Egypt: A country that never disappoints me for never liking it

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Previously I never liked them for:

Never ruling themselves in 2000 years except for once under Jamal Abdulnasir

They lost the Gaza to Israel, yet they now maintain the prison Gaza for Israel

Always trying to take advantage without any moral limits of Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen..in the service of wealthy Arabs. Egypt was encouraging Somalia to fight Ethiopia, but Egypt went in hiding when the war started. Egypt also never showed up to help with peace, food, medicine in 91/92.

Now I really despised them:

They sent security and army to Late Mursi village to prevent them from gathering

They prevented gathering mourning or reciting in any Mosque

They buried him in Cairo, probably empty kasket and refused him burrial at his home town

One lawyers comment says it all:

“We didn’t think that the dispute with the government would reach this low level - preventing people from burying a dear one.”

'He was killed in a courtroom where the judge is heartless and knows nothing but vengeance and oppression'

- El Adwah lawyer


Media is now posting that:

The late president had asked the judge to allow him to speak, but in closed session since its a secret. In 5 minutes later the man was dead.


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Egypt, the land of butchers and dictators. 

We are all mourning of  the passing of the only legally elected president of Egypt. Evil has taken over Egypt and the world is watching.Only in the Arab world would a dictator murder his people at will and sleep at night without conscience.

A legitimate president is overthrown and killed in a daylight by withholding necessary medicine. this butcher, Sisi , will be greeted with flowers at the white house and other places like France. The world's Morality, justice and democracy are buried with Mursi.

Evil may have tripped at the triumphed at the  moment , yet injustice will never last. 

RIP Mursi. Allah ha u naxariisto.


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Egyptians are the most misguided Arabs I have ever seen. They are so fearful of the military that they would never lift a finger to speak for their freedoms. As long as they get their flat bread subsidized by the dictator, they are happy till ethernity. 


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AUN President Mohamed Mursi, Sissi, the butcher of Egypt killed him slowly in 6 years of solitary confinement with no visitors. Even his family was allowed to visit him only 3 times in 6 years. Torture, solitary confinement, Lack of proper food and medicine for his diabetes & liver disease prematurely caused his death if not outright killing. They buried him 5 am secretly and will not allow his family to bury him in his birth place as he wished. Sissi and the military junta are afraid of Mursi otherwise they would have allowed public funeral. In death Mursi is free and in living Sissi waits for much worse faith in this world and certainly in the hereafter.

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Sissi is so confident of the American, Saudi, Israeli, UAE patrons ..that he ignored the culture and tradition and also totally disrespecting the people and the whole Middle East and Africa.

I did not like Mursi for his approch and steps he would have taken in the interest of Egypt, but he was man enough to treat humainly even Mubarek who had killed and tortured a lot of Mursi friends and colleagues.

A day will come where the now murdered Mursi will be more important in history of Egypt than Sissi.

Egyptians are afraid since half the country works either for the army or Mukaberat, but when all that pent up anger explodes nothing will stop it.



Mubarek gets salutes and coffee seved by high officials inside court room

Mursi could not get the help provided to any man in the street that falls with that condition. 20 minutes nobody even came close to him let alone to help him.

These people especially the judge are not normal human beings. Waiting for him to die. There is even rules how to make an animal die fast so it does not suffer.


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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Wednesday that former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was 'killed'. Erdogan also lambasted Cairo for insufficient efforts to save the former president.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri has strongly condemned Turkish president Erdogan's statement that former Egyptian President Morsi was killed, calling it the "repeated, irresponsible accusations by the Turkish president about Egypt". 

On Wednesday, Turkish President Erdogan alleged that President Mohamed Morsi was "killed" and blamed Egyptian authorities for not taking any measures to save the former head of state. President Erdogan raised hopes that the United Nations will look into Morsi's death and bring those responsible to justice.

Meanwhile, Egyptian parliament decried Erdogan's claim as 'intervention in Egypt's internal affairs'.
According to al-Mayadin broadcaster citing the parliament's representatives, the coup d'etat that saw Morsi ousted crumbled "Erdogan's plans and hopes". The official called the Turkish president "a tyrant and a dictator persecuting everyone in his country who opposes him".

Morsi, ousted in 2013 in a coup d'etat led by the incumbent president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, died aged 67 on 17 June, as a result of a heart attack during a court hearing on an espionage case in Cairo.

Following his demise, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights voiced concerns over the conditions of Morsi’s detention and the provision of necessary medical care.

The authority also called for an independent probe into the former Egyptian president's death.

Amnesty International also supported the call and reiterated that it was necessary to launch an investigation into the matter.

Reacting to the calls by the UN, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry accused the organisation of 'politicising' Morsi's death.

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An independent inquiry is warranted in the death of former president Morsi but the dictator Sissi with support from Washington and European capitals will not allow. So much for democracy and the rule of law.

Old_Observer Egypt is a great country and always supporting Somalia. Sissi will go one day but you should wish good for the people of Egypt.

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