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Jubaland; Although being a relatively new state in terms of Somalia's independence seems as if its in search of pure and utter autonomy.

But the question is why? Can Somalia ever surrender its southern coast and second largest port to Kenya?
Though let's be honest, in terms of independence, Jubaland's urge and determination in search of self-governance and pure sovereignty can only mean WAR and DISASTER up North. This would mean Somaliland would need to fight even harder for recognition. Not only will the air up north be rigged in deep pessimism, but Jubaland's stance for independence will ruin the dream, that of course....never was-

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Jubbaland isn't going anywhere. That's just propaganda. And if it ever came to that, J/land would have a better claim for independence compared to the secessionists, as it was an actual state before colonialism. But that's fantasy. Jubbaland is a part and parcel of Somalia. Let's hope the rest of Reer Koonfur get their act together. Otherwise Somalia might die on the coma machine.

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