy who told CUTE_LILGIRL that Juxaa said to Diamond Princess look at Ilhaam talking to Mizz Unique about Somealien and Batuulo who smiled at STHLM_Lady who hugged Hibo who was with Filssan who called Runaway^Virgin who was busy talking to Jasmiine and Raula who was waving at Araweelo and Xaliimo7 when Jawahiir walked in with Layzie Girl who smiled at Opinionated when Magnnoona-Girl brought the house down when she told Nefertiti was Sitey-Manoogto's Cousin when Malaikah said to Rayaanah come on Girl let us chill with Unreal Heart and Silent-Sistah who was whispering in Clown's ear when Ms Word told Zeinab and Angel-Dust look at Proud-Sista and First Lady busy gossipping about Aalyiah#10 who was holding Suban's hand who was kissing Muslim sis when Captivating_Soul said Lulla is not feeling well and Indhadeeq should tell Hibo to call Fardowza and ask her to see if Sagal has some pain killers and pass it to Quruxley who was sitting next to Funky^Sista while Ur-Sista-Muna was talking to _Xamdiya_ when Raxmah said to Cutie_Wit_Da_Booty to check out Yasmin2003 who seemed busy talking to Hoda while Always Learning put her lip stick on before Angel Eyes turned to Phsyco Sue and Vicious Chick and said to Buubto Nassra is here and before Evolving-Sista got up to go to the ladies room who asked Gemini_Chick to go with her when Somaliz_Finest and Maryan said to Scorpion-Sista here comes Africa and guess who is she with? . [/QB] Waryaa Mindstate i was not coming on to Klown but he was, he even gave me his Phone number and insisted that we should get togather this weekend but it is true Mizz Lexus didn't like that @ all for a reason wich she only knows too well. P.S i hope a certain person wont get to read this otherwise Ayeeyo will be in trouble and you know i am old and i can't fight with a Girl who i am old enough to be her Ayeeyo.
  15. Originally posted by Magnoona-girl: twisted ayeeyo i see u helpin urself out hmmmm lol.. smart kida.. Shaka zulu holla at the ayeeyo Ina adeer.. masallama.. Naayaahe xishoo dee oo Ayeeyo sirteeda suuqa haku yaacin waa ku sidee dee hun? i need some one to fix my door as you know the winter is just around the corner and since i heard he is good with his hands i couldn't help but ask him to come and fix my door since he seems nice boy and very masculine>>>>Giggling>>>>>. Magnoona i won't keep him long i promise as soon as he finishes fixing my door i will send him home straight to you alright Macaanto?