Abiy Ahmed appoints General Seare Mekonnen as the new Chief of Staff of the National Defense Force

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Ethiopia’s prime minister appointed a new army chief of staff with a specialist’s background on Eritrea,

days after authorities said they’d implement a peace deal with their Horn of Africa neighbor and long-standing foe.


The appointment of Seare Mekonnen marks the first change at the top in 17 years in Ethiopia’s army, which plays a dominant role in the country that has Africa’s biggest population after Nigeria. He belongs to the Tigrayan ethnic group that’s largely held the top ranks of the military, security and intelligence services since the then-rebel Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front seized power.


His appointment was announced late Thursday by Fana Broadcasting Corp., which is funded by the ruling party. Named one of three deputy chiefs of staff earlier this year, Seare also previously headed the military’s northern command, whose jurisdiction covers areas bordering Eritrea.

Eritrea declared independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after decades of conflict, and the nations have been at odds after a 1998-2000 border war that claimed thousands of lives.


 A peace deal signed in 2000 was never implemented, with Ethiopia refusing to recognize a monitor’s findings on ownership of a disputed town. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged in April that the country will “resolve problems” with Eritrea.


Abiy also named Adem Mohammed as new director-general of the National Intelligence and Security Services, Fana reported on Thursday. Adem, an ethnic Amhara who previously commanded Ethiopia’s air force, was also appointed as a deputy chief of staff earlier this year.



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It shows you how third world politics does not hide ugly face of politics.

Ethiopian opposition are now searching to find Tigray in Genereal Adem Mohamed. Of course he has Tigray heritage and also fought with them and served and rose through ranks with them, but he is from Amhara Region.


General Samora Mohamed Yonus and Genral Seare Mekonen his replacement's home towns are maybe 50km apart in the north west of Tigray where TPLF started.

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3 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

Abiy slowly consiladating power, the Tigray may have underestimated him.

I would say is more the Americans winning than Tigray underestimating him. Ethiopia is already reduced Chinese role, tremendeously increased American, Privatizing corporations which Meles would have said over my dead body, forced to bring Eritrea from cold to be used on Yemen and Sudan openly...too many things to count.

Tigray like Ghelleh have to just be quiet now and keep themselves from being railroaded.

Abiy or US cannot do much without Tigray either enticed or coerced.


There is more doubt in his camp than Tigray since the privatization is against his supporters wishes. Afraid also that Tigray are doing this to buy the corporations.

The advice from kililka is Somalis to buy everything that can be bought in telecomunications and try to get in in electricity.



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One thing that if Abiye done would be a lot for the region is the openning up of the economy. At the moment there is just too much bureaucracy and control. 

If he relaxes the state controls and opts for free market economy, that will be a game changer for Somalis business community everywhere. 

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18 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:


These Opride/Oromopride you like to quote is really petty and bragging on something that did not happen. That is the difference between Amhara and Oromo. The Amhara hated Samora because he is a brave man and always Tigray. The Oromo hated him for the same, but cannot acknowledge. They are afraid he will come from retirement. lol.

Samora was always leader from his teens. Was commander first units formed, was commander of platoon, comapny, brigade, battalion, division, every level was first leader of highest unit always first. Wounded twice. First one fighting against EDU (king Haileslassie feudal remnants) in his teens.

He was member of central committee and executive, but after 1993 he had to quit political positions and party affiliation to build a national professional army.

 (fired?) Very weak culture, of Oromopride, for somebody that is retiring after 40 years of chasing wars and all victorious, bringing the country to challenge Egypt solid military friendship with Turkey, Sudan not so much liked by America.

It cannot be said enough his contribution for Moslem children and Moslems in general to aspire to reach the apex of power and influence. Ethiopia, when Samora went to fight was very different than it is today. He is universally respected for the man he is, in Tigray Afar and even Amhara regions, of course not liked for where he comes from and in plitics. Now its normal in Ethiopia to see Moslem at any position of power.



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    • By galbeedi
      It is official. The era of despot Cabdi Illey is over in the Somali region. 
      After closed door deliberations, the DDSI party had elected Mr. Ahmed Shide as the new leader which officially ends the 11 year painful rule of Illey. 
      This selection will pave Mr. Shide as the new president of the region very soon. Also, the Liyu police has been disbanded as the security force of the Somali region. For the last few days the Liyu have been looting and pillaging communities while abandoning their positions. 
      Also, members of Illey family are been investigated by the authorities for the theft of millions of dollars. 
      It is an end of a painful chapters for a lot of Somalia. A very small group of blood thirsty group,  created and organised by the Tplf and Cabdi Illey have been overthrow thanks to the Oromo uprising. While many Somali including my self were looking to preserve the old order for the sake order and continuity, millions of Somalia want the total demise and the removal of the tyrants who oppressed them for so long. Just like the Oromo celebrated the demise of the Tplf order, for the millions of Somalis the end of Illey and his henchmen is a great relief and a new era of freedom. 
      There were some security concern about the disbanding of the Liyu police and the threat of anarchy and outlaws in the countryside, yet for most people, their disbanding was a relief. Analysts believe that the Liyu is too criminal or murderous to be a force that might fight for independence or even tribal reasons. They were trained to kill and abuse Somali and will not be needed in a land where people are seeking justice and freedom. 
      It is mind boggling how a small ruthless group had managed to oppress and control millions of Somalia for so long. They acted like there is no one else but themselves.
      Now, Illey and his supporters must accept the new order and collaborae for the peace and development of all Somali. He and Tplf wanted to finish off the Somali and createa long  civil war between the Somali and Oromo. There were a lot of victims, but we hope the worst to be over. He gambled to the lives of thousands of Somali to save the Tplf order. After he lost the gamble, he continued to the destructive route until it is too late. 
    • By Old_Observer
      Very sad news.
      Nothing is known yet from the police, but the media is reporting that he died from gun shot and the hand gun colt has been found in the car.

    • By Old_Observer
      Why didn't you bring the most important news for you, the oil well to be drilled announced by Abiy?
      Why this go around to bring civil war among Somalis? What do you gain?
      Why is the area where the pipeline to pass more useful to you than the area where the prospective well is?
      Why cover with Iley why not say the main motivation for you the trade route?